Wednesday, 28 March 2012

i just way too emotional on my birthday.i already expected that this year will be the worst birthday ever.all my wishes didn't came true.i wish someone can call me and sing happy birthday for me.i wish someone can make a video for me.i wish someone can make a suprise for me.i wish i can get a huge birthday present.actually,birthday is the most important day of my entire life.i'm quite upset right now.
this is the worst the very worst birthday ever ever.i hate being 18

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Birthday :)

Tomorrow is my birthday but I didn't feel any excited or anything.Weirddd.It's totally different from any other years where I start counting the days.Maybe I'm too old to celebrate birthday.or maybe I don't have any friends around me wishing me 'Happy Birthday' or making any suprises for my birthday.I just missed my classmates waking up till 12 am just for wishing me a happy birthday.Oh,i still remember,the first person who wish me a happy birthday last year was haziq izuddin.hehe.erm,who gonna be the first person to wish me tomorrow.

I didn't want anything for my birthday this year.cukuplah ibu and ayah dah bagi banyak duit time wafa belajar dulu.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


so my birthday is like around the corner.just a few more days left.I don't have any mood to celebrate it this year.and and I think i'm kinda weird this year.usually i will always ask my dad to buy me a present for my birthday and celebrate it at an exclusive restaurant.but this year I didn't ask anything.It such a waste of money to buy an expensive things to me.I don't deserve it.erm,I think I don't want to celebrate my birthday.I don't want any present.I don't want anything this year.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

spm result


Alhamdulillah,i already got my spm result.i manage to get 7a's and 2B+.oh well,maybe there's no luck for me this time.When i got the slip,I was crying and i can't believe that i got B+ for physic.ohhh shosssshhh.I can't accept it.and finally after getting advice from many people,I can accept that thing.My parents didnt mad or scolded me cause i already try my best.the very best for spm.erm,tak ada rezeki namanya.but well,time u nanti ada lagi.i'm gonna struggle there.i've learnt from mistakes.I'm just too lazy during my school life.tak semestinya gagal sekarang,gagal selama lamanya kan kan.maybe Allah has a better plan for me right.

oh well,i'm freakingly superb happy cause i met my classmates yesterday.oh guys,i really miss guys are the best,the very best friend i ever had.513 awesomeeee!oh oh,and and i'm quite happy cause 'someone' finally call my name and asked me what my result is.and i was like,whoaahhhhhh.finallyyy.i was screaming to faqi.faqi and syahin,hanya korang berdua je tahu.shoosshhh,jangan bagi tahu orang lain tau tau.haha.tak jadi sedih dah lepas tu.terus senyum sampai telinga :)))

so i wanna say congrats to all students of mrsm tgb.we already did our best right.and finally we got no 1.yeah tgb.iloveyouuuu.mintak tugu cepat cepat.hehe.oh i wanna say thank you so so much to nadira maisarah,my number one mentor.hehe.bangga tak aku panggil kau dgn nama macam tu? all my classmates,thank you so my mentor,ena and hidayah,thank youuuuu.and to aiman hakim,congrats and thank you sebab ajar saya mcm mcm eh.hehe.

and to all my teachers,teacher raedah,puan toriah,miss molly,cikgu amin,puan norwati silu,puan siti,puan salwa,cikgu hajar,ustaz hambali,cigu sejarah and and cikgu daud thamby,thank you for teaching me a lot of things.and sorry if i let you down.

to farhan hasif,thank youu so much dear.naza,amirul fitri,thank you tooo.hehe.and and the most important thing,thank you Allah.and to ibu and ayah,thank you cause keluarkan duit yang banyak untuk wafa sepanjang wafa belajar ni.sorry wafa tak dapat keputusan yang cemerlang.sorry wafa dah kecewakan ibu and ayah.sorry wafa tak belajar betul betul.sorry wafa buat korang malu sbb dapat 7a je.takpe,wafa janji wafa belajar bersungguh sungguh lagi nanti.wafa akan tebus balik kekalahan wafa sekarang.

oh oh and again,thank you one direction for cheering me up.hehe

Sunday, 18 March 2012

one direction

one direction,thanks for cheering me up :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012


lately ni aku rasa mcm tak happy sangat sangat.tak tahulah kenapa.banyak masalah berlaku.dgn tu dgn ni la.dgn resultnya next week.dgn family prblm.aku tak pernah cerita dgn sape sape pun masalah aku sbb aku tak suka bercerita.semua orang fikir aku happy setiap masa.tapi sebenarnya tak pun.aku pura pura rasa gembira padahal dalam hati aku rasa sedih sangat.aku buat orang gembira.aku cuba ceriakan orang.aku rasa gembira sangat sangat bila orang lain gembira ni.aku rasa sedih sekarang ni sbb orang layan aku macam hampeh tau.ingat aku tak ada perasaan ke.fikir la perasaan aku jugak.aku bangun tiap tiap pagi mesti mata aku bengkak.nak tahu kenapa?sebab aku menangis tiap tiap malam mengenangkan nasib aku ni.erm kali ni aku cuba untuk cerita kat orang.tapi aku takut derong tak faham perasaan aku ni.aku perlukan seorang kaunselor di sisiku ni.

Friday, 9 March 2012


i just love shoes.i have a lot of seven pairs of flat shoes,one heel and two,thats a lot right.i love flat shoes cause its cute and easy to wear.but but right now,i want to buy wedges and oxford shoe.i just browse in the internet and i found smthg from Calaman.

 ohhmyyyyy,seriously i want to buy this freaking gorgeous shoes.

okay,i adore this one.urghh,i need some money ayah to buy this only cost rm80.

ohhh,love oxford shoe

farhan hasif

This guy,Farhan Hasif.sombong gila nak mampos.hahahahaha.I was waiting for him to online everyday.bhahaha.Its been so long i haven't chat or text him.yela,orang kaya mcm dia layan twitter jee kann.hahaha.First time kenal budak ni when I started to wish goodluck for his spm.hehe.Rindu dia yang dulu.yang bajet peramah.hahaha.

Friday, 2 March 2012

March :)

I miss them very very much


Wow,it's already march.Time flies too fast.March,please be awesome to me.Like superb awesome.I hope I can get 9A+ for my SPM this year.Please pray for me people.Spm result will be out in 20 days more.*O'ohhhh*.I'm kinda freaking out right now.I just have to tawakal and pray a lot.We'd already done with our exams right.The best way is just tawakal and pray.

"Dan orang yang berjihad untuk Kami (Allah),benar benar Kami (Allah) akan tunjukkan kepada mereka jalan jalan Kami (Allah).Dan sesungguhnya Allah benar benar berserta orang muhsinin (orang yang berbuat baik )"
Surah Al-Ankabut (29:69)

Hope it can make you calm down a lil bit :).

So March is my favourite,superb duperb fave month.There's a lot of event happen this month.Like my birthday (can't wait for it ),go for holiday,result and many more.Hope many good things than bad things come to me this month.InsyaAllah.
Peace ♥