Saturday, 17 July 2010

when everything you wish come true

hey,guys.sorry for not updating blog.busy.erm,yesterday n tday was awesome.having fun times with darlings yesterday n families tday.

went out to mid valley.only brought rm60.not enough to buy new clothes.actually im saving to buy new phone next year.haha.aimi,hanis n eleena baru dapat a lot of pics.erm,unfortunately,we didnt spent our day with karoeka-ing cause not enough money.window shopping,went to metrojaya toilet just to make photoshoot.haha.spent an hour there.i never thought t knows how to play piano.i thought she play guitar,u really good t.went home around 7 o'clock.thank god my mum didnt mad at me.yeah,slalu balik lambat.haha.

went out to pavi.window shopping again with my mum.managed to bought new clothes from cotton on.wanted to buy skirts but my dad didnt let me buy it.went to charles n keith to buy shoes for raya.unfortunately,none of them that i really adore.and half of shoes there are high heels.i hate high heels cause i didnt know how to wear it.after shopping,went to eat at a thai restaurant at kampung baru.erm,yummy.then went home.

erm,i kinda wanna make a list to buy n to do this december.i already make half of it.okay,let me show you.

a list to do n to buy this december
  • make brace face
  • cut hair
  • bought new purse,school bag n pencil case from roxy
  • bought accessories from diva n f21
  • bought handbags online
  • bought new scarves
  • bought clothes from cotton on(its a must buy)
  • bought iphone 4

gee,thats a lot.erm,dunno yet whether want to buy iphone 4 this year or just wait till next year.

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