Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the tears start to fall down like rain


so its been ages i didnt update my blog.sorry.i didnt have times.erm,exam results.shh.not too shy to tell bout the results cause the results were damn damn damn bad.its my fault.i didnt study well.okay,i started to miss tgb already.yeah,its true.our last day was superb with ida's farewell party.okay,maybe the pics i will upload later.but if u want to see it,just see it at my fb.

last day of schl,we play a lot of things.we play police n thief.pepsi cola la n everything.main police n thief tu smpi penat gla nk last,fadilah's team won n our team lose.we took a lot of pictures.the one that i remembered the most was when we captured picture of ourself jumping.haha.thats so so funny.haha.with the style la,face la.macam tak boleh belah.haha

then malam tu ada inspection.we have to tidy up our room.keep our things in our bag.i was damn tired.and i ate my fried rice around 12.30 am.fuh,gemuk gila lepas tu punya.then,i continue make my course work that have to be sent to teacher by friday or i cant get a for my bm png maa..around 2.30am,i went to bed.

okay,enough here.i have two works to is texting with hfdz n nyet then make my hw.daa.

till then.

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