Friday, 26 November 2010

thats the way i loved you


erm,kinda finding some songs for my blog.quiet boring with this one.haha.i didnt do my hw yet.maybe i just text my mum and guess what,im going to bandung again this dont have to buy any clothes in malaysia my money.hehe.okay,i text again and i said that i need new schoolbag and pencil case for next year since next year will be my last year of they said that i have to find money by my self to get nw ones.aww,i really need it.haha.

fine then,i will earn some money by myself.haha.okay,i need new phone.whether iphone or blackberry.but,i want it by this year.not next year.i already have rm900++ so i need a little bit more.then,i will have new ph.haha.good ones.

oh,i miss westlife,backstreet boys and Nsync.oh god,can all of them come to malaysia and make a concert will be awesome.really awesome.oh,and i want taylor swift to come to malaysia too.haha.

erm,i think i need a lomo camera.this things is in my list-to-buy before i need to make chores and sell some clothes to have some money to buy lomo cam.i really need it.haha.okay,better tell my dad.mana tau,if he will buy to me for my birthday next year.haha.

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