Tuesday, 28 June 2011

let the world know tjat we can never and ever be separate

its been awhile since i last updated my blog.im sorry for left this blog alone for quirt a long time.i already got my exam marks and png too.erm,it still the same like last year.no improvement.i already tried my hard to obtain high marks in every exam but still couldnt.hope i can get straight a+ for this upcoming pra trial.amin.so pra trial will start soon.less than a month from now.frankly speaking,im not 100 percent ready yet.just 30 percent ready only.but but,it still okay rather not studying at all right?

my life quiet sucks here.i want the time to fly fast.i do not want to stay here anymore.this school will never be my fave school at all instead it will be the worst school i ever been.i cant be free here.i have to follow the stupid damn rules.those rules just ruin my teenage life.i think most of the students here hate the rules too.no dating allowed,no social,wear socks all the time,go to surau early for maghrib prayer and and a lot more.

yeah,i admit that i am the one who want to be here in the first place.that truly because i didnt expect that my life will become worsen here.i should stay at seksyen 4.its better.a lot more better.i can go to tuition and and i can get my life back like before.here,i have to stay here like staying in a prison.no newspaper,no tv and no internet.sucks.

erm,someone had just gave me advice regarding couple-ing.i dont like people to give me such kind of advice.i superb hate that.i know couple is wrong but why you have to make it the biggest issue in this school?when people started to give me advices,i will become moody and sometimes i will curse everyone although there arent guilty.please,let me be myself and dont give me any tazkirah.

i want to go home this weekend.spending my precious time at home.i cant stand to be in here anymore.i dont want to go to enight.i dont want inspection.those things are wasting my time.time is gold guys.erm,im too tired.too tired to study,to wash clothes,to wake up early in the mornig.ibu,take me home.

okay,theres a pros and contra in this school.i admit that this school had change me to become a better person.a better muslim day by day.before this,i always shows my middle finger to the boys that i hate.but when i entered here,i started to stop using that finger  again.i mean,stop showing it to the boys la.hehe.however,i still hate this school.fullstop.

okay,the new bwp will be choosen soon.right now,they were struggling to make manifesto and hanging up their poster so everyone can vote for them.teacher asked us to go to dlaks tomorrow so we can hear their manifesto.but but,im too lazy to go there.i rather sleep in my room than going to hear the stupid things.oh im to lazy to vote for them too.i want the old bwp.they are superb amazing.i dont want the new one.

i think thats all for now.i have to print my sivik folio.i will update more soon okay.

to elmo,
i will be yous forever and ever.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

i wont let anyone take you away from me

im going back to tgb in 3 hours more.i will be back again during fasting month.pfft.lama lagi.sem 4 will begin tomorrow.this is the last sem for school.there will be no more school after this.i have to start study hard and prepared for the biggest exam.no more playing,no more sleeping in the class.i want to make my parents proud of me.i want to get straight A+ for my trial and spm too.

so i already checked the spm schedule.spm start on 14th november and end on 30th november.okay,i didnt counted the days but i think 150 days left for smp.i think la.i just estimated it.sorry if i given the wrong info.on 1st december,maybe i will lepak lepak with friends until 2 am.haha.

to all my friends especially hanis,t,zana,goodluck in your upcoming exam.aku sayang and rindu korang.we will meet again during raya or after spm.insyaallah.bye,people.will update soon.hehe.

your made me feel like a princess


holidays already over guys.be prepared to go back to your school.i want to cry right now.i will miss my home,family,friends and laptop.i will be going back this afternoon.oh oh,i didnt finish up my hw yet.damn.okay okay,gotta finish up my hw.will update again later.

Friday, 10 June 2011

i ain't good for anyone

life is hectic these days.im busy with tuition,hws and and doing house chores and everything.i wish i could rewind back the time to my childhood life where i just lay on the sofa and watching cartoons.my mum did all the house chores.i have no hw at all.pfft.i want to rewind back the time.

during kindergarten,you've learned bout being friends with everybody.we started to have so many good friends and no enemies at all.we learned new topics.learned abc,mathematics,art and other things.we play so may new things with our friends like 'ting ting','kahwin kahwin','congkak' and many more.i still remember when i was five and six years old,i played with my brother's friends.erm,im like a tomboy la when i was still young.i dont have so many girlfriends there.only have 3 or 4 people.we played so many things.every evening we will go to taman and played kejar kejar la.and and the most best moment was when we played mercun and bunga api during ramadhan.

and during primary school,i got a bunch of crazy friends.my first primary school is seri bintang utara.i studied there for one years only then i shift to another school.i miss my friends at sbu.i wish we could meet up again.erm,the second school is seksyen 1 bdr kinrara.this was the best school ever.i started to have a crush here,i met my bff here and and i have enemies who turnout to be my friend here.a lot of events happened there.

then,secondary school life.when i was in form 1,i was alone.all of my friends were already shift to another school.i dont have any friends there.i went to recess alone.sat alone in class,everything alone.i try to make new friends but all of them are like shit.then in form 2,hanis came back.i was not alone now.i make new friends and somehow it turn to be my darlings forever.form 3 life was the bomb.learned so many things.fought with some girls.fought with the boys.started to fall in love with someone la.

erm,i dont want to talk bout form 4 and form 5 life cause its bored.i do the same thing everyday there.so secondary school life have taught so many things.i learned to make friends.i learned to choose the right friends.i learned that happiness dont last.i learned that love is not a fairytale.learned bout heart break and being rejected.i learned from my mistakes and get up again.now,right now,i look forward for a new life.look forward for a better future.

when we grow up,we wish we could turn back the time.turn back when the first time we larned to crawl or walk.unfortunately,the time we had are not refundable.we have to learn to appreciate our time.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


im falling to pieces

good morning guys.
first of all,i dont finish my hw yet.a lot more hw must be done before this sunday.someone,please help me.i dont even touch my sej hw yet.damn.when im gonna finish all of this hw.i dont have enough time.with tuition and lot more activities must be done this week.gosh,wish could have 34/7 a day.

erm,time fly too fast.i have to go back to my so-called prison this sunday.i didnt have time to enjoy during this school holidays.busy studying for spm.pfft.spm sucks.trying to destroy my teenage life.look at other countries.they still can enjoy not like us cause they dont have this big examination.bhaha.

okay,i started to miss my friends right now.my tgbian friends.usually every morning,we will have our breakfast together and and going to rocall tgthr too.and and going to surau for maghrib and isyak together.now im alone here.eat alone,pray alone and and studying alone.oh,guys.i really miss all of you.

oh oh,i miss ds too.some of you might be wondering what ds right?ds is dewan selera.haha.i miss the food there.it urm so so duh-licious.ayam goreng halia,nasi ayam,ayam paprik,roti canai and the most duh-licious food ever is mushroom soup.argh,im feeling hungry right now.im craving for mushroom soup.ibu,buatkan mushroom soup for wafa eh this breakfast.hee.

okay.gonna off.i have tuition tomorrow.physic and add math.physic start at 10 am till 1 pm.3 hours man.then add math start around 3pm till 5 pm.bye.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

i wont let you go

i will rarely online for this few days.try to finish up my hw first.oh oh,and im busy with tuition too.full day for tomorrow and the next day.sorry.will update more soon.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

we live not according to reason but according to fashion

fashion.i bet every girls,woman love fashion right.i started to fall in love with fashion since form 2.it started when my bestpren forever,hanis introduced me to seventeen magazine.first,i thought that the magazine will be the most boring ,magazine in the world.but im wrong.seventeen magazine is the most tip top magazine it teaches me all about fashion.from 70's fashion to the new era.

during form 3,i usually went to mall for a window shopping so that i can know the new trend in town but now since im studying at a 'prison',i rarely going window shopping.urgh,hate hostel life.few months more.then,BOOM!im free and and i can be a fashion entreprenuer like kak vivy.

okay,so i wanna ask you guys,what is your fave fashion designer?alexander mcqueen or anna sui or karl lagerfeld.you name it.for me,i choose hatta dolmat.he is very uh-mazing fashion designer.i really admire him since he entered the project runway malaysia.although he didnt win it,but i think he is the famous person among the finalist.

i love to watch celebrity who wear his dress.so preetaayy.i wanna meet him and ask him to teach me being a superb fashion designer like him someday.sometimes,i dream about meeting hatta dolmat and work with him.i hope,this could be true.if i want to work with him,i have to make something so that he can pick me.maybe after spm,i will attend fashion classes.maybe.

mummy daddy,please,let my dream come true.please.fashion is my passion.i love fashion more than other things.

Friday, 3 June 2011

nobody has made me feel the way you do

erm,i've literally miss my girlfriends.it's been 3 months i havent met them.guys,i miss you.every night i dream about all of you.about our moment when in form 3.those moments sometimes make me laugh.i wish i could turn back the time to form 3 life.i hate form 4 and 5 life.its sucks.i cant be free here.i've been control by the school rules.when in form 3,im not the type of girl who always obey the rules.i always break the rules.skipping class,cheating in exam,brought phone to school and fought with some girls.yeah,thats me.im a bad person.really bad person.but somehow,when i entered tgb,i've changed a lot.that changes were killing me.

i hope i can meet my girlfriends next week.hope so.finger crossing.save a date guys.we will gonna rock the the world next week.

oh yeah,im going to promote about prelove party by obb.its tomorrow at the obb store.there will be 10 different shopaholics that gonna sell their stuff.oh yeah,dont forget to wear the most awesome dress cause there will be a prize from obb for the best dress.do come and bring your girlfriends along.so this is their website.you can get a lot more info there.

see you there!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

everything happens for a reason

im back guys.miss me?i just got back from tgb last tuesday.sorry for not updating this blog.im kinda lazy.hehe.well,if other government school starts their school hols last saturday but my school starts last tuesday.we have amazing discovery camp.acly the camp is like extra classes.rewind all the form 4 topics.for me,this camp kinda useful.i can learn back all the form 4 topics.

last tuesday we have a bbq night.i only took some food then went back home.my dad pick me up early.he told that nobody will pick me up on wednesday since he have to go to perlis.erm,acly i forgot to say gdbye to my friends.i forgot to hug them.aww,really miss them especially hanie and faqi.i brought a lot of books to home.from buku gemuk to buku kurus.haha.my dad kinda mad at me because he said that if i brought back the book,i still not studying at home.pfft.ayah,i will study la.i already changed.ni bukan wafa yang dulu la.

so last wednesday,went out with ibu and adik to sunway.the aim is to buy a lot lot of shirts and dresses and shoes and bags but i only bought one shirt from cotton on.i wanna buy more frm f21 but my mum said no need cause i already have a lot of shirts.oh,damn.those shirt are so pretty.nevermine,i will go back and buy it with my friends later.then,we went to subang parade since ibu wanted to buy her stuff there.i only bought body shop lotion only there.so total spending is below rm150 only.oh,i will make sure that i will get to buy f21 shirts.

erm,i think i've gained weight already.i have to start dieting.im kinda jealous with skinny people.they can wear anything but still look small and awesome.not like me.i have to find black shirt or dress so that i can look a lil bit skinny.haha.i have to exercise everyday.starting from tomorrow.my aim right now is to lose 10kgs more in just 3 months.yeah you can do it,wafa.

as you can see,i already make some changes to my blog.the sparkling cursor,youtube video and the layout.im kinda bored with old ones.maybe i will make some changes soon.maybe if im not too lazy to do it.