Saturday, 31 December 2011

blogger buat hal lagi.that's why i'm too lazyy to update.urgh,please.come on.

Friday, 30 December 2011

will update more too lazzyyy.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

i've got this from facebook.hehe.

Apabila seorang perempuan jatuh cinta,lelaki itu tidak semestinya punya segalanya tetapi lelaki itu adalah segalanya di hatinya.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan itu mengalirkan air mata, itu bukan bermakna dia lemah, tetapi dia sedang mencari kekuatan untuk terus tabah menyintai lelaki itu.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan marah, memang dia tidak mampu mengawal perasaannya tapi percayalah, itulah maknanya dia sangat mengambil berat dan menyayangi lelaki itu. Lihat saja pasangan yang baru bercinta, mereka jarang bergaduh. Tetapi percayalah semakin bertambah sayang mereka pada seseorang, semakin pula banyak pertelingkahan yang berlaku.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan bercakap banyak, dia tidak pernah bermaksud untuk membuat anda rimas, tapi dia mahu lelaki mengenalinya dengan lebih dekat.

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata dia mahu anda berubah, itu bukan bermakna dia tidak mahu menerima anda seadanya, tetapi dia mahu menjadikan anda lebih baik, bukan untuk dirinya, tetapi untuk masa depan anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan cemburu dan tidak percayakan anda, bukan bermakna dia tidak sayang..tetapi dia terlalu sayangkan anda dan masih mengangap anda anak kecil yang masih memerlukan sepenuh perhatian. Kadang2 dia terlalu risau sekiranya terlalu percaya, anda akan mengkhianati kepercayaan yang diberi. Naluri keibuannya sangat kuat. Dia hanya mahukan yang terbaik untuk anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan merajuk, jangan kata dia mengada-ngada. Dia bukannya mahu dipujuk dengan wang ringgit atau hadiah sedozen, tetapi cukup dengan perhatian yang boleh buat perempuan rasa dihargai.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan jarang mengatakan ‘i love u’, itu tidak bermaksud dia tidak menyintai tetapi dia mahu lelaki itu merasai sendiri cintanya, bukan hanya hadir dari kata-kata tetapi juga melalui bahasa tubuhnya.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata dia rindu sama kamu, dia benar-benar maksudkannya. Apabila berjauhan, bayanganmu akan sentiasa bermain di mata.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata lelaki lain itu lebih baik dari kamu, jangan percaya kata-katanya kerana dia hanya mahu menguji kamu. Dia mahu melihat sejauh mana kamu sanggup menjadi yang terbaik di matanya. Walaupun sebenarnya memang kamulah yang terbaik di hatinya. Selagi dia dengan kamu, percayalah, walaupun perempuan menganggap masih ramai lagi yang lebih baik di matanya tetapi di hatinya, kamu tetap yang terbaik.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan menjadi degil, dia bukan bermaksud untuk menjadi degil tapi dia mahu melihat sejauh mana lelaki itu mampu bersabar dengan kerenahnya. Percayalah, hati perempuan itu sangat lembut. Andai kena caranya, jangan terkejut kalau akhirnya dia menukar fikirannya dalam masa sesaat.

Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata, “tolong tinggalkan saya!”, dia tidak bermaksud menyuruh anda pergi selamanya. Dia hanya mahu menenangkan fikirannya sebentar saja. Apabila dia kembali tenang, percayalah dia akan mencari anda semula. Itu tandanya dia benar-benar menyintai anda. Perempuan sukar untuk mengawal perasaan. Dia terlalu emosional. Tapi dialah yang paling menyayangi anda dan sangat sensitif dengan perubahan pada diri anda.

Andai lelaki tahu..Sememangnya Allah menciptakan lelaki dan perempuan itu dengan perbezaan yang tersendiri. Tetapi sekiranya mereka saling memahami, mereka akan saling melengkapi dan menyempurnakan . Perempuan itu diciptakan oleh Allah indah sekali. Di sebalik air matanya, tersimpan seribu satu kekuatan yang bakal menjadikan seorang lelaki itu merasa selamat bersamanya.

Biarpun zahirnya perempuan itu tampak lemah tapi dia punya kekuatan tersendiri yang bisa menggoncang dunia dan mungkin bisa pula membuat lelaki menjadi lemah kerananya. Jadi hargailah kehadiran seorang perempuan dalam hidup anda kerana dia didatangkan bukan dengan kelemahan sahaja tetapi dia juga ada kekuatan untuk menyongkong anda dan membuatkan hidup anda lebih sempurna. Dialah yang bakal menjadi perempuan bekerjaya, isteri juga ibu yang terbaik untuk anak2 anda

aiman,serious wafa rindu aiman yang dulu.wafa rindu sgt sgt.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

zahiril adzim

"i will always love you kekasihku/dalam hidupku hanya dirimu satu/i will always need you cintaku/selamanya takkan pernah terganti/ku mau menjadi yang terakhir untukmu/ku mau menjadi mimpi indahmu/cintai aku dengan hatimu/seperti aku mencintaimu/sayangi aku dengan kasihmu/seperti aku menyayangimu/i will be the last for you/and you will be the last for me/i will always love you kekasihku/dalam hidupku hanya dirimu satu/ku mau menjadi yang terakhir untukmu/ku mau menjadi mimpi indahmu/i will be the last for you/and you will be the last for me/i will be the last for you/and you will be the last for me ."

this was what zahiril adzim said to his wife during their wedding reception.zahiril adzim.he's a good actor.i admire him since Kami drama.yeah,i'd been admired him for so many years.i stalk his blog.he is a good writer too.better you guys check out his blog.i love man who has interest with theater.who loves sastera.he always been my fave actor although he had married to shera ayob.yes,he's not single now.he's taken by shera ayob last month.look at those pictures.sweet right.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

dont break your promise,dear.


Maybe some might say distance hurts more than anything in this world.but I think it in a positive way.distance not hurts .act,it just the way you build your relationship woman carries the relationship that make a  man can stay and how man show their consistent love that make a woman stay.when we far from our partner,we will miss him/her.and eventually it will strengthen our relationship.there are a lot of couples out there facing this ummairah nadhirah and zahin brother and his gf.although his gf are far from here,wait not so so far la.just kedah but their relationship still strong till now.they skype sometimes.yeah.we live in technology era,we must use all the technology right.dont waste it.haha.

Women can have many crushes but their hearts belong to one person.their special one.they can wait for their partner to complete his study.they wont fall in love with another me.these are the good women.they want their relationship to be last should appreciate their loved ones. They should also stay connected with their gf.malay often said “jangan main kayu tiga” .so you guys have to play kayu satu only.hahaha.

I write this because I had an experience before.yeah,before this I often said distance hurts.distance sucks and bla bla bla.but as I moved on and think the positive side,it true. distance does not hurt.back then I had a boyfiend.H was his name (not a real name, act).he is a kind man.he treat me like a girl.i like him.then went I entered tgb,everything went wrong.he didn’t contact me like he used to be.then he went missing in action (m.i.a.)I try to called and texted him but no answered at all.i was so frust.he used to say that he wont leave me alone.he will love me forever and ever.he gave me sweet words but all of them are actually fake.i was dumb.i believe him.then during hols,I stalked his ms known as myspace and I found out that he already had a new cried that day.then I promise myself that I will never had any boyfriend during form 4.i want to focus on my study.

Then,during form 5,came a boy.a boy who changed my whole life.he make me laugh make me happy all the time.wait wait not all the time.most of the time la.haha.his name was A.he care for me.he love me.he thought me to get up and forget my past and and move on with my new life.he text me everyday since January or February this year until now.he was so special.he diff from any other guy.he is my one and only boyfriend.i will never late him go.

I just found out that he got an offer for fast track at unikl.he will study abroad next two first,I was proud of him.i proud having a boyfriend who has an intelligent mind,who can study abroad and perhaps can have a good job later.but but I was afraid that I will lose him just like I lose H.i was crying all the time and actually right now im still crying.i don’t want to lose him.he gave me his promises.he will never and ever find another girl other than me.i believe him and I make the same promise to him too.i will never and ever find another boy as my boyfriend.hehe.after getting advices from diff people,I stay positive.i think about his future and my future too.i hope I can get the same country with planning to take inti college or intec and fly to aussie.erm erm,like everyone said,kalau dah jodoh tak kan ke mana.insyaAllah.i believe in that.

So people out there let me say it one more TIME! DISTANCE does not hurt.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

spm was finally over

513,you guys are bapak AWESOME

heyhihello guys.
wassup?yeah SPM OVERR.BOO YEAH!this was the time that i've been waiting for since form 1.act,it was last wednesday.i never thought that time flew too im not a school girl more teachers,no more homeworks,no more wardens and so on.back then,i used to say , "bilalah nak habis spm ni,cepatla habis spm.terseksa sekolah ni ," .now,SPM over and and i miss muh school.

i know most of the people especially my juniors often said school sucks and bla bla bla but someday you guys might say "oh,going to school is AWESOME " .its will say this when you finish your me.spending time with your friends is much more awesome than spending time doing nothing at home.yeah,im bored.nothing to do.i was just online-ing 24/ and sleep.thats all.i've been thinking to start looking for a job.maybe just ioi.

erm right now if i still in tgb,i must be stay up and studying in front of the door.watching people study late night.i kinda miss surau too.serious.every evening i always go to surau and and solat asar there and and dengar tazkirah by badar.oh i miss it.i miss talking with syana,fat,and and my buddies kat surau during maghrib prayer.i miss doing solat hajat every night.i miss my step sister.her hug.i miss my roomate.elia,nad and razin.i miss you guys a lot.and razin,sape nak kejut subuh ni :( .

i miss stalking aiman hakim.miss lepak-ing at blok purple.miss going to exam hall.i miss ds.i miss all the things there.serious.i want to go back to tgb.tgb is not muh prison actually.tgb is muh home.muh second home.i regret calling tgb as muh prison.this is not heart belong to TGB :)

tgb,i miss you.i will see you next year.