Friday, 23 April 2010

let me go through

hello.yeah,online again at makmal bitara.x da kerja btul.haha.skip prep cause nthg to do prep nnt.anyways,rmi x pg prep life here make me me happier than before.our friendship makin rpt n we like hardly to be apart with each other mna2 mesti melekat pnya la.dri breakfast ke prep smua.n someties ptg2 kn maggie sama2.talk2 smpi pagi la.

erm,this upcoming labour day,i will going back home by bus.yeah,for the first time.but,bus x brhti kat pudu like usually but brhnti at bkt thats really2 near my house la.everybody here busy opening their blog,listening to music la,open ms,fb la.

oh,supper tday eat sosej.erm,i dnt like to eat sosej.beli cafe la l ni.haha.ohmy,i will gin weight again.lunch tdi pun mkn byk cause mkn nasi tomato.erm,going to jog la after this but kene tgk weather dlu la cause kat sini always hujan je.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

let our wish come true

hey, onlining at makmal bitara right now.pack of people here.yeah,next week im going back totally happy right now.oh,i forgot to say that i just finshed my exam.maybe i will got b for bio and sej.i want to get straight a's for all subject but i cant do it.maybe next time i will try harder to get straight a's.wish for my luck.

so today me,jah,fadhil,aca,nad n aliah ate maggie.balas dendam balik cause 2 mggu x mkn.n tday i plan to go to cafe.erm,x menjadilah dietku.yeah,i gain weight this month.i want to diet for bout a month but it seems my plan not work.mcm ada syaitan je kat tepi suruh jgn diet.haha

ohmy,tmrw i've got quite shy to present to my classmates.but i've to try to stand up in front of people cause someday maybe la i might be a ldp ke.haha.berangan terlebih oral is bout mother's wish me luck guys.

i dont know wht to write more.maybe next time plk la i update blog.oh,zaf.ur so so cute in the project that u made with kak nana tu.dress semua cntk la.jealous.haha.zaf,i've got smthg for u but i already gave it to makngah.hope u like it.this is her pic.

aint she look so cute?

Saturday, 17 April 2010


yeah, 100th post.haha.pttnya lama dh but im busy plus staying hostel ni ssh nk update blog,right.nthg much to say.i better get on study.oh,zaf.i've got smthg for u.nnt srh makngah pass kan.bye guys.

Friday, 16 April 2010

finally the worlds start to spin

yeah,guys.finally im back again but only for 3 days je.this sunday kene balik dah.hmm,i think i cant update like usual.i kinda busy revising for my upcoming upss 1 that will be held this monday.wish me luck guys.hope i get 3.5 pointer ke ats so i can easily be chosen as ldp or bwp ke.hope so.cant wait this sunday to meet my friends at schl nnt.i really miss them so much,miss the schl,the teachers,the class.everything la.wait for me guys.