Sunday, 24 October 2010

a loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge

hey,guys.i will be going back in less than 1 hour.urgh,hate tgb.bye2 guys.see u next 3 weeks.n then,i will be online everyday.muahahaha.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Everything will be okay,sayang

hey,peeps.time flies too fast right.tup tup,its already saturday n tmrw i have to go back to my 'precious school'.okay,i miss couple-ing.yeah,thats true.its been 8 months being single.sometimes being single make me happy but sometimes make my life fucking bored.just look at my title.i miss someone texting me n said it to me.but nah.i will be single like erm maybe till next year or after gonna wait till college life.yeah.haha.

erm,i need a guy friends that i can share stories with him n i can get useful advices from him.erm,is there anyone willing to be my superb guy friends?okay changed topic.exam will be held next week.yeah,fuck off exam.i hate u.but,honestly i felt really nervous.maybe because its the final examination for this year or maybe because i didnt do well in my past exam n it will effect my png gred.

cant wait for the holidays.but,my parent still not at home yet.they still in mecca.i wanna meet my superb duperb darlings.its been ages since i met with them,share stories n sort of things.i dont miss my form 4 life.i miss my form 3 life.but except the pmr.i hate it.i miss all of us laughing,gossiping,eating at koop n flirting hot guys.yeah,miss it.i wish i can rewind back my form 3 will be amazing.

oh i miss shopping.before this,i always go to shopping mall every weeks n at least i must buy something at the mall.but now,i have to spend my whole life at tgb.n here does not have mall.only have fresco.pathetic.but i must buy seventeen n cleo mag so i didnt get late update bout

okay,gtg n finish up my hw.lot of hw must be submit this monday.starting from bm,math,add math,physic n sej.n i have to start from now or it will not finish.okay.daa.

Friday, 22 October 2010

one is very crazy when in love

woo woo are you today?so i just got back from hostel.we have bb this week.basically,i dont wanna go home this week cause i've just got home last week.but,i have to look after my siblings parents already went off to mecca last as the eldest sister in this family,i have to take care of my siblings while my parents perform hajj.

so now i would to tell you bout an awful experience i have during melaka maju 2010.mrsm tgb have been invited by erm,okay i dont know who invited us actually to melaka maju at stadium hang jebat last wednesday.we have to gather around at dc bout friends n i were among the earliest people to arrived there.then sab gave us paper that have bus number n she let us choose ourself a bus.we want to wait for another bus since the other bus quite erm ugly.waited n waited n waited then a bus came.n oh my god,i bet u must be laughing at me.we got a ting tong ugly,horrible n nasty we exchanged bus 3 with bus 4.then people who supposed to be in bus 3 mad at us n we actually fought.hafid make it clear.he said we have to be fair n square.

then,the journey began.went to mosque first to perform maghrib prayer.then off to stadium hang jebat.n shitness happen.the were so many people heading to stadium hang jebat n we were trapped o the road for almost 4 hours.we waisted our time just like that.then,arrived at stadium on 10.30 pm.we thought it have carnivals n have a lot of food,but food at all.only few still sell food n others already finish.n i was like wtf!i waisted my time here,no food here n the only i got is hungry n anger.shit.

told teacher.teacher asked us to find our bus so we went to the end of the road to searched for bus but the bus were tired n hungry.then haziq aiman came n told us that teacher waited us at the stadium.teacher decided to bring us to a restaurant.we were all happy n excited.arrived at subaidah restaurant around 12.30am.ate maggi goreng mamak n sirup limau.then,went back to maktab n arrive at maktab around 2.30am.change clothes,perform isyak prayer n went to sleep.ahh,finally.hehe.

thats all.a lot of things wanna write but too lazy.till then.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

i cant stop thinking you

oh god,my life so miserable right now.i cant do my hw.i keep on thinking bout how my life will gonna be when my parents perform hajj.i keep on crying crying n crying.cant stop.i really hate phone calls everyday,no more asked my mum to come n visit me at more asking for help for karangan.

oh crap,i still cant stop crying.i bet you guys might say,'oh pg haji 2 bulan je.rilex la.bkn setahun.but for me 2 months like 2000 years.waiting for my mum to come back n to hug n kiss her.oh gonna miss them.after this i have to call home everyday to make sure everyone is worried bout my do they want to take care of themselves.i really worried.

leaving someone that you love really really much is hard.way to hard than spm,i think.but i have to be strong.really strong.i have friends around me.i bet they can make me smile everyday.oh Allah,take good care of my parents in mecca.i really love them.hope that they can get haji yg mabrur.

erm,miss my babes,bloodys n old friends from sbu.i finally uploaded pictures of me n my friends from sbu just check it out on my fb yaw.okay.gonna off.toots.

oh oh,happy birthday amalina bt sulaiman.finally u sweet 16.may God bless u.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

why i still cant find true love?

hye.sorry for lack updates.i just came back after 4 weeks in hostel or so-called prison.yeah,fucking hell in tday we have kenduri doa selamat for my parents that will perform haj this upcoming so fucking after this i cant call my parents everyday.see,im staying at hostel also cant stay apart with my parents.

idk why i feel like i want to cry each n every time.i dont want my mum left me here n take care of my siblings.i have also beem asked to pay the bills which idk anything bout that n also taking money from bank.thats also idk.hmm,wht gonna happen.

since im the second child in this family i have to take care all the things since my brother will be taking spm this year.okay2,i have to shut off my laptop cause my dad mad at me.bye.