Wednesday, 8 September 2010

raya is coming!

hey guys,raya will come in just few hows your raya preparations?have you guys done your last minute shopping?have you guys bought kuih raya n baju raya?okay,if yes,thats good n if no then you should buy it today before its too late n there will be no raya for you.

i already bought baju kurungs,shirts but no shoes.still finding for yesterday evening went to sunway with mum to buy my shoes.i searched everywhere,i mean not every shoes at jaspal n charles n keith but none of the shoes that i really adore.most of the shoes are high heels n too expensive.erm,can you guys suggested a shop that have a glamorous shoes.

erm,but im so freacking happy tday cause i've got jaspal's begging my mum for 10 mins.n at last,i got it.haha.erm,but i still need a new shirt from cotton on n forever 21.n i also need a new purse from roxy since my purse kinda old already.oh n a new bag from dorothy perkins maybe or miss selfridge.gosh a lot to buy for raya.mum will not give me to buy all of this things since i already have a lot of it.oh i also forgot that i wanted to buy a converse shoes.erm,how on the earth im gonna earn my money to buy all of this.i wanna use my raya money to buy an iphone perhaps.erm,maybe i could sell something.erm,let me think.okay,done thinking.lets move to another topic.

so this year,i will be going back to penang for raya n then straight away to perlis.i hope i can still get ang paw for raya since im already grown up.going back to penang is what i really dream for.i hope i can eat nasi kandar.the most favourite dish in the world.yeah.oh oh,laksa penang,yummy.cant wait.okay i will be away for raya this thursday till wednesday but i think my dad will bring his laptop n broadband.i hope so.

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