Saturday, 18 December 2010

no matter what happen,one day we will be together


oh i miss him.i think he misses me too.hope i will be off to jakarta tomorrow thats mean i have to wake up early this time.cant wait.i want to shhop and shop new clothes there since i dont have any clothes more.actually,i have so so many clothes until my wadrobe full of clothes and i dont have any spaces to put more clothes in it.hehe.but the i alreay wear all the im bored with the clothes and i need a new dad only gave rm300 to me to spent at bandung.oh,thats not enough.i want to buy a lot and a lot.nak beli kat malaysia tak kasi kan eventhough tengah sale sekarang.

so tonigt we make bbq cause my opah and nenek will come here in any minutes mum asked me to do the bbq thingy but im too lazy to do it.i prefer onlining and let my sister and maid do it.okay,im lack of words.later.

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