Wednesday, 29 December 2010

all i wanna do is to be with you

today went out with darlings.hehe.met them for the last time of this year.really miss them.aww,hope to meet you guys next year smart for your spm,aite.oh oh and we have a talked bout driving licene and working after spm.for shazana,she want to work first.and idk whether want to work or just go to a-level.erm,i wanna have extra money so i can buy clothes with my own money.and of course i will take driving license first.

so i was so weird cause somebody has just give me topup rm10.idk who is the person who so so generous giving me topup.but here,i wanna say,thank thank you so so much.i appreciate that.oh,i hope i can know the person.i dont want to have a debt with you,okay.

oh oh,the title sounds familir right.from the lyrics of high school musical.i know,im childish,but what do i care,zac efron in it.and im in love with him.ngee.

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