Thursday, 24 March 2011


just a quick post since its nearly 10.30 i would like to congrats to all the guys have done a great job.well done.erm,so yesterday went out early since hea asked us to meet our beloved last year batch to asked their recipe in achieving good results in spm.

im too lazy to ask anyone since im too hungry that time.hehe.erm just got news from my friends only bout the tgb tgb got 2nd place frm all the mrsm.pc was first.and and we got THIRD in malaysia.pc first,saser second.our gps also really really good.we got 0.914.i think so.and and pc got 0.82 smthg.oh oh,we will beat you pc this year.

and and 8 people got staright a+ and and 250 people got straight a' right.erm,congrats again.batch 09/10 is the superb power batch.this is the best spm results after 4 years.and maybe this year we will be the best too.insyaallah.pray for my batch,aite.

to all form 5 batch 10/11,you have to work really really hard to beat form 5 last year results.we have to beat pc,we have to get no 1 in mrsm and malaysia.chaiyok chaiyok!i know our results are not so good for sem 2 and upss 1 exam,but but we have a lot of exam do your best,TGBians.we might have lost the war last year but the battle will NEVER AND EVER end.
remember our tgb motto guys,WE WILL STRIVE FOR INFINITE EXCELLENCE!

lets rock the trial mara and and SPM!let make all of our teachers proud of us like last year batch.let make a new history that new generations will remember.lets rock our future.lets rock,TGBIANS!now,im proud to be a tgbians although i hate that school very very much.

oh oh,and again,CONGRATS to all who obtain straight a+ and and straight a's guys are our hero now.muah.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

goodbye is the hardest word to say


im going back to jasin in just few more hours.oh,mummy.i dont want to go back to jasin.i wanna stay here.i wanna study at seksyen 4.please please please.

erm,goodbye guys.maybe i will not blogging in one month.dont miss me.muah muah.

domo domo domo

birthday wishlist


i already promise with you guys that i wanna post about my birthday wishlist, erm my birthday will be n a few days more.wait wait,8 days,so fast maa.and and i will be 17 in just 8 days.yahhoo!so why im happy being a 17 y/o teenage girl?spm?no no,absolutely happy because this year i can get a driving liscene already.yeah yeah.

okay,sorry for the intro.too excited,maybe.erm,im gonna write as fast as i can cause im going back to mah here are some of my wish that i want want really really want for my birthday.hope i can get all of it.but if i can get it,erm year kan ada.hehe.

the new lady collection,swatch.ayah,please buy this for me.

macarons.ibu,i want this this.

polaroid camera.ow,i've been wanting this since last year

domo and sneakers.wish someone can give me big domo.

owl necklace

top from dorothy perkins

oxford flat,oh freaking gorgeous

singapore pictures :)

so here are some of the singapore pictures.hope you guys enjoy sorry im too lazy to arrange the pictures.hehe.sorry.

spm results

to all who will take their spm results this upcoming 23rd march especially to batch 09/10 tgbians and faris and and hafidz

hope you guys gonna get straight a+ for your spm.hehe.amin.

im not a wonderwoman or superwoman

heyhihello people,
okay based on the title above,yes and superbly yes im not a wonderwoman or superwoman.i cant fly and i dont have a great increadible super power.i dont have the strength to help people.and and the most important thing is i dont wear spander outside like just an ordinary girl who trying to catch her dream to be a biotechnologist one day.

but but i think i already failed to catch my dream.i didnt succeed in my exam.i like to play all the time.i didnt focus on my study.why why?maybe i think we have more time to enjoy before spm.we can study a month before spm like what i did for pmr.but wafa,you have to remember,time fly too fast like a have to appreciate the time that you get.time is like gold.

wafa,do you remember what puan hajah said to you during academic day?she said if you want to succeed whether in any subjects,you have to manage your time playing in the class or wtv.when you do this way,you can get can get 4 flat like uwais and can get a+ for your chemisrty babe.and and your parents will proud of you too wafa.

afetr this i will be more focus in the chit chatting with friends.less sleeping in the class.i want to catch my one and only dream.a dream to further study at australia or maybe uk and and to be a biotechnologist.insyaallah.if people can change,i can change too.

guys,this post is just a motivational post for me before going back to tgb so i can motivate myself to be a better person and and keep on studying.hehe

Thursday, 17 March 2011

every morning when i wake up,i think about you

heyhihello people,

hows your holidays?great?mine was not so awesome.singapore was damn boring.i cant buy anything there.all of the things there are too expensive.i only bought some souveniers for my friends.argh,i dont want to go to singapore again.

so erm universal studio.i bet you guys might be thinking that universal studio is the best and awesome place ever.for me,uss is like shit.there are only a few fun activities can be done there.i can count on how many roller coaster they have.i only rode one roller coaster only.the mummy roller coaster.then,it was raining the whole day.we have to bought the plastic raincoat.had our lunch at oasis.and and i lost my camera cover at oasis.oh,this is bullshit.went back to hotel around 7.30 pm.

i think movie world,aussie a lot lot more fun than universal studio.i suggest to all of you not to go to universal studio.its better to go to movie world or disneyland hong kong.will be upload the pictures trying to finish up my homeworks first.

Monday, 14 March 2011

you still the one that i want

hmm,im so jealous with other people i just blogwalking and found this girl's blog.erm,her boyfie just send a sweet text to her.aww,i wish i could have the sweet text.haha.aww,maybe she got a romantic boyfie.
wafa,stop daydreaming have to stop being jealousy to others okay.

erm,im all alone in this room.everybody already sleeping.and me?im still chit chatting.haha.i dont know whether i can woke up early or not.pfft.oh gad,i left my rm100 in the locker.shitto.i dont have enough money to shop tomorrow.mummy daddy,can you guys sponsor me just rm100.please.i need to buy a wayfarer.


singapore singapore

i finally arrived at jb yesterday.woot yesterday we got free meals.went to aunty liza's house and she serve lunch for us then went to uncle lan's house and he served our dont need to spend our money yesterday.hehe

urm,so today is 14th march and its zaf's birthday today!happy happy birthday zaf!may all your dreams come true.and and and enjoy your birthday at singapore babeyh.hehe.

oh oh,cant wait to go to singapore today.hehe.universal studio,wait for me eh.i hope universal studio will be awesome than movie world.hope so.yeah yeah.oh wait,im hungry right now.i want to find some food.mummy,im hungry.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

fashion is the passion

hows your holiday guys?is it fun?mine was boring.but but maybe tomorrow will be awesome cause my family and i will go to jb and and singapore babeyh.hehe.erm,actly i didnt pack anything too lazy to pack.

oh oh,my birthday is just few weeks more.cant wait.really.i hope i can get what i wish for my upcoming birthday.and and and i hope this is the best and the awesome birthday i ever had.maybe for the next next post i will post about my birthday list.hehe.

erm erm,now i already change my hijab style.i style my hijab like like hana she's my idol.hehe.i need to buy lots lots and lots of pashmina.mummy daddy,i need some money to buy pashmina.please.hehe.

okay okay,i gtg now.i have to pack my things.bye.happy hols.

you make my day feeling good like ntv7

im back.hehe.oh,i miss my home.hehe.a month in tgb is like a nightmare for me.i cant stand staying there anymore.lots of activities and exams over,even sem and ujian tara after this,i can focus on my spm.get good results for next upss,i dont want to talk bout my exams will make my mood just dont ask me bout my results okay.

so today is my eldest brother's birthday.happy birthday,faris.may all your wish come true.and and moga jodoh hang dgn anis berpanjangan eh.haha.

hmm,this whole week,i have to start studying.i already ask my mum to search for private tutor for me so i can have tuition this whole week.i want to improve my results.i wanna get straight a+ for trial mara and spm.i have to cut down my online hours.i will only online for 2 hours per day only.not more than that.and and i have to study 4 hours per day.

oh oh,i was so happy mum bought me a set of body lotion and shower gel from crabtree and evelyn.thx mum.i really love that.and and she also gave a body lotion from body shop to me.oh oh,i really need body lotion since my skin quite dry.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

a walk to remeber

just a quick post.the title has nothing to do with this post exams are over and i already got some marks.ohmaigod,i got c for my math.shit.

okay,gtg.oh oh,i cant wait to be month from now.