Friday, 31 December 2010

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right


2010 gonna be last a few hours more.aww,im so gonna miss 2010.2010 is the most longest year ever.i ha experienced so many things this year.and this awesome year has been good to me so far.okay,i will list on what had happened to me this year whether good or bad things.

  • got an offer from mrsm
  • got a boyfriend
  • entered mrsm
  • lost a boyfriend
  • got a new friends
  • got a slr camera
  • celebrated my birthday at tgb
  • changed from myspace to facebook
  • went for an ice skating for the first time
  • phone confiscated by warden
  • have a crush on seniors
  • celebrated raya at tgb
  • fought with some friends
  • celebrated ida's farewell party
  • end of school for this year
  • got bad grades
  • met hanis' boyfriend,fariz and his friends
  • get to know more new friends like eleena,arina and maria
  • got a boyfriend,aww.
  • friend with awesome seniors,farhan hasif and amirul fitri
  • went to jakarta and bandung again
  • try to finish up tons of homeworks

that what was happened to me this year.i hope next year will be the greatest year ever.before new year begins,i would like to wish all of my readers and to bloggers too,a happy new year!2011,here i come!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

do you still love me if i make some mistakes that screw up our relationship?

went to sunway today with darlings and fariz.then head off to bowling centre.i want to play bowling but im having pms.urgh,sucks that.haha.went to the toilet for 10 times.then,some boys came and play beside our lane.then,i decided that i dont want to play and let atiqah play bowling for atiqah play 2 games alone.pity her.

after that,waited for hanis till her movie end.wait like about half hour there.then,headed to pizza hut to eat.fariz always buat lawak je.and and he also told me bout zuno.aww,thx fariz.then then went to giordano since zuno asked me to help him to checkout whether got sale or not at giordano.otw there,we got lost.haha.check the map so many times but still got lost.and finally after 20 minutes later,we found giordano.asked the salesgirl bout the sale and she said if we buy to there will be less 40% dicount.

then,again round and round.till 4.30pm went home.hanging out at hanis' house till 6.45 pm.around 8 pm,switched on the tv and changed to channel 1.since i was tired to climb the stairs and watched football upstairs,i decided to watcj it at the main living hall.i was shouting and jumping and shouting again and again.then,my mum join me too.after 90 minutes,malaysia won the aff suzuki cup.yay!we made it and we beat the proud of malaysian team.they did the best for the final.and and khairul fahmi is the best goalkeeper ever.oh,i think after this,malaysia will play for the world cup.hehe.oh oh,and friday is holiday.yeah,thx rock!

oh oh,this one for zuno.i love you so much and hope you can forgive me,dear.muah.sorry for everythings.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

all i wanna do is to be with you

today went out with darlings.hehe.met them for the last time of this year.really miss them.aww,hope to meet you guys next year smart for your spm,aite.oh oh and we have a talked bout driving licene and working after spm.for shazana,she want to work first.and idk whether want to work or just go to a-level.erm,i wanna have extra money so i can buy clothes with my own money.and of course i will take driving license first.

so i was so weird cause somebody has just give me topup rm10.idk who is the person who so so generous giving me topup.but here,i wanna say,thank thank you so so much.i appreciate that.oh,i hope i can know the person.i dont want to have a debt with you,okay.

oh oh,the title sounds familir right.from the lyrics of high school musical.i know,im childish,but what do i care,zac efron in it.and im in love with him.ngee.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

duck duck everywhere and anywhere

based on the title above i will promote one of my top blog that i
always read it everyday.the name for this blog is proudduck.the owner is my dad's boss' daughter.kak vivy yusof.she is so so amazing.she beautiful,strong and caring woman.i knew her since i was like 4 years kot.maybe.her voice is like so cute and soft.

oh oh and she have a blogshop.fashionvalet.go and check many cool items there plus it affordable too.i think i wanna be like her.a successful woman.aww,i adore her.she is one of my style icon.she's secon.yuna absolutely the first one of my style icon.hehe.

so what are you waiting for.let's checkout her beautiful blog.

this is her.aint she so prettayy

Sunday, 26 December 2010

its really hard to keep calm when you're obviously jealous


actually i wanna make a twitter and deactivated my fb account but i couldnt.i just love friends still use fb and so do maybe i will use both of will start less than one week more and i didnt finish up my hw yet.too much hw given.i have to just copying my friends nanti or just stay up till 3 am to complete those hw.

i hate tgb.going back to tgb is like going back to prison.we have to study all the time,warden keep on scolding us,have to do all things by ourself and so much things.and our roomates change and i dont know who will be my new roomates next next year gonna be toughest year ever.will be taking spm.the biggest exam.i have to excel in the spm and percubaan too so i can get spc.hope so.

im thinking that i wanna buy a lomo camera.maybe pop 9 camera.before going back to hostel next week,i have to go to lomo shop and buy one.i still have my raya,it is not so expensive.around rm300 smthg.but before that i have to asked my dad cause he will be mad at me if im gonna buy another camera.

okay,i have to finish up my chemist dad need to print it at his office by tomorrow since my printer broke down.oh oh,ily.

you are the only person that i can trust

this morning,i check on my fb and found out that someone had commented bout my status.i know i shouldnt put the status cause you know its like erm idk how to describe it.yeah i know im wrong.that status are so so discusting."the best clothes for woman are the arms of the man she loves".this is the status that i put on my fb.actually,i took it from erm idk what the sources are,maybe from some quotes webs.

i wanna tell you guys that fb is the way to express our feelings,our thought or our ideas.i have ones and i wanna share it with my if you dont like my status so please dont comment it or say something bad to it.i just dont like it.then,you might be thinking that im a social person,i hugs all the males in the world or anything.but seriously,im not like not too social person and i know what the good things and the bad things.

people might be thinking that although i wear hijab but i do the wrong things that particularly against the law of syariah.that is totally not should asked my closest friends.bout the carut and carut,i always cursing all the time but i try to stop okay.just give me some times and maybe i can stop cursing and can change my bad attitude.

at least,i wear hijab not like the others.i saw some of my friends' fb,i mean my tgbian friends,some of them not wearing hijab but still you like them and doesnt ever care bout them,the seniors,almost 40% dont wear why cant you give them some advices to wear hijabs.why me?oh and there are so many tgbians that couple and never get caught or someone didint even bother to give advices to them but instead giving advices to me.its not fair,okay.if you guys keep on blaming me that i didnt even know what islam is or whatever is it,you guys are so dead.

oh,and i saw some of my friends' fb that good in agama that proud of her agama and keep giving advices to people to not talking bout love or a guy or wear long hijabs to cover your boobs or wear loose clothes so people cant see your curve or whatever but she didnt do that.she good in giving advices but she also wear hijab that people simply can see her boobs and she keep on talking bout love thingy.and none of the people complaint or talk bout her.okay,actually i dont want to tell you bout this but my friends and i think that there is one bdr that dont ever deserve to be bdr.yeah,thats true.if you dont want to believe me,just check it out yourself.

so after this,dont ever and ever comment something bad at me on my fb or even my blog cause you will get what you deserve.and and after this too i might be deactivated my accnt and i wont approve people anymore and i wont put any status that can make you guys hate me.and and i will delete you from my friends.yes,im a mean person.

you guys should be thanked me for not putting your name in this post and for not cursing you.forever and ever i will hate you.

your name keep on popping in my head

im not sleepy yet.kene tlg farid buat blog dia kejap.he asked me to help him since he's new with blogger ni.oh,im bitch.bengap mcm cibai.gila macam orang tak ada otak.setan macam syaitan.fuck macam anjing.babi macam babi.ish,semua semua gara gara im.tak dpt nak chat dgn si dia,tak dpt nak chat dgn atiqah,tak dpt nak chat dgn semua orang.waa,im bangang.shit gila babi.
sorry for this.i just cant stand it anymore.

its awesome how you can fall in love with a person you didnt notice at the first time you met them

so the title above was true.totally true.haha.i never and ever thought i will fall in love with the guy that i met once and actually i didnt saw his face when i met him.haha.but that is true love.isnt it.haha.oh,i miss him.miss him i just got back from indonesia last saturday.went back with cg zuraini.
jakarta and bandung was great.have a lot of fun with my mum and her friends.all of them are zuraini,cg fazliyati and cg zah.i was the quiet one cause i dont like talking to people.hehe.i bought only few clothes there.although there are so many gorgeous clothes there but i still want the clothes like i found in the internet lately.nevermine,next year pergi lagi ya ibu eh.haha.
i had so many new experience there.i slept at small hotel that was book by one of the teacher,naik angkutan,got lost and everything.that experience gave me some good the first and second day,we have a driver,so okay la if we want to go anywhere but at bandung dont have any so we have to jump on angkutan or taxi.haha.
oh oh i bought gossip girl season 4 cd there since the cd is so cheap.5000 rupiah for one cd.murah it yesterday and it was awesome.haha.really awesome.thank god i bought full set,kalau tak nanti tak puas.haha.took a tons of pictures but malas upload.sorry yaw,next time.
okay, heading to my bed.sleepy already ma.

Monday, 20 December 2010

let's laugh


i got this from someone's blog.haha.i think its quiet funny and can release our,enjoy it.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

no matter what happen,one day we will be together


oh i miss him.i think he misses me too.hope i will be off to jakarta tomorrow thats mean i have to wake up early this time.cant wait.i want to shhop and shop new clothes there since i dont have any clothes more.actually,i have so so many clothes until my wadrobe full of clothes and i dont have any spaces to put more clothes in it.hehe.but the i alreay wear all the im bored with the clothes and i need a new dad only gave rm300 to me to spent at bandung.oh,thats not enough.i want to buy a lot and a lot.nak beli kat malaysia tak kasi kan eventhough tengah sale sekarang.

so tonigt we make bbq cause my opah and nenek will come here in any minutes mum asked me to do the bbq thingy but im too lazy to do it.i prefer onlining and let my sister and maid do it.okay,im lack of words.later.

Friday, 17 December 2010

girls like when the boys chase them but boys like when girls chase them


oh,i have to sleep at the living hall again.i've been sleeping here since my mother went back home from mecca.erm,you guys might be guessing that why i didnt sleep at my room right.uh,i so hate my room.messy plus my sister put her things on my bed and my i decided to sleep at the living hall.

i've bee thinking that why some girls like to wear black nail it cool wearing black one.wearing black nail polish just mke you look like a rempit and like like an emo girl.are you one of them and thats why you wear black nail polish right.okay,enough.i just hate people wearing black nail polish je.

so today i have to sleep mum keep on babbling me.she said that anak dara tak boleh tidur lambat then bangun tengah hari.tak elok.oh,come on mum.i dont have enough sleep at tgb plus i cant sleep late at there please,let me sleep late and wake up late everyday.please.

i went to night market.and i thought the night market like a huge night market and a lot of food will be there.nah,there's nothing there.only a few foods that i can easily craving for nasi kerabu and i thought it will be at the night market but dont i just bought fried kuew tiew and keropok lekor and and apam balik an murtabak.haha.a lot right.

yeah,tomorrow i will be going to subang parade.i miss subang parade.i wanna buy something there.oh oh,i wanna go to mid valley tomorrow for the educational fair for for my eldest brother of course.he's not here.he's in bagkok for rugby tournament.i wanna help him.oh,what a good sister am i.isnt the picture above,i dunno whether i upload it before.erm,i need to camwhore sometimes.lack of pictures.

i rather be a clown just to cheer you up


im really sorry cause this past few days i didnt update my blog.i just dont have any mood plus im kinda busy.last wednesday,i went to immigration at shah alam to renew my passport.i thought i only have to bring our ic and old passport but they asked me to bring my birth certificate too.i was angry and i was cursing everytime cause i just want my new passport to be done today since tomorrow my mum plan to buy the school thingy.not finish buying it went back home and cancel our plan for tomorrow and go back to shah alam again.

so on thurday went back to immigration.waiting for my number to be called.wait and wait and wait.then,my mum asked me whether the woman infront of me is intan something la.she said that the woman might be an artist.then,the woman went to the i just watched her,then zap.i was so shock that the woman was hanis zalikha.ooemge.i cant believe it.she is one of my idol.then i said to my mum loudly without notice that her dad was infront of me,"ibu,tu hanis zalikha la,model tu."oh,she's so superb tall and pretty too.i want to take a picture with her but im too shy plus i didnt bring any not gonna use my phone camera cause this phone suck a lot.oh,i hope i'll meet her again and take some pictures with her.

after that,went shopping shopping at new scarves la.then,straight away to home sweet home.haha.balik je,terus tidur cause i slept around 4 am and woke up like around 10am.6 hours meh.not i think i wanna make a video.maybe sharing some tips through the like now,i already made one but erm,i dont want to post it here cause i sound like a gedik girl.canceled it and maybe make a new one next week.kinda busy this week cause i want to finish up my hw by this week.

oh oh atiqah will be going to beijing tomorrow.i will be missing her next one will chat with me no one will make a joke with me.have fun at beijing eh t.dont forget give me souviner.haha.just kidding.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

this is the way i am

i am truly sorry for not updating my blog.maybe kinda busy lately plus i have no idea to write anymore.sorry guys.

Monday, 13 December 2010

phone problem made my mood goes down

i was so frustrated with this phone.the phone was like off all the time although i already charged it.mother fucker bitch phone.actually,it was my brother's phone.he gave me this phone cause he bought an i already know why he gave to me.he only used this phone for 2 years.oh god.i want a new phone right now.he asked me whether i like the phone or not.and he also said if you dont want this phone,i will sell the iphone to you and i will buy a blackberry.oh no no and no.i dont want iphone for now.maybe something else.

okay,i want to repair this phone first.chow.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

if i could dream at all,it would be about you.and im not ashamed of it

heyhihello people.

sorry for the lack too lazy for it.actually i have no mood at all.i dont know why but my mood like like an aeroplane.yeah hanis said that.sorry maybe this post i dont have any tips yet.i already want to write about the tips but somehow,im too lazy to find my notebook.i wrote many tips in there that i found from the internet.maybe some other time,okay.

life seems complicated.i dont know why.maybe i just started to fall in love with someone.thats a maybe okay.haha.i need someone that could cheer me up right now.i feel like i want to cry although there are no reasons to cry.wafa,chill okay.

so,i guess i just lack of words these days.if im in good mood,maybe i will share the tips.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

insomnia,please stop haunting me!

i didnt sleep yet although the clock is ticking to 2.13 am.please,insomnia,dont do like this to me.i really hate it.i have to wake up early tomorow to go to bukit cherakah.about 7.30 i must be at hanis' please,give me some rest.i hate imsonia.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

keep your face to the sun


my parents just arrived home yesterday morning.around 5 so happy cause finally they went home.i talk talk n talk with my mum everytime.i told her bout what happend at home and she told me her experience at macca.when i heard bout it,i feel like i really really want to go to macca next year.i hope my dream to go to macca next march come true.amin.

i cant wait for friends and i will go to bukit cerakah for cycling or just jalan jalan only.actually,we were planning to go to library to study but when fariz said that bila pandang pintu je,terus x nak we changed our plan instead going to library,we going to follow fariz and his gang to bukit cerakah.

okay,i have to log brother want to use this post maybe i will share some tips.wait for it guys.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

beauty is not in the face,beauty is a light in the hearts


hey, i already stop thinking about him.yeah,i move on babeyh.i motivated myself with some poems,qoutes that i search from internet.find some hot guys.haha.that a must.i dont want to think about him anymore and its time to find hot guys.sounds desperate isnt it but i dont care.

i've been missing my friends at tgb especially 413 hot members.they are like my soul and my everything.i spent my time with them everyday.i never thought that i would have friends like me,they are crazy,hot,gorgeous and sometimes they are like gorillas.haha.

the second day of the school,we have to do some activities with our homeroom members.i was so excited to meet my new friends there.when i first met them i was like, going to be friends like them.oh god,why.they are not hot guys,they are crazy,they call me blur and they are tuuuut.haha.that was my first impression when i met them.and right after that im saying to myself that i want to go home,i dont want to be friends with them,i need to go back to s4 again.they always call me blur cause they said that i have a blury face.this is the first time someone call me blir.maybe cause im not used to hostel and having crazy friends like them.

but i was wrong.totally wrong.altough they are crazy and insane,they are so kind and generous.they are friendly too.they helped me when i have difficulties,they cheer me up when i was down,they gave me some useful advices when i got bad results,they made a suprise for me for my birthday and so much more.for the first sem,im being a quiet girl,bila derong cakap sepatah,i jawab sepatah.yeah,like that.but for the second sem,i always talk and talk and talk.talking craps and everything.being an outspoken person.i had so much fun with regret talking bad bout them at first.

now,i would like to say thank you for being my friend for this whole year.i will never and ever forget you guys.i hope we will be crazy next year.thank you again and i always love you.oh oh,im sorry if i ever made any mistakes to you guys.sorry.

this post is dedicated to 413 class members-

aca -the KINDness and the BOMB,aliah-the CUTEness,faqi,the KOREAN crazy,fiza-the MIMI,hanie-the DORAEMON,elia-the SEXY lady,razin-the CATwoman,ida-the KELANTANess,ami-the VICE pres,fadil-the GOOD ldp,qila-the CADBURY eyes,nad-the DILIGENT ones

izzat-the hr PRES,bull-the PHYSCO guy,alien-the GAY man,irshad-the INTELLIGENT man,acap-mr PRES,syahin-the CHINESE,mus-the GIRAFFE,opal-the CUTE and OPEN guy,haziq-the MANJA ones,putera-the PRINCE of the class,amirul-the HITAM one,ganu-the most QUIET guy,faiz-the BWP

"a good friend is hard to find,hard to lose and impossible to forget"

Friday, 3 December 2010

i will fall for a guy who..

im not in the mood

im not in the mood.i've just added my ex on fb jut now.yeah,when i saw his pics,i started crying cause i miss him.i mean i miss the old him.i keep on reminding myself for just move on but i cant.i still keep his pic in my wallet.yeah,im a dumb.i know i must move on and start a new life with other people but still i cant.i dont know how to stop this thing.

hanis keep on giving me advices to find someone else and just forget bout him.thx bestie.she said that i have to find new bf right now.haha.okay2,hanis.bila sampai seru,aku cari.haha.can you give me some ideas how on earth i want to forget bout him.

okay,thats all.not in the mood.n im still crying right now.

happy birthday,elia


i've got some pantun for you but its in malay okay.

ELIA SHAFIAH nama diberi,

secantik wajah secantik budi,

setahu aku hari ni special day utk dia ni,

hah,hari ni birthay dia ni.

haha,that was what i sent to her just now.happy birthday elia.may all your wishes come true.have a blast during your are one of my gorgeous friend in cool,fantastic and a brilliant lady.i hope you enjoy your birthday cause its only once a year,babeyh.haha.sorry for no suprise for your birthday like we always do at tgb when there is someone year maybe.during you a lot.

from your ex cubemate,your classmate,homeroomate and your blury friend,

nur wafa asyiqin zullfakher

its the last month of the year


sorry for lack updates.its because of the internet.internet sucks isnt hows ur day?awesome much? getting bored this few days.not going anywhere i mean outside of kl.i need some peaceful place that i can rest my mind there before new year begin cause i will be with a lot of tension next year.the biggest exam that i should take and being a senior in the 'so-cool' school.yeah.

so i went to sunway last wednesday.buying books for study group.haha.idk whether this study group will worked out since we were all busy.met fariz there and he tooks our pictures,shows his pictures with his friends at langkawi.erm,so i bought 2 eco-bags from f21,physic book (since i got low marks for physics),peribahasa book (a must buy cause i dont ever know any peribahasa except the simple ones) and biology book.thats all.oh god,i saw a dress at dorothy perkins and its damn gorgeous baby.i really need it.i just wait for my mum to come home and asked money from her.haha.ate at chicken rice shop at 11 am.ha,so early.i ate a lot and my tummy was really full till the next day.then,asked fariz bout shah alam.cause we plan to go to library but nah.not confirmed yet.then plan going to bukit cerakah for an adventure activity with fariz and his friends this wed.then went home.

thats all bout sunway thingy.oh cant wait for my parents to come back to malaysia after being in macca for 45 2 more days till my parents come home.really really cant wait.yeah,baby.haha.

erm,i think i dont want to fall in love with guy right now cause im tired of being dumped by guys.i know sometimes im feeling bored cause no guy would entertained me when im feeling sad or wtv.but my heart keep telling me to be single lady so my heart will not be easily broken by the bitches guy out there.i wanna be single till i found a suitable guy that will make my life completed.

okay okay,no more dramas, the clocks ticking to 12.30 am.i need some sleep right now.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

all life is an experiment


i had just scolded my sis just now.dont what to tell why i scolded now,my siblings hate me for being so mean to them.i get angry with them i will scold them if they touch my things,if they put their things on my table or even play with my cellphone.urgh,i just hate them cause they make noise every single time.

erm,i was wondering why people like this girl.the girl who treat me like trash.the girl who hypocrit.the girl who always told lies and pretend she is the girl from heaven.people seems like her because she intelligent.actually not so intelligent la but she's more intelligent than me.but,she have more negative sides than positive ones.i bet if you guys be her friends,you guys will be me.oh btw,this girl is not from tgb and not from s4.

okay,stop talking craps.erm,idk what to topics for today.erm,let me read newspaper.then,i can get new topics to write here so the stalkers will never ever boring when they stalk my blog.haha.see you guys later.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

i wish you could be beside me when i need you


i was bored.nothing much happen today.just like usual.woke up,eat,online,took a nap,eat and online again.what a day.i need to get out from this went shopping and all.urgh,mummy,please come home faster.i need to shop right now.

oh oh,i was battling with imsonia again.i really hate it,i wish it can stop before the school starts.i had imsonia years ago.i mean when i was in form 1 or form 2.cant remember.i slept around 3 and woke up around 6 am to go to school.then,when i had a balanced diet,my imsonia stop suddenly.and now its haunting me back.imsonia,please stop haunting me.i need some rest this hols okay.

i've just read dear john book after bought it couples of month ago.haha.i didnt have time to read the book.busy with hw and all of kind of things.but i still didnt manage to get good the book quiet interesting.i already read till chapter 5 right i need to finish reading it by tomorrow so i can know the ending faster.haha.i wish it was a happy ending.i hope guys might be say why i didnt read the last chapter first to know the ending right.erm,im sorry but i dont like it.i like to read from the first till last without lapping any chapters.

okay,i've been reading some of tumblrs these day.and i found it quiet fun when you do a tumblr.erm,but i hate it when i have to discover myself with the new things.i have to know how to post or how to put a song in make me stress somtimes.maybe some other days.i have to learn about it first.

oh,i miss 2009.i wish we could rewind back the time where i have good times with my friends.we were laughing all the everywhere.having a study group before pmr,went to giant.stayback at schl.oh,really miss the moment.the moment of victory and everything.the moment of first getting couple.and broke up a week later.haha.oh please,rewind back the time.haha.i dont want getting older and older.i will taking spm next year,getting to college the year later.then,work and then married then have a children.oh my,why time fly too fast.i still can remember when i was at the age of seven.

so i dreamt of someone during evening tadi.i dreamt he moving near shaz's house.and we went to sunway together.he teach me how to drive.we went for a bike every evening.aww,i wish this could be true.haha.i need someone in my heart right now.haha.opal,faster.i need his ph nmbr.haha.really need it.

erm, brother want to use this lappy to find cheat for his game in psp.urgh,kacau-ing my mood for blogging.later.

Friday, 26 November 2010

thats the way i loved you


erm,kinda finding some songs for my blog.quiet boring with this one.haha.i didnt do my hw yet.maybe i just text my mum and guess what,im going to bandung again this dont have to buy any clothes in malaysia my money.hehe.okay,i text again and i said that i need new schoolbag and pencil case for next year since next year will be my last year of they said that i have to find money by my self to get nw ones.aww,i really need it.haha.

fine then,i will earn some money by myself.haha.okay,i need new phone.whether iphone or blackberry.but,i want it by this year.not next year.i already have rm900++ so i need a little bit more.then,i will have new ph.haha.good ones.

oh,i miss westlife,backstreet boys and Nsync.oh god,can all of them come to malaysia and make a concert will be awesome.really awesome.oh,and i want taylor swift to come to malaysia too.haha.

erm,i think i need a lomo camera.this things is in my list-to-buy before i need to make chores and sell some clothes to have some money to buy lomo cam.i really need it.haha.okay,better tell my dad.mana tau,if he will buy to me for my birthday next year.haha.

if we could not laugh,we will go insane


based on the picture abv,thats totally true.really really true.if you dont believe me,just ask my darlings.for sure,they will said like that.haha
im bored plus hungry.i didnt know what to do right now.i keep on onnline-ing eventhough it keep me today is opal's birthday.happy birthday to him!may you enjoy your birthday,opal!

erm,can you suggest to me,what should i do right now?hw.yeah.a best suggestion.haha.okay,i will start doing my hw after quiet hungry right now.i didnt eat since morning.haha.okay,bye.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

dont be worry,he will come back to you again

hey hi hello people,

nothing much happen today.just have been scolded by my granny.urgh,i need her to shut her mouth sometimes so i can relax my mind and do my i dreamt of someone last night.woot woot.haha.i dreamt he was proposing me to be his gf and he brought me to see his parents.aww.haha.

okay,i studied physic today.chapter 3.the second hardest chapter.haha.actually,i hate chapter 3.i hate to calculate the pressure and all kind of things.yeah.thats why i hate physics sometimes.i think i should revise more and need to make a study group with friends.

so my mum just sent a text to me from mecca.she asked me to start tuition with my private tutor this 1st december.oh its a no no.i dont want to start any tuition before my mum get home.yeah,maybe another 2 weeks more, if i dont want any tuition thats mean,i have to start rrevise by my own first okay.lets start buh-bye fb and gonna start my own tuition.haha.

oh since i will not update,erm maybe not updating my blog tomorow,i would like to wish today.i would like to wish happy 16th birthday to naufal or known as opal.have a blast on your birthday and may you enjoy your birthday.haha

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

life comes with no guarantees

hey peeps.

hows ur day?mine was totally a lazy girl right now.i didnt even touch or do any of hw.yeah.thats good right.whats wrong with me these days.i keep on texting days and night,online everytime and everyday,watching marathon movies everyday.oh god,please help me.if i keep on doing like this,then my spm resukt will absolutely suprising a lot.

how could i change my attitude?not texting anyone?yeah,for sure i can.not watching movies?yeah,i can do that too.not online-ing everyday?nope,i cant do is the best absolutely the best way to release my stress these days.okay,i must have limits in online-ing.erm,maybe 2 hours per day.i have to make a timetable.make it like tgb ones.then,i can succeed next year and get 4 flat for next sem and get 9A+ for my spm.amin.insyaallah.

so,i have a massive headache since was really painful like you want to squeeze your brain.yeah,its true.okay,i wanna check with doctor if it get worst and afraid that i might get a migrain.erm,i think i know why i got this massive headache.i think its cause im too stress.yeah.i need some rest.i think i want to hangout and find some peaceful place to go.i need to relese my stress.

erm,im a bit worried of my was his first it easy or not?he can do the paper or not?haih,idk la.why im worried too much bout him.maybe too nerves to take spm next year.might be.spm is really tough.really tough than pmr.and i dont know how i can answer spm quests next afraid if i cant get good result that can make my parents proud of meerm,nevermind,wafa.dont think bout it will make you more stress then.

erm,i need a super so lonely right now.and when i have one,i can share secrets with him and sometime he might make me happy when im sad.oh,please i need one.haha.sounds desperate,isn it?but truely indeep my heart,i miss couple-ing.i miss my ex a lot.i wish i could rewind back time and treat him well.

well,long post today,right.haha.okay,better write more later.bye.

Monday, 22 November 2010

i feel the nerves

hey hi hello,
yeah,i feel the nerves eventhough i didnt take spm this year.oh god,time fly too fast,isnt it.i still remember when my brother,faris took pmr exam now,he will be taking spm.the biggest exam of his scared that time will fly too too fast n tup tup im sitting in the hall taking spm.aww,im not ready with the results that was like shit.

okay,i will be off now.before that i would like to wish smthg.

to spm candidates,goodluck in ur ur best.this wish is especially to my brother,cousin,zulhafidz,smk s4,mrsm tgb.goodluck.rock the spm,guys!

Friday, 19 November 2010

why my wish doesnt came true?

hey hi hello

okay,i've just got my results during noon.and my results was really bad.i dont want to tell you bout my results cause im afraid that you guys might be after this i have to manage my time well.i have to study all the playing or sleeping in the class.give full attention during teaching internet for this one whole week to settle up my texting boyfriend.erm,wait.acly,i need a boyfriend.haha.go for a tuition.find a home hangout with study and study all the time.

i already regret what i was doing last sem 2.yeah.really regret.but i still remember what my chemist teacher said.she said that "yg form 4 tu biarkan berlalu,dh lepas biarkan lepas.berusaha pulak untuk form 5.spm lagi after this no more 50s,no more 60s but must aim 70s n 80s".teacher,insyaallah.i will try my best to get 70s or 80s for my exam next year.pray for me,teacher.amin.

okay,bloggie.see you next week.i cant update like usual already.i have to start studying from now.bye.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

don't trust your boyfriend,they might leave you someday


okay,i dont felt sleepy yet eventhough i have a massive headache right i ate a lot today.i mean really lot.for breakfast i ate lemang,lontong n laksa n for lunch i ate nasi beriyani n laksa again but this time i tambah laksa.haha.n for night only ate 2 slice of bread with tuna.gosh,im gonna be fat.i already plan to exercise with hanis i need some interesting activities to do this hols since i will eat food when im boring.yeah,thats true.

hanis,wait for me ya.okay i need to loss my weight bout 10 kg more.i want to be skinny cause skinny is better.haha.okay,my eyes cant really open right now plus my bed is now calling me.haha.goodnight n have a sweet dream.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

how was ur raya?mine was not good.its not like usual.maybe cause my parents not around.haha.i was wearing baju kurung all day eventhough i know nobody will come here or i will not be going anywhere.its tradition.i just miss my mum,my dad.when will they gonna come home.i need u guys.

okay,its boring tell bout raya cause every blog might post bout raya let me tell u bout last saturday.yeah,im hanging out with my buddies.the aim is to celebrate maria n fariz the plan went smooth.really smooth.we celebrated at nando's.we have cake n the restaurant blackout la.everything la.i was having fun.

then,jalan jalan around mid.i was alone.yeah.haha.hanis with fariz,eleena with maria,arina with haziq n how bout me?haha.hanis asked me to walk with some of fariz's friends but i dont quiet shy with new people.haha.sorry guys but thats me.

around 5 smthg went home.really tired n i have a high fever after that.thats why my hands were shivering cold.the conclusion is,i was having fun n i get a new friends too.nice to meet u guys.hope can hangout like this after this.

the tears start to fall down like rain


so its been ages i didnt update my blog.sorry.i didnt have times.erm,exam results.shh.not too shy to tell bout the results cause the results were damn damn damn bad.its my fault.i didnt study well.okay,i started to miss tgb already.yeah,its true.our last day was superb with ida's farewell party.okay,maybe the pics i will upload later.but if u want to see it,just see it at my fb.

last day of schl,we play a lot of things.we play police n thief.pepsi cola la n everything.main police n thief tu smpi penat gla nk last,fadilah's team won n our team lose.we took a lot of pictures.the one that i remembered the most was when we captured picture of ourself jumping.haha.thats so so funny.haha.with the style la,face la.macam tak boleh belah.haha

then malam tu ada inspection.we have to tidy up our room.keep our things in our bag.i was damn tired.and i ate my fried rice around 12.30 am.fuh,gemuk gila lepas tu punya.then,i continue make my course work that have to be sent to teacher by friday or i cant get a for my bm png maa..around 2.30am,i went to bed.

okay,enough here.i have two works to is texting with hfdz n nyet then make my hw.daa.

till then.

selamat hari raya aidiladha!

hey guys,
just wanna wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!enjoy ur raya guys.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

no mood at all

SORRY moFont sizeod for blogging.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


damn i have a high fever!
ps;i will update later.sorry

Sunday, 24 October 2010

a loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge

hey,guys.i will be going back in less than 1 hour.urgh,hate tgb.bye2 guys.see u next 3 weeks.n then,i will be online everyday.muahahaha.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Everything will be okay,sayang

hey,peeps.time flies too fast right.tup tup,its already saturday n tmrw i have to go back to my 'precious school'.okay,i miss couple-ing.yeah,thats true.its been 8 months being single.sometimes being single make me happy but sometimes make my life fucking bored.just look at my title.i miss someone texting me n said it to me.but nah.i will be single like erm maybe till next year or after gonna wait till college life.yeah.haha.

erm,i need a guy friends that i can share stories with him n i can get useful advices from him.erm,is there anyone willing to be my superb guy friends?okay changed topic.exam will be held next week.yeah,fuck off exam.i hate u.but,honestly i felt really nervous.maybe because its the final examination for this year or maybe because i didnt do well in my past exam n it will effect my png gred.

cant wait for the holidays.but,my parent still not at home yet.they still in mecca.i wanna meet my superb duperb darlings.its been ages since i met with them,share stories n sort of things.i dont miss my form 4 life.i miss my form 3 life.but except the pmr.i hate it.i miss all of us laughing,gossiping,eating at koop n flirting hot guys.yeah,miss it.i wish i can rewind back my form 3 will be amazing.

oh i miss shopping.before this,i always go to shopping mall every weeks n at least i must buy something at the mall.but now,i have to spend my whole life at tgb.n here does not have mall.only have fresco.pathetic.but i must buy seventeen n cleo mag so i didnt get late update bout

okay,gtg n finish up my hw.lot of hw must be submit this monday.starting from bm,math,add math,physic n sej.n i have to start from now or it will not finish.okay.daa.

Friday, 22 October 2010

one is very crazy when in love

woo woo are you today?so i just got back from hostel.we have bb this week.basically,i dont wanna go home this week cause i've just got home last week.but,i have to look after my siblings parents already went off to mecca last as the eldest sister in this family,i have to take care of my siblings while my parents perform hajj.

so now i would to tell you bout an awful experience i have during melaka maju 2010.mrsm tgb have been invited by erm,okay i dont know who invited us actually to melaka maju at stadium hang jebat last wednesday.we have to gather around at dc bout friends n i were among the earliest people to arrived there.then sab gave us paper that have bus number n she let us choose ourself a bus.we want to wait for another bus since the other bus quite erm ugly.waited n waited n waited then a bus came.n oh my god,i bet u must be laughing at me.we got a ting tong ugly,horrible n nasty we exchanged bus 3 with bus 4.then people who supposed to be in bus 3 mad at us n we actually fought.hafid make it clear.he said we have to be fair n square.

then,the journey began.went to mosque first to perform maghrib prayer.then off to stadium hang jebat.n shitness happen.the were so many people heading to stadium hang jebat n we were trapped o the road for almost 4 hours.we waisted our time just like that.then,arrived at stadium on 10.30 pm.we thought it have carnivals n have a lot of food,but food at all.only few still sell food n others already finish.n i was like wtf!i waisted my time here,no food here n the only i got is hungry n anger.shit.

told teacher.teacher asked us to find our bus so we went to the end of the road to searched for bus but the bus were tired n hungry.then haziq aiman came n told us that teacher waited us at the stadium.teacher decided to bring us to a restaurant.we were all happy n excited.arrived at subaidah restaurant around 12.30am.ate maggi goreng mamak n sirup limau.then,went back to maktab n arrive at maktab around 2.30am.change clothes,perform isyak prayer n went to sleep.ahh,finally.hehe.

thats all.a lot of things wanna write but too lazy.till then.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

i cant stop thinking you

oh god,my life so miserable right now.i cant do my hw.i keep on thinking bout how my life will gonna be when my parents perform hajj.i keep on crying crying n crying.cant stop.i really hate phone calls everyday,no more asked my mum to come n visit me at more asking for help for karangan.

oh crap,i still cant stop crying.i bet you guys might say,'oh pg haji 2 bulan je.rilex la.bkn setahun.but for me 2 months like 2000 years.waiting for my mum to come back n to hug n kiss her.oh gonna miss them.after this i have to call home everyday to make sure everyone is worried bout my do they want to take care of themselves.i really worried.

leaving someone that you love really really much is hard.way to hard than spm,i think.but i have to be strong.really strong.i have friends around me.i bet they can make me smile everyday.oh Allah,take good care of my parents in mecca.i really love them.hope that they can get haji yg mabrur.

erm,miss my babes,bloodys n old friends from sbu.i finally uploaded pictures of me n my friends from sbu just check it out on my fb yaw.okay.gonna off.toots.

oh oh,happy birthday amalina bt sulaiman.finally u sweet 16.may God bless u.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

why i still cant find true love?

hye.sorry for lack updates.i just came back after 4 weeks in hostel or so-called prison.yeah,fucking hell in tday we have kenduri doa selamat for my parents that will perform haj this upcoming so fucking after this i cant call my parents everyday.see,im staying at hostel also cant stay apart with my parents.

idk why i feel like i want to cry each n every time.i dont want my mum left me here n take care of my siblings.i have also beem asked to pay the bills which idk anything bout that n also taking money from bank.thats also idk.hmm,wht gonna happen.

since im the second child in this family i have to take care all the things since my brother will be taking spm this year.okay2,i have to shut off my laptop cause my dad mad at me.bye.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

happy bithday hazwani!


happy happy birthday,

happy birthday to u,

you're now 16,

n wlcm to sweet 16 club.

happy birthday hazwani.hope u enjoy ur birthday.miss u.good luck in your upcoming exam.dont forget me.oh oh may all ur wishes come true.see u this u.

love forever n always,

ur superb darling,


life is like a wheel

hey, not feeling good right head keep on reminded me bout upss 2 tmrw.urgh,why we have to take exam?i hate exam.i think exam doesnt give us better result.okay,i just started studying.for 13 days i never touch any book except sej,wafa.u have done a great job.i dont think i will score in upss.but i will try my hard to score it.come on baby,wafa coming to roar u.haha.

okay,i will not update my blog till 14 october.maybe if we have means balik bermalam.okay,damn miss my darlings.i only spent a day with them.not enough okay.guys,i think this november we will hangout everyday but dont forget our study cause next year is the biggest exam ever.

okay let me tell u the schedule of my exam

monday-chemist n bi

tuesday-pai,add math n sej

wednesday-physics,bm n sk

thursday-biology n math

so how do you think?im so so stress okay.okay,this for my girls

hanis;tc of yourself okay.dont forget me,i still love u.u r my bff.dont forget ur study.dont fail in ur exam.good luck in ur exam.send my regards to zulaikha,arina,eleena n to all classmates.oh oh,send my regard to fariz.

atiqah;t,i miss of happy.go n find a bf.haha.goodluck in your exam.will hangout with you the last school holiday.

shazana;damn miss you.dah la lama x jumpa.jumpa pun skali skala.sorry,im tired writting in english.hehe.see u in november babe.kite blaja bwk kereta ye.haha

hazwani;wani,rindu ko jgk.blaja elk2 ye kat seseri.jgn homesick lg.

shazwani;rmh ko awesome.bilik ko superb awesome.nk sleepover rmh ko ye.nnt2 ajk sgt kenangan jumaat tu.goodluck in exam.

syafiq maula;syafiq,sorry x pg sunway.x de sape nk temankan aku.sorry.nnt2 jmpe la ye.ape2 text aku.goodluck.

bye.miss u guys badly.oh oh,darlings will gonna rock the world!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

last raya with friends

hello.hows ur day,guys?having fun today?yeah, let me told you guys bout my awesome day yesterday.we went for raya to our friends house.actually,we start from atiqah house but im coming late due no transport.first,me,t,hanis,zana,hazwani,shaz n ihin went to arina's house.we called her so many times but she didnt answered.then,went to amalina's house.still the same,no answered.

a few mis later,arina sent a text that she just went downstairs but all of us already went to amalina's.then,went back to arina's house.after that went to shazana n watched mr.bean holiday for awhile.then,went to hazwani's house.ate some rendang n serunding.yummy.then,went to adila's house.i saw my brother's car at her house.he's at adila's house too.took some pics n met old friends,siti n raja.

after that,walked to sk agama cause hanis' brother will pick us up n bring us to my house.took some pics for kenangan.haha.then,when we arrived shazwani told us that she want to changed her clothes cause its too hot.ate rendang,puding roti,spaghetti n triffle.after a while,shazwani came n she drove by herself.then,went to shaz's house but hanis want to test her driving,hanis nearly hit a guy.hanis,be careful next time.haha.went to shaz's room.okay,shaz house really awesome n i really adore her room.make a raya video but shazana's didnt let us put the vid on fb.we webcaming till 7 pm.then,we went home.

erm,i thought shaz's house was the last but there's another.hanis called me around 8pm and asked me to get ready to go to zulaikha's house.she said that if we're not going to zulaikha's house,zulaikha will not be friend with us grab baju kurung n iron it.wait for hanis to arrived.then,pick up shaz n off we go to zulaikha's house.then,arrived n ate more.met old friends,ayna n lina.around 10.30pm,went home.

fuhh,we had such quiet fun yesterday.although we were so tired but it will be our last raya to spend with friends this year.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

the boringness of raya

wassup,boyfriends n not feeling sleepy yet although its already late.most of the people here still not sleep yet cause they made a barbeque just now.

erm,raya for this year quiet bored compared to last year.idk why.maybe cause each year we getting older n we have no feeling towards raya.they only want to get duit raya instead of enjoy the true for me,im also had no feeling for this raya at all.maybe cause this year we brought along our laptop n broadband.haha.maybe okay.

for the first day of raya,i've already got rm 550.yeah.rm400 were given by my father's i will keep my money in a safer place or i called it as a my mini bank.i will used my money to buy an iphone wait for me, coming to u.haha.

okay,thats all.its already late.oh,i miss my glamo or known as bantal peluk.haha.i cant sleep without it.nightnight guys.

Friday, 10 September 2010

first day of raya

hey,hey,hey guys.hows ur raya?awesome?how bout me?mine was superb.for this year,we celebrated our raya at penang first then go to perlis.actually,i dont have any raya mood cause i've been thinking of upss2.i dont read a single book yet except sejarah.ohmy,wht shld i do.i have to revise.

ate a little today cause im afraid i will become fat later.ohoh,i also have a stomach ache this morning.thats why i dont have any appetite to eat.erm,rendang ayam basi on the first day of raya.yeah.hooray.n we have to eat rendang ayam from other house.haha.

have our photography session this morning after beraya with parents,uncles n aunties.i already upload on the if u guys want to see it,just check on my fb.i will upload here later.for this post,i will upload one pic only.sorry,guys.

okay,i felt want to sleep right now.gtg.bye.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

happy eid day!

to all my darlings,bloodys,boyfriends,family n whoever read my blog,i just wanna say happy eid guys.i wanna apologize for all my wrong doings before.sorry guys but i didnt mean a hot-tempered person.haha.lets just forgive n forget our your wonderful raya.

oh n to all form 4 tgbians,im so sorry if im acting like an anger woman or arrogant.really sorry.n dont forget bring along your book to revise during raya.upss 2 is coming after raya.dont forget it.batch 10/11 will rock the tgb!yeah.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir N Batin

love forever n always,

waa zullfakher

di hari raya...

hey,ho n hello guys.raya will be on this!can't wait.really cant just now i just clean up my room before going back to hometown.n it nearly took almost 2 so freackin tired.then,pack up my things into luggage cause i will be going to my hometown tmrw morning.i mean after sahur n blast off to again.haha.

as you guys can see the pic above,erm,i really really crave it.i wish my weight is below 45kg so i could eat it a lot.but nah,i have to diet even for raya.

so this evening me,mum,bibik made kerepek gunting n kuih siput.its our first try do it might be not so good as other people but at least it taste really yummy.haha.we made it nearly 1kg of it n my hand really hurt cause gentel2 doh.then around 6pm,asked my brother to send me to bazaar since im craving murtabak singapore.okay,he just know how to drive n he drove like playing a heart like falling down.haha.

okay, mum calling me to pack up my youngest brother's things.bye.

raya is coming!

hey guys,raya will come in just few hows your raya preparations?have you guys done your last minute shopping?have you guys bought kuih raya n baju raya?okay,if yes,thats good n if no then you should buy it today before its too late n there will be no raya for you.

i already bought baju kurungs,shirts but no shoes.still finding for yesterday evening went to sunway with mum to buy my shoes.i searched everywhere,i mean not every shoes at jaspal n charles n keith but none of the shoes that i really adore.most of the shoes are high heels n too expensive.erm,can you guys suggested a shop that have a glamorous shoes.

erm,but im so freacking happy tday cause i've got jaspal's begging my mum for 10 mins.n at last,i got it.haha.erm,but i still need a new shirt from cotton on n forever 21.n i also need a new purse from roxy since my purse kinda old already.oh n a new bag from dorothy perkins maybe or miss selfridge.gosh a lot to buy for raya.mum will not give me to buy all of this things since i already have a lot of it.oh i also forgot that i wanted to buy a converse shoes.erm,how on the earth im gonna earn my money to buy all of this.i wanna use my raya money to buy an iphone perhaps.erm,maybe i could sell something.erm,let me think.okay,done thinking.lets move to another topic.

so this year,i will be going back to penang for raya n then straight away to perlis.i hope i can still get ang paw for raya since im already grown up.going back to penang is what i really dream for.i hope i can eat nasi kandar.the most favourite dish in the world.yeah.oh oh,laksa penang,yummy.cant wait.okay i will be away for raya this thursday till wednesday but i think my dad will bring his laptop n broadband.i hope so.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

the world will be awesome if i become your girlfriend


hey,guys.hows ur ramadhan?is it awesome or superb awesome.erm, so so really sorry for late n lack of update.quite busy lately.gee.

hmm,i kinda miss my old friends.guys,when we're going to hangout n break fast tgother?im still waiting.haha.i wanna meet u guys.okay,so lets go to tgb story.this year is my first year breaking fast at tgb n without my family.quite sad actly but i have arounds here.they always cheer me up.oh,we have bazaar there.nearly everyday i will bought something at bazaar n nearly everyday i spent,i think thats kinda a lot.yes,i love to spend my money on food.thats me.

last merdeka we have an event.n on that event we have to wear kain batik n ate ubi kayu.ya,its true.actly,idk how to wear kain batik n idk what ubi kayu is.haha,wht a shame.but anyways,that event was superbly awesome.with the dikir barat,sajak by bedah,the choir,the fireworks.n really cool.bwp has really done a great job.cheers for them!

okay,i think thats all.i will update frequently as possible.n i will upload activity week pics for the next post just wait guys.
love forever n always,
waa zullfakher

Sunday, 15 August 2010

life will not be easy without friends

hey home.haha.finally.okay,exam n tgb sucks a lot.dont want to tell u guys bout the exam cause this exam my marks are damn low.n fyi,my hp kene rampas by,i really hate tgb.
okay.for this ramadan,i will going back home every week .yeah2.
oh,my hw.i didnt it finish it yet.n for ayt hafazan,still didnt finish it.why this happening to me.i wish i have less hw next week.erm,okay.gonna go to sleep.bye.see u again next week.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

when everything you wish come true

hey,guys.sorry for not updating blog.busy.erm,yesterday n tday was awesome.having fun times with darlings yesterday n families tday.

went out to mid valley.only brought rm60.not enough to buy new clothes.actually im saving to buy new phone next year.haha.aimi,hanis n eleena baru dapat a lot of pics.erm,unfortunately,we didnt spent our day with karoeka-ing cause not enough money.window shopping,went to metrojaya toilet just to make photoshoot.haha.spent an hour there.i never thought t knows how to play piano.i thought she play guitar,u really good t.went home around 7 o'clock.thank god my mum didnt mad at me.yeah,slalu balik lambat.haha.

went out to pavi.window shopping again with my mum.managed to bought new clothes from cotton on.wanted to buy skirts but my dad didnt let me buy it.went to charles n keith to buy shoes for raya.unfortunately,none of them that i really adore.and half of shoes there are high heels.i hate high heels cause i didnt know how to wear it.after shopping,went to eat at a thai restaurant at kampung baru.erm,yummy.then went home.

erm,i kinda wanna make a list to buy n to do this december.i already make half of it.okay,let me show you.

a list to do n to buy this december
  • make brace face
  • cut hair
  • bought new purse,school bag n pencil case from roxy
  • bought accessories from diva n f21
  • bought handbags online
  • bought new scarves
  • bought clothes from cotton on(its a must buy)
  • bought iphone 4

gee,thats a lot.erm,dunno yet whether want to buy iphone 4 this year or just wait till next year.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

fucker you bitch!

hey,fucker u bitch.dont act like a yourself.n please la wey,dont be a hypocrit,fucker.i dont give a damn bout it.oh yeah,dont backstabbing others.people hate it.i already bored n fuckin tired bout it.fucker your asshole!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

a good picture is equivalent to a good deed

"the more i think it over,the more i feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people"

hey,hi,hello guys.

today was a blast.went out to sunway with hanis,aimi,t,eleena,arina n amalina.ate a lot a lot of hot guys.laught a lot today.especially at popular n chicken rice shop.

watch karate kid n the movie was superb.didnt get chance to watch toy story 3.kesian t.haha.met coco.didnt bought anything there cause only bring rm30 to sunway.yeah,sikit je.tgh pokai skrang ni.haha.met haziq n iffah.

went back home around 9pm.lmbt gile right.9 hours spent time at sunway,first time.n thank god my mum didnt get mad at me cause balik lewat.kakak eleena hntr.thx kak sabrina.

erm,thats all.sorry will write more bout it later n pics will be uploaded later.too busy now.try to finish up my hw.

p/s:thx hanis for the souvenir.thx a lot.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

let the beauty we love become the good we do

"nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise"


doing nothing today.still waiting for t to reply whether want to hangout today or not.erm,woke up late today.12.45pm.really late right cause i slept late last night.around 4 am.

school will start less than one week.hmm,i hate going back to hostel.the will be a lot of tasks to do when going back there.oh n my hw still not finish yet.

okay,now i currently in love with vintage bag.i already asked my dad to buy it for me n guess what.he gave green light.yeah yeah.erm,i think i wanna bought 2 bags since i only got a few bags.

erm,my mum asked me to cut my hair really short.urgh,no way.i only cut my hair a lil bit only not so short.i dont want it.looks really ugly.hmm,i still searching in the internet for the new you guys have any opinion bout what hairstyle should i cut?

my mum is calling me.better get going before she scold me.