Saturday, 23 October 2010

Everything will be okay,sayang

hey,peeps.time flies too fast right.tup tup,its already saturday n tmrw i have to go back to my 'precious school'.okay,i miss couple-ing.yeah,thats true.its been 8 months being single.sometimes being single make me happy but sometimes make my life fucking bored.just look at my title.i miss someone texting me n said it to me.but nah.i will be single like erm maybe till next year or after gonna wait till college life.yeah.haha.

erm,i need a guy friends that i can share stories with him n i can get useful advices from him.erm,is there anyone willing to be my superb guy friends?okay changed topic.exam will be held next week.yeah,fuck off exam.i hate u.but,honestly i felt really nervous.maybe because its the final examination for this year or maybe because i didnt do well in my past exam n it will effect my png gred.

cant wait for the holidays.but,my parent still not at home yet.they still in mecca.i wanna meet my superb duperb darlings.its been ages since i met with them,share stories n sort of things.i dont miss my form 4 life.i miss my form 3 life.but except the pmr.i hate it.i miss all of us laughing,gossiping,eating at koop n flirting hot guys.yeah,miss it.i wish i can rewind back my form 3 will be amazing.

oh i miss shopping.before this,i always go to shopping mall every weeks n at least i must buy something at the mall.but now,i have to spend my whole life at tgb.n here does not have mall.only have fresco.pathetic.but i must buy seventeen n cleo mag so i didnt get late update bout

okay,gtg n finish up my hw.lot of hw must be submit this monday.starting from bm,math,add math,physic n sej.n i have to start from now or it will not finish.okay.daa.

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