Friday, 3 December 2010

happy birthday,elia


i've got some pantun for you but its in malay okay.

ELIA SHAFIAH nama diberi,

secantik wajah secantik budi,

setahu aku hari ni special day utk dia ni,

hah,hari ni birthay dia ni.

haha,that was what i sent to her just now.happy birthday elia.may all your wishes come true.have a blast during your are one of my gorgeous friend in cool,fantastic and a brilliant lady.i hope you enjoy your birthday cause its only once a year,babeyh.haha.sorry for no suprise for your birthday like we always do at tgb when there is someone year maybe.during you a lot.

from your ex cubemate,your classmate,homeroomate and your blury friend,

nur wafa asyiqin zullfakher

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