Friday, 10 September 2010

first day of raya

hey,hey,hey guys.hows ur raya?awesome?how bout me?mine was superb.for this year,we celebrated our raya at penang first then go to perlis.actually,i dont have any raya mood cause i've been thinking of upss2.i dont read a single book yet except sejarah.ohmy,wht shld i do.i have to revise.

ate a little today cause im afraid i will become fat later.ohoh,i also have a stomach ache this morning.thats why i dont have any appetite to eat.erm,rendang ayam basi on the first day of raya.yeah.hooray.n we have to eat rendang ayam from other house.haha.

have our photography session this morning after beraya with parents,uncles n aunties.i already upload on the if u guys want to see it,just check on my fb.i will upload here later.for this post,i will upload one pic only.sorry,guys.

okay,i felt want to sleep right now.gtg.bye.

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