Saturday, 16 October 2010

why i still cant find true love?

hye.sorry for lack updates.i just came back after 4 weeks in hostel or so-called prison.yeah,fucking hell in tday we have kenduri doa selamat for my parents that will perform haj this upcoming so fucking after this i cant call my parents everyday.see,im staying at hostel also cant stay apart with my parents.

idk why i feel like i want to cry each n every time.i dont want my mum left me here n take care of my siblings.i have also beem asked to pay the bills which idk anything bout that n also taking money from bank.thats also idk.hmm,wht gonna happen.

since im the second child in this family i have to take care all the things since my brother will be taking spm this year.okay2,i have to shut off my laptop cause my dad mad at me.bye.

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