Friday, 3 December 2010

im not in the mood

im not in the mood.i've just added my ex on fb jut now.yeah,when i saw his pics,i started crying cause i miss him.i mean i miss the old him.i keep on reminding myself for just move on but i cant.i still keep his pic in my wallet.yeah,im a dumb.i know i must move on and start a new life with other people but still i cant.i dont know how to stop this thing.

hanis keep on giving me advices to find someone else and just forget bout him.thx bestie.she said that i have to find new bf right now.haha.okay2,hanis.bila sampai seru,aku cari.haha.can you give me some ideas how on earth i want to forget bout him.

okay,thats all.not in the mood.n im still crying right now.

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