Sunday, 19 September 2010

happy bithday hazwani!


happy happy birthday,

happy birthday to u,

you're now 16,

n wlcm to sweet 16 club.

happy birthday hazwani.hope u enjoy ur birthday.miss u.good luck in your upcoming exam.dont forget me.oh oh may all ur wishes come true.see u this u.

love forever n always,

ur superb darling,


life is like a wheel

hey, not feeling good right head keep on reminded me bout upss 2 tmrw.urgh,why we have to take exam?i hate exam.i think exam doesnt give us better result.okay,i just started studying.for 13 days i never touch any book except sej,wafa.u have done a great job.i dont think i will score in upss.but i will try my hard to score it.come on baby,wafa coming to roar u.haha.

okay,i will not update my blog till 14 october.maybe if we have means balik bermalam.okay,damn miss my darlings.i only spent a day with them.not enough okay.guys,i think this november we will hangout everyday but dont forget our study cause next year is the biggest exam ever.

okay let me tell u the schedule of my exam

monday-chemist n bi

tuesday-pai,add math n sej

wednesday-physics,bm n sk

thursday-biology n math

so how do you think?im so so stress okay.okay,this for my girls

hanis;tc of yourself okay.dont forget me,i still love u.u r my bff.dont forget ur study.dont fail in ur exam.good luck in ur exam.send my regards to zulaikha,arina,eleena n to all classmates.oh oh,send my regard to fariz.

atiqah;t,i miss of happy.go n find a bf.haha.goodluck in your exam.will hangout with you the last school holiday.

shazana;damn miss you.dah la lama x jumpa.jumpa pun skali skala.sorry,im tired writting in english.hehe.see u in november babe.kite blaja bwk kereta ye.haha

hazwani;wani,rindu ko jgk.blaja elk2 ye kat seseri.jgn homesick lg.

shazwani;rmh ko awesome.bilik ko superb awesome.nk sleepover rmh ko ye.nnt2 ajk sgt kenangan jumaat tu.goodluck in exam.

syafiq maula;syafiq,sorry x pg sunway.x de sape nk temankan aku.sorry.nnt2 jmpe la ye.ape2 text aku.goodluck.

bye.miss u guys badly.oh oh,darlings will gonna rock the world!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

last raya with friends

hello.hows ur day,guys?having fun today?yeah, let me told you guys bout my awesome day yesterday.we went for raya to our friends house.actually,we start from atiqah house but im coming late due no transport.first,me,t,hanis,zana,hazwani,shaz n ihin went to arina's house.we called her so many times but she didnt answered.then,went to amalina's house.still the same,no answered.

a few mis later,arina sent a text that she just went downstairs but all of us already went to amalina's.then,went back to arina's house.after that went to shazana n watched mr.bean holiday for awhile.then,went to hazwani's house.ate some rendang n serunding.yummy.then,went to adila's house.i saw my brother's car at her house.he's at adila's house too.took some pics n met old friends,siti n raja.

after that,walked to sk agama cause hanis' brother will pick us up n bring us to my house.took some pics for kenangan.haha.then,when we arrived shazwani told us that she want to changed her clothes cause its too hot.ate rendang,puding roti,spaghetti n triffle.after a while,shazwani came n she drove by herself.then,went to shaz's house but hanis want to test her driving,hanis nearly hit a guy.hanis,be careful next time.haha.went to shaz's room.okay,shaz house really awesome n i really adore her room.make a raya video but shazana's didnt let us put the vid on fb.we webcaming till 7 pm.then,we went home.

erm,i thought shaz's house was the last but there's another.hanis called me around 8pm and asked me to get ready to go to zulaikha's house.she said that if we're not going to zulaikha's house,zulaikha will not be friend with us grab baju kurung n iron it.wait for hanis to arrived.then,pick up shaz n off we go to zulaikha's house.then,arrived n ate more.met old friends,ayna n lina.around 10.30pm,went home.

fuhh,we had such quiet fun yesterday.although we were so tired but it will be our last raya to spend with friends this year.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

the boringness of raya

wassup,boyfriends n not feeling sleepy yet although its already late.most of the people here still not sleep yet cause they made a barbeque just now.

erm,raya for this year quiet bored compared to last year.idk why.maybe cause each year we getting older n we have no feeling towards raya.they only want to get duit raya instead of enjoy the true for me,im also had no feeling for this raya at all.maybe cause this year we brought along our laptop n broadband.haha.maybe okay.

for the first day of raya,i've already got rm 550.yeah.rm400 were given by my father's i will keep my money in a safer place or i called it as a my mini bank.i will used my money to buy an iphone wait for me, coming to u.haha.

okay,thats all.its already late.oh,i miss my glamo or known as bantal peluk.haha.i cant sleep without it.nightnight guys.

Friday, 10 September 2010

first day of raya

hey,hey,hey guys.hows ur raya?awesome?how bout me?mine was superb.for this year,we celebrated our raya at penang first then go to perlis.actually,i dont have any raya mood cause i've been thinking of upss2.i dont read a single book yet except sejarah.ohmy,wht shld i do.i have to revise.

ate a little today cause im afraid i will become fat later.ohoh,i also have a stomach ache this morning.thats why i dont have any appetite to eat.erm,rendang ayam basi on the first day of raya.yeah.hooray.n we have to eat rendang ayam from other house.haha.

have our photography session this morning after beraya with parents,uncles n aunties.i already upload on the if u guys want to see it,just check on my fb.i will upload here later.for this post,i will upload one pic only.sorry,guys.

okay,i felt want to sleep right now.gtg.bye.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

happy eid day!

to all my darlings,bloodys,boyfriends,family n whoever read my blog,i just wanna say happy eid guys.i wanna apologize for all my wrong doings before.sorry guys but i didnt mean a hot-tempered person.haha.lets just forgive n forget our your wonderful raya.

oh n to all form 4 tgbians,im so sorry if im acting like an anger woman or arrogant.really sorry.n dont forget bring along your book to revise during raya.upss 2 is coming after raya.dont forget it.batch 10/11 will rock the tgb!yeah.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir N Batin

love forever n always,

waa zullfakher

di hari raya...

hey,ho n hello guys.raya will be on this!can't wait.really cant just now i just clean up my room before going back to hometown.n it nearly took almost 2 so freackin tired.then,pack up my things into luggage cause i will be going to my hometown tmrw morning.i mean after sahur n blast off to again.haha.

as you guys can see the pic above,erm,i really really crave it.i wish my weight is below 45kg so i could eat it a lot.but nah,i have to diet even for raya.

so this evening me,mum,bibik made kerepek gunting n kuih siput.its our first try do it might be not so good as other people but at least it taste really yummy.haha.we made it nearly 1kg of it n my hand really hurt cause gentel2 doh.then around 6pm,asked my brother to send me to bazaar since im craving murtabak singapore.okay,he just know how to drive n he drove like playing a heart like falling down.haha.

okay, mum calling me to pack up my youngest brother's things.bye.

raya is coming!

hey guys,raya will come in just few hows your raya preparations?have you guys done your last minute shopping?have you guys bought kuih raya n baju raya?okay,if yes,thats good n if no then you should buy it today before its too late n there will be no raya for you.

i already bought baju kurungs,shirts but no shoes.still finding for yesterday evening went to sunway with mum to buy my shoes.i searched everywhere,i mean not every shoes at jaspal n charles n keith but none of the shoes that i really adore.most of the shoes are high heels n too expensive.erm,can you guys suggested a shop that have a glamorous shoes.

erm,but im so freacking happy tday cause i've got jaspal's begging my mum for 10 mins.n at last,i got it.haha.erm,but i still need a new shirt from cotton on n forever 21.n i also need a new purse from roxy since my purse kinda old already.oh n a new bag from dorothy perkins maybe or miss selfridge.gosh a lot to buy for raya.mum will not give me to buy all of this things since i already have a lot of it.oh i also forgot that i wanted to buy a converse shoes.erm,how on the earth im gonna earn my money to buy all of this.i wanna use my raya money to buy an iphone perhaps.erm,maybe i could sell something.erm,let me think.okay,done thinking.lets move to another topic.

so this year,i will be going back to penang for raya n then straight away to perlis.i hope i can still get ang paw for raya since im already grown up.going back to penang is what i really dream for.i hope i can eat nasi kandar.the most favourite dish in the world.yeah.oh oh,laksa penang,yummy.cant wait.okay i will be away for raya this thursday till wednesday but i think my dad will bring his laptop n broadband.i hope so.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

the world will be awesome if i become your girlfriend


hey,guys.hows ur ramadhan?is it awesome or superb awesome.erm, so so really sorry for late n lack of update.quite busy lately.gee.

hmm,i kinda miss my old friends.guys,when we're going to hangout n break fast tgother?im still waiting.haha.i wanna meet u guys.okay,so lets go to tgb story.this year is my first year breaking fast at tgb n without my family.quite sad actly but i have arounds here.they always cheer me up.oh,we have bazaar there.nearly everyday i will bought something at bazaar n nearly everyday i spent,i think thats kinda a lot.yes,i love to spend my money on food.thats me.

last merdeka we have an event.n on that event we have to wear kain batik n ate ubi kayu.ya,its true.actly,idk how to wear kain batik n idk what ubi kayu is.haha,wht a shame.but anyways,that event was superbly awesome.with the dikir barat,sajak by bedah,the choir,the fireworks.n really cool.bwp has really done a great job.cheers for them!

okay,i think thats all.i will update frequently as possible.n i will upload activity week pics for the next post just wait guys.
love forever n always,
waa zullfakher