Thursday, 21 April 2011



just a quick post.currently at psi.acly i have to finish up doing my add math hw but im stuck here and online-ing and and blogging.haha,nevermine.i will stay up to do the hw.

so right now im just gonna wish someone's birthday.hehe.its aiman's birthday today.HAPPY BIRTHDAY,AIMAN.may all your wish come true.i will give your present later eh,aiman.hehe.oh oh,goodluck during SUPER tomorrow,aite!

oh oh,last thing.hep just told us during rocal this morning that we gonna get free CELCOM i dont have to call my parent using maxis simcard.i have celcom.i can save my topup.hehe.

okay,thats all.quick post.hehe.will be updating my blog again next time.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

love is in the air


right now,im online-ing at psi.i spent my prep hours for online and not for studying or doing hw at all.hehe.i just got some of my exam results yesterday and today.alhamdulillah,praise to God,my marks are quite better than last now i just have to try to keep on getting high marks for sem 1 exam.the exam will be start in lest than 3 weeks more.gosh,i better start studying and revise all form 4 chapters.if not,it will be hard for me to get high marks in exam and obtain 3.5 for my png.

so last night,i was thinking about my future.what will i be in the future?can i achieve all my dreams in the future?will i be a biotechnologist or not?hmm,maybe some of you guys might be saying that why i have to think about it,why dont i think about my spm.well,like my dad always says to me,we have to think our future right now.dont start thinking about it after will be hard for us to look for jobs if we start thinking about it after spm.if we can think our future right now,we can target what will happen next.whether we can get our dream or not.

spm will be start less than 7 months totally not ready yet.i was enjoying my life like the will be no spm for me this year.i spent out my hols last week hangout with aiman,went out to boy some things with my family and online-ing.i keep on remind myself to start studying but i couldnt do that.idk why.maybe hasutan syaitan.haha.

oh,thank God that i will have extra classes during this mid sem i dont have to waste my time doing stupid things at home.and and my mum already said to me maybe i have tuition this upcoming hols.i can only spent my time hangout with friends and aiman for at least 1 or 2 days only.hmm, year kan ada.hehe.

okay,i better get frind want to use this comp.will update this blog later.maybe this thursday or maybe next week.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

let the wind blew your mind


im gonna write as fast as i could.i have to go back to tgb in less than one hour now.holidays are over and and get ready to rock your study.goodbye guys.see you next hols.maybe on 2nd june i will be back home since i have extra classes on the first week of schl hols.

will miss you.

what you see is not always real

yesterday was superb awesome day.went out with aiman,watching movie and and jalan jalan with him.thx aiman for everything.really appreciate it.met some tgbians friends there too.

oh,talking bout tgb,i have to go back to hell in less than 24 hours more.god,HELP me.i dont want to live there anymore.i just want to stay at home and and online everyday and watching movie every night,please.there are so any rules in there.i cant even follow each and every couple-ing,no tudung bawal,no short socks and and lots more.ibu,please take me home every two weeks.hehe.

erm,i will miss my blog afterthis.will rarely online for about one month.if i have times,i will go to psi and update this blog,okay.oh,i already bought spec just now at giant.will be wearing it maybe after labour day since its not perfectly done yet.

Friday, 15 April 2011

i will keep you on my mind


im baacck!hehe.went home yesterday cause of the melaka bersejarah thingy.hehe.finally,this hols i can rela my hw you teachers for not giving hw.its been awhile i didnt update my blog.miss kinda busy in tgb.everyday we have hw to be done.but nah,nevermine.8 months more.after this,you dont have to do your hw anymore.hehe.yipeee!

oh well,i have to wear specs.i cant see really well in class.even when i seat in front still cant see anything.i have to asked my friends everytine teachers wrote smthg on the board.erm,i will be nerdy girl after this.haha.

so today i have photoshoot taken by me,myself.haha.its not a real mag photoshoot.just just erm how to describe eh.haha.erm,wtv.took a lot of photos since its been awhile i took pictures.damn miss the slr camera.hehe.

okay,i have to stop now.wanna watch movie.