Friday, 17 December 2010

i rather be a clown just to cheer you up


im really sorry cause this past few days i didnt update my blog.i just dont have any mood plus im kinda busy.last wednesday,i went to immigration at shah alam to renew my passport.i thought i only have to bring our ic and old passport but they asked me to bring my birth certificate too.i was angry and i was cursing everytime cause i just want my new passport to be done today since tomorrow my mum plan to buy the school thingy.not finish buying it went back home and cancel our plan for tomorrow and go back to shah alam again.

so on thurday went back to immigration.waiting for my number to be called.wait and wait and wait.then,my mum asked me whether the woman infront of me is intan something la.she said that the woman might be an artist.then,the woman went to the i just watched her,then zap.i was so shock that the woman was hanis zalikha.ooemge.i cant believe it.she is one of my idol.then i said to my mum loudly without notice that her dad was infront of me,"ibu,tu hanis zalikha la,model tu."oh,she's so superb tall and pretty too.i want to take a picture with her but im too shy plus i didnt bring any not gonna use my phone camera cause this phone suck a lot.oh,i hope i'll meet her again and take some pictures with her.

after that,went shopping shopping at new scarves la.then,straight away to home sweet home.haha.balik je,terus tidur cause i slept around 4 am and woke up like around 10am.6 hours meh.not i think i wanna make a video.maybe sharing some tips through the like now,i already made one but erm,i dont want to post it here cause i sound like a gedik girl.canceled it and maybe make a new one next week.kinda busy this week cause i want to finish up my hw by this week.

oh oh atiqah will be going to beijing tomorrow.i will be missing her next one will chat with me no one will make a joke with me.have fun at beijing eh t.dont forget give me souviner.haha.just kidding.

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