Sunday, 26 December 2010

its really hard to keep calm when you're obviously jealous


actually i wanna make a twitter and deactivated my fb account but i couldnt.i just love friends still use fb and so do maybe i will use both of will start less than one week more and i didnt finish up my hw yet.too much hw given.i have to just copying my friends nanti or just stay up till 3 am to complete those hw.

i hate tgb.going back to tgb is like going back to prison.we have to study all the time,warden keep on scolding us,have to do all things by ourself and so much things.and our roomates change and i dont know who will be my new roomates next next year gonna be toughest year ever.will be taking spm.the biggest exam.i have to excel in the spm and percubaan too so i can get spc.hope so.

im thinking that i wanna buy a lomo camera.maybe pop 9 camera.before going back to hostel next week,i have to go to lomo shop and buy one.i still have my raya,it is not so expensive.around rm300 smthg.but before that i have to asked my dad cause he will be mad at me if im gonna buy another camera.

okay,i have to finish up my chemist dad need to print it at his office by tomorrow since my printer broke down.oh oh,ily.

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