Sunday, 28 November 2010

all life is an experiment


i had just scolded my sis just now.dont what to tell why i scolded now,my siblings hate me for being so mean to them.i get angry with them i will scold them if they touch my things,if they put their things on my table or even play with my cellphone.urgh,i just hate them cause they make noise every single time.

erm,i was wondering why people like this girl.the girl who treat me like trash.the girl who hypocrit.the girl who always told lies and pretend she is the girl from heaven.people seems like her because she intelligent.actually not so intelligent la but she's more intelligent than me.but,she have more negative sides than positive ones.i bet if you guys be her friends,you guys will be me.oh btw,this girl is not from tgb and not from s4.

okay,stop talking craps.erm,idk what to topics for today.erm,let me read newspaper.then,i can get new topics to write here so the stalkers will never ever boring when they stalk my blog.haha.see you guys later.

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