Saturday, 4 September 2010

the world will be awesome if i become your girlfriend


hey,guys.hows ur ramadhan?is it awesome or superb awesome.erm, so so really sorry for late n lack of update.quite busy lately.gee.

hmm,i kinda miss my old friends.guys,when we're going to hangout n break fast tgother?im still waiting.haha.i wanna meet u guys.okay,so lets go to tgb story.this year is my first year breaking fast at tgb n without my family.quite sad actly but i have arounds here.they always cheer me up.oh,we have bazaar there.nearly everyday i will bought something at bazaar n nearly everyday i spent,i think thats kinda a lot.yes,i love to spend my money on food.thats me.

last merdeka we have an event.n on that event we have to wear kain batik n ate ubi kayu.ya,its true.actly,idk how to wear kain batik n idk what ubi kayu is.haha,wht a shame.but anyways,that event was superbly awesome.with the dikir barat,sajak by bedah,the choir,the fireworks.n really cool.bwp has really done a great job.cheers for them!

okay,i think thats all.i will update frequently as possible.n i will upload activity week pics for the next post just wait guys.
love forever n always,
waa zullfakher

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