Saturday, 27 November 2010

i wish you could be beside me when i need you


i was bored.nothing much happen today.just like usual.woke up,eat,online,took a nap,eat and online again.what a day.i need to get out from this went shopping and all.urgh,mummy,please come home faster.i need to shop right now.

oh oh,i was battling with imsonia again.i really hate it,i wish it can stop before the school starts.i had imsonia years ago.i mean when i was in form 1 or form 2.cant remember.i slept around 3 and woke up around 6 am to go to school.then,when i had a balanced diet,my imsonia stop suddenly.and now its haunting me back.imsonia,please stop haunting me.i need some rest this hols okay.

i've just read dear john book after bought it couples of month ago.haha.i didnt have time to read the book.busy with hw and all of kind of things.but i still didnt manage to get good the book quiet interesting.i already read till chapter 5 right i need to finish reading it by tomorrow so i can know the ending faster.haha.i wish it was a happy ending.i hope guys might be say why i didnt read the last chapter first to know the ending right.erm,im sorry but i dont like it.i like to read from the first till last without lapping any chapters.

okay,i've been reading some of tumblrs these day.and i found it quiet fun when you do a tumblr.erm,but i hate it when i have to discover myself with the new things.i have to know how to post or how to put a song in make me stress somtimes.maybe some other days.i have to learn about it first.

oh,i miss 2009.i wish we could rewind back the time where i have good times with my friends.we were laughing all the everywhere.having a study group before pmr,went to giant.stayback at schl.oh,really miss the moment.the moment of victory and everything.the moment of first getting couple.and broke up a week later.haha.oh please,rewind back the time.haha.i dont want getting older and older.i will taking spm next year,getting to college the year later.then,work and then married then have a children.oh my,why time fly too fast.i still can remember when i was at the age of seven.

so i dreamt of someone during evening tadi.i dreamt he moving near shaz's house.and we went to sunway together.he teach me how to drive.we went for a bike every evening.aww,i wish this could be true.haha.i need someone in my heart right now.haha.opal,faster.i need his ph nmbr.haha.really need it.

erm, brother want to use this lappy to find cheat for his game in psp.urgh,kacau-ing my mood for blogging.later.

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