Sunday, 26 December 2010

its awesome how you can fall in love with a person you didnt notice at the first time you met them

so the title above was true.totally true.haha.i never and ever thought i will fall in love with the guy that i met once and actually i didnt saw his face when i met him.haha.but that is true love.isnt it.haha.oh,i miss him.miss him i just got back from indonesia last saturday.went back with cg zuraini.
jakarta and bandung was great.have a lot of fun with my mum and her friends.all of them are zuraini,cg fazliyati and cg zah.i was the quiet one cause i dont like talking to people.hehe.i bought only few clothes there.although there are so many gorgeous clothes there but i still want the clothes like i found in the internet lately.nevermine,next year pergi lagi ya ibu eh.haha.
i had so many new experience there.i slept at small hotel that was book by one of the teacher,naik angkutan,got lost and everything.that experience gave me some good the first and second day,we have a driver,so okay la if we want to go anywhere but at bandung dont have any so we have to jump on angkutan or taxi.haha.
oh oh i bought gossip girl season 4 cd there since the cd is so cheap.5000 rupiah for one cd.murah it yesterday and it was awesome.haha.really awesome.thank god i bought full set,kalau tak nanti tak puas.haha.took a tons of pictures but malas upload.sorry yaw,next time.
okay, heading to my bed.sleepy already ma.


Farawrs Husnayy Rocks! said...

Oh I want gossip girl season 4 DVDs too ! Murahnya dekat endon..

wafa said...

oh yeah,so cepat book flight to indon.hehe.murah sgt sgt.10 000 for a cmplt set of gossip girls season 4.hehe.