Sunday, 21 March 2010

love is not meant to be playing

so yeah,tday is the day i will going back to hostel.acly,i dont want to go back,i want to stay at home n online eveeryday.but,nah.erm,but sometimes i miss the schl,friends,teachers too.haha.

okay,i didnt pack anything yet right mum will be mad at me.haha.oh,yg formspring tnya knal nina x.sorry,now i bru igt nina yg mana satu.nina sbu tu kan.i thought nina sks1.sorry.eyesha tu plk aishah ank umi kan.sorry,baru thu jgk.n sorry eyesha,i dont have any facebook.

thats all for now.see u guys next hols.

come on,baby and kiss my formspring

nobody can make me smile again except you sorry for not updating my blog quite some too busy to finish up my hw.yeah,theres a lot of hw to be done n im doing it last minute cause before this malas nak right now kelam kabut dah.haha.

yeah,a lot of activities this week n im too lazy to write it.i just write bout yesterday n tday only,okay.sorry.oh,n the photo kat sunway tu sorry i've no time to put it yet.theres a lot of it.


went to my cousin's house to celebrate zaf's n faris' means that birthday party but only family2 je la yang there are so many food.ada pizza,kfc and even mcd too.maknanya,hmpr lengkap mknn fast food.haha.then sang happy birthday song n emi is playing musical instrument apa ntah while his friend is playing the combination sgt power n sedap didengar.then,ate cake.then lepak,tgk pics derong at sabah then balik.ohoh,zaf.sorry that shoes x muat.nnt suruh makngah tukarkan.resit dah jumpa.n thank you so much for the bag n gelang pink tu.thank you.i really love that.zaf,dont forget cakap dkt makcik lela thank you too.haha


went to klgcc today since the swimming pool n bowling area dh bukak.enter je klgcc tu i was like,wow.dh cantik gila la.all the things there really new.the swimming pool really cool n like 7 star hotel.the bowling area like superb cool.lain dari yang lain.theres a bowling for kid ada token2 semua kid boleh main kat situ n x payah nak main tempat orang besar.took some pictures here and there.then went to surau n,really beautiful.kalah 5 star hotel.haha.after that,went to the restaurant.i ordered chicken picatta.the food was nice.the service too but maybe my dad ni pelanggan tetap kat sini so dia layan pun baik punya la.haha.then balik rumah n start online.

thats all.erm,i dont even pack anything yet.too lazy to pack.haha.macam nak duduk rumah je all the time n malas nak balik me.haha.oh,to tasha.sorry wafa x dpt reply ur msg cause im out of credit.oh,happy balik asrama to u bull,tgk la ko bila aku jmpa ko esk.haha.suka buli all my friends,goodluck n tc.i will be back again for anugerah cemerlang,maybe.or i will be back again this 1st may.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

fatin hanani adnan



hey,so this is fatin hanani.she's my old friend n i already told u guys bout her on my previous post.she's a novelist n maybe she will be at pesta buku u guys can meet her there.i told my mum that i found fatin using formspring n my mum became excited.haha.maybe dah lama x jumpa fatin n her family.haha.

so fatin,hope u success in ur life and in your part time job.haha.n insyaallah,i will buy ur book but sorry idk whts the title n ur pena name.haha.cant wait to meet u again.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

man,u look nerd but..

hey,bitch!you are really idiot fucking man!i regret texting and calling i know who you really my friends said,maybe we're not meant to be together.n thats because of u, are trying to use me,right.just wait and see what will happen to you next.u look nerd but u smoke,right.

where are you,bull?

weyh bull.aku tguu ko lama gila ni.bila mu nak add gua.sudah lupa ka?haha.sorry.boring punya pasal.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

where are you going now tday nothing much happen just once kot.tday lepak rumah n tried to finish my hw.yeah,now my math hw finish n there's 8 to go.haha.i love to do my hw last minute.pastu nanti akan kelam kabut la.haha.

so this evening i open up my formspring n tried to search for my old friend,fatin hanani.guess wht.i found her.arghh!finally,right.its been ages i never see,hear or listen anything about her.n im so excited,really we chat at formspring.ask itu la ini la.maklumla dah lama x she is a,great right.she's still 16 n became novelis already.erm,i hope we can meet each other some day right.


i really miss u n hope we can meet before schl starts or maybe this upcoming long break.hope so.

currently waiting for bull to add me on ms.okay,gtg to finish up my hw.

i wont dissapointed you again

waiting for you like waiting for the moon to fall down.

please give some responds.i need the answers.

Monday, 15 March 2010

now i know who you really are

hey,darlings.yeah,tday quite fun n tiring day too.went to sunway around 11am by shazwani's mom.then arrived there,shazwani window shopping at dorothy perkins jap.after that,shazwani asked me and t to go and checked on the ice skating prices.n they go somewhere else.

then,asked t to accompany me to cotton on to buy something for my cousin.but bila fikir balik,kejap lagi baru beli since nak main skate dulu.after that,check price smua n naik atas balik tunngu derong.after they arrived,nampak macam sorok2 something dari belakang.n suddenly hanis saidthis for u,wafa.happy birthday!.they gave me cupcakes from cupcake chic for my upcoming birthday.thank you so much guys.u guys such a wonderful friends.

then,turun utk main skate.this is the first time so all of us macam rusa masuk kampung la.haha.n pakai kasut skate pun macam tah apa2.x betul masuk je ice ring tu,x boleh jalan langsung.memang cuak gila la.haha.pegang handle tu x boleh lepas sampai satu round.haha.n hanis n i screaming like hell.macam jumpa hantu.haha.

lepas satu round,keluar then masuk balik.but time tu,the penjaga wont let us enter cause we're not tighten up our duduk jap,ikat kasut.but that time,there's one guy watching at us n laughing at us cause we dont know how to tighten our shoes.haha.second round ni macam berani sikit la.dah pandai sikit but still jatuh banyak kali jugak.memang nak tergelak pun ada jgk n malu pun ada jgk.haha.but,alhamdulillah,there's a lot of people help us.thank you,guys.

then,jumpa balik guy yang gelak kat kiteorg tu kat ice ring.he said that we dont know how to ikat our he said nanti keluar dia ajarkan.then,kluar je jumpa dia n he teach us how to ikat.thank u.u so kind.really kind.then,sambung balik.jatuh lagi.but this time jatuh,hanis n t.haha.memang baik punya jatuh.haha.

then jumpa baim with his gf.try to call him but his gf seems hate it n siap jeling2 lagi.then,bila dah penat stop.n habis basah lencun kiteorg cause jatuh banyak kali.n our butt still hurt.ouch,really hurt.then,hanis n i went to cotton on first cause t,shaz n farihin still at the ice skating.bought shoes for zaf,bought legging for me.haha.masuk cotton on je mesti beli.x sah kalau x beli.haha.

then went to forever 21 to find hanis'clothes n find my hat for emc.erm,want to buy it but its really expensive.x berbaloi cause im wearing tudung n lepas ni nak bagi sapa right.haha.then went to billabong to buy new bag for me.then balik.lepak rumah hais sampai la pukul 8 baru balik rumah.haha.

thats all.acly,banyak lagi but malas nak cerita cause its too cause the camerawoman is just wait for her.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

i dont know how to express my feelings

why our relationship couldnt be like this?

i try to forget you but i cant

hello!tday quite fun.gelak macam nak pecah perut went giant with darling t n hanis.they arrived first n im the last one.haha.first masuk giant n try to find them but x went to my to buy topup.then,t call said they already at bila nampak derong je,gelak2 cause hanis bye2 to me but i cant see her.haha.

so derong kasi mjlh sklh n belek2 kjp.but last year pnya majalah x best compared to last 2 years.haha.then,makan2 semua n naik tingkat ats jap jumpa adk hanis cause nak bg tau yang we all will walk home.then,went out n nak lepak rumah farihin jap.but suddenly hujan turun.

but still okay n x lebat lagi.bila dah nak dekat sampai kedai workshop,there's a car honk at us from behindn in that car there's two men.n the car stop in front of apa lagi.hanis cabut dulu n she scream at us and asked us to run save our cabut gila la.lari lintang pukang macam kene kejar anjing.time tu pulak hujan lebat n hanis wearing high heels.ish2 hanis,i've already told u before,jangan pakai high heel.

so orang kerja giant tu siap gelak2 lagi cause lari macam tah apa2.then masuk giant terus pergi toilet cause basah kuyup.pastu atiqah siap buat lawak lagi cakap if orang tu nak tanya jalan macam mana.pastu tengok kita dah lari dah.x sempat dia nak tanya jalan.n when we think back,betul jugak gelak besar gila dalam toilet tu.semua orang we decided to go back with hanis' balik rumah hanis n lepak2.

thats all.haha.yeah,esk pg sunway!cant wait.haha.oh, someone,i really cabt forget u eventhough most of my friends asked to do it.i really cant cause i started to fall in love with mean more than the world may ever know!

can you please be serious

i really am sorry n i hope u can change back to old u.

hey,just wanna to express my feelings to this guy.erm,first he want a serious relationship but i refused it cause e just know each other.but then,he make me like a toy.mainkan perasaan,he dont want to text me or pickup my call.idk why he acted like there something wrong that i've done to u until u become mad like this?

can u tell me wht the problem we can solve it faster.jangan la pendam je dalam hati tu.why suddenly u change?i nak u yang dulu.dulu u lain sangat but skrang u dah berubah.please tell me why u change?

if u still keep on doing like this,just delete my ph no n i will delete urs after this,i will not disturb u anymore n hidup u bebas.seriously,i started to fall in love with u but suddenly u jadi mcm ni n i macam meluat gila dengan u.

happy birthday,zaf!

zafirah,14 march 97

happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to zafirah,
happy birthday to u.

to my cousin,zaf,happy birthday to u.may all ur wish come true.
u r now officially 13 years old.
hope u enjoy ur birthday.
present?i will not forget wht u want for ur present.haha
sorry cause i took ur pic at ur blog.

love u!
u r the best cousin.haha

love forever n always,

the end of the day

hey,like i said before i will tell u guys bout yesterday, lets begin.haha.about 5.30pm,my dad asked me to get ready to go to subang parade.i thought just jalan2 je cause i complained to my dad that im so bored n i need to hangout sometimes.baru balik dah nak hangout.haha.

so arrived there n went to parkson first.the aim is to buy long sleeve t-shirt for me that i will be use it at tgb nnt.then,ibu wanted to buy some makeups at bobbi brown.ibu showed me some makeups but i said its too young for her if she buy that.but the promoter scold me n said "u shouldnt said like that to ur mother.ur mother still young.puan,u just ignore what ur daughter said.she's still young and she doesnt know anything."wtf!u think i dont know bout makeup?go to hell la u want my mum to be like a clown?do u?if u want to sell ur products,so dont talk like that.or anyone doesnt want to buy ur product.

okay,move on.then,turun bawah n ayah brought me to fotokem.haha.dalam hati tengah melompat-lompat kot2 ayah belikan slr camera.n ayah talked to orang jual tu asked which one is more better,canon 1000d,nikon d3000 or lepas bincang semua,ayah bought me an olympus slr camera.yeah,finally kan.haha.the camera quite expensive,lebih bajet.bajet patutnya rm2500 je but lebih pulak.nvm,asalkan not using my money.haha.thx,ayah for this wonderful the next target is handphone!so pujuk ayah lagi next time.i bet my elder brother will be mad at me because i've got anything i want.hahaha.sorry,faris.

erm,faris asked me to buy a mp3 for him but i also want to buy one.haha.mengada-ngada betul we make a deal.all of my siblings kene sumbang rm20 for each of everyone each person got rm100 from siblings je.dah cukup beli mp3.haha

erm,cant wait to see my brother.he's at sarawak right now.cant wait to celebrate his birthday.erm,i think makan dekat tgi friday or tony roma's ke.but must get approval from ayah dulu la.cause dia yang akan mengeluarkan duitnya.haha.erm,ajak ayah pergi ou celebrate la.dapat shopping skali kan.haha.

okay,thats all for no.nak get ready jumpa darlings kejap lagi.bye.

i really fall in love with you

hello, okay today was the best day ever.the next post i will tell u more.

cant wait for tmrw to lepak with my friends kat giant.haha.i bet u guys must be questioning in your head why asyik lepak giant,aladin,giant,aladin.x de tempat lain lagi ke.sorry,we love that place.that place had so many amazing incredible moments that hardly to forget.haha.but tmrw only just few of my friends came.yang lain balik kampung including shazana.its been so long x jumpa shazana.hope i can meet her this week before school starts again.

erm,there's a lot of hw to be done.i better get on and finish,bye guys.wait for my next post to hear my good news.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

happy birthday,faris!

he's wearing pink shirt
12 march 93

oh,i really forgot to post bout my brother's birthday.sorry,faris.happy belated birthday to u.u r such a great brother.hope u got straight a's in ur spm this year.belajar betul2,jangan asyik focus on rugby je.hope ur relationship with tasha last long.haha.

is this the way you treat me

afternoon,guys.i really hate him now.layan orang macam sampah je.bila bosan baru text,bila dah huhahuha dgn kawan malas pulak.i hate when someone do that to me.rasa dipergunakan.if malas nak layan,just delete my number,okay n i will delete urs too.

okay,move on.erm,spm!ya,congrats to the straight a's.let me tell u guys bout our schl spm ustaz told us,there were 439 candidates n 191 got straight a's.isnt that good?haha.n 9 of them got straight a+.congrtats.n we managed to beat PC(pengkalan chepa).we got 2nd from all of mrsm.n the first was taiping.urgh,now we have to beat taiping again.hope spm 10/11 got no 1 in malaysia.amin.

so last week,i think la.our ex-senior came to tgb to gave some recipe of his success.his name is abg zamir.he got scholarship to uk from yang dipertuan,he's really good.he teach us to be a better person if we want to sucess in our life.n last tuesday,he came again to gave speech bout to do the scientific investigation n all i know how to do that kind of investigation.haha.

okay,idk wht to write more.tadi dah ingat nak tulis apa but then lupa plk.nnt bila igt balik,i write more,ya.

Friday, 12 March 2010

dont you know that you hurt my feelings

well,hello finally back after being at tgb for almost 2,i start to fall in love with tgb.haha.the schl was great,friends always make me happy,classmate was superb cool,the teachers are incredible n the seniors are cool.overall i gave 5 stars to the schl but the infrastucture i gave 3 stars only.haha.

okay,i miss my friends a lot.rindu dengar gossip,lepak dengan korang.wish we can hangout this holiday cause next holiday everyone going on a vacation,right.haha.but,this holiday gonna be a tiring holiday cause there's a lot of hw to be done n i think i want to fast this holiday.malas nak puasa kat sklh.haha.n at here i think i became fatter n fatter cause sometimes during supper i will go to cafe n bought either burger or fried rice with fried chicken.gemuk gile la n makan malam2 pulak tu.n lepas makan,tido pulak.

my birthday is coming.haha.there's 16 days left.i will be celebrating my birthday at tgb.oh my,first time sambut woitout family.but i hope my family come on that day n bring cake n some pizza so i can celebrate with my friends.erm,i want new phone for my birthday.hope my dad buy for me.haha.please,ayah!buy one phone for me.n for my mum,i think im gonna ask her to buya new watch for me since the old one macam nak tercabut dah.n my adik2 semua,i will ask them to buy new paris hilton's bag for me.please,guys.i really need new handbag.haha.or maybe u guys should buy new clothes at jaspal or juicy couture or armani exchange ke.haha,desperate nak hadiah.

oh, someone.if u r really interested with me,buatla cara yang betul.why suddenly perangai u dah berubah?is there's anything wrong.or maybe its my fault.if i do something that can hurt ur feelings,i really am sorry.n dont play with girls feeling.they're very sensitive with that.n please remember this,dont broke girl heart again.