Thursday, 25 November 2010

dont be worry,he will come back to you again

hey hi hello people,

nothing much happen today.just have been scolded by my granny.urgh,i need her to shut her mouth sometimes so i can relax my mind and do my i dreamt of someone last night.woot woot.haha.i dreamt he was proposing me to be his gf and he brought me to see his parents.aww.haha.

okay,i studied physic today.chapter 3.the second hardest chapter.haha.actually,i hate chapter 3.i hate to calculate the pressure and all kind of things.yeah.thats why i hate physics sometimes.i think i should revise more and need to make a study group with friends.

so my mum just sent a text to me from mecca.she asked me to start tuition with my private tutor this 1st december.oh its a no no.i dont want to start any tuition before my mum get home.yeah,maybe another 2 weeks more, if i dont want any tuition thats mean,i have to start rrevise by my own first okay.lets start buh-bye fb and gonna start my own tuition.haha.

oh since i will not update,erm maybe not updating my blog tomorow,i would like to wish today.i would like to wish happy 16th birthday to naufal or known as opal.have a blast on your birthday and may you enjoy your birthday.haha


natashagideon said...

i want your scarfffffffff! chantik!

wafa said...

i think u shld buy dkt jln tar.
byk scarf cntk2 dkt sana