Wednesday, 24 November 2010

life comes with no guarantees

hey peeps.

hows ur day?mine was totally a lazy girl right now.i didnt even touch or do any of hw.yeah.thats good right.whats wrong with me these days.i keep on texting days and night,online everytime and everyday,watching marathon movies everyday.oh god,please help me.if i keep on doing like this,then my spm resukt will absolutely suprising a lot.

how could i change my attitude?not texting anyone?yeah,for sure i can.not watching movies?yeah,i can do that too.not online-ing everyday?nope,i cant do is the best absolutely the best way to release my stress these days.okay,i must have limits in online-ing.erm,maybe 2 hours per day.i have to make a timetable.make it like tgb ones.then,i can succeed next year and get 4 flat for next sem and get 9A+ for my spm.amin.insyaallah.

so,i have a massive headache since was really painful like you want to squeeze your brain.yeah,its true.okay,i wanna check with doctor if it get worst and afraid that i might get a migrain.erm,i think i know why i got this massive headache.i think its cause im too stress.yeah.i need some rest.i think i want to hangout and find some peaceful place to go.i need to relese my stress.

erm,im a bit worried of my was his first it easy or not?he can do the paper or not?haih,idk la.why im worried too much bout him.maybe too nerves to take spm next year.might be.spm is really tough.really tough than pmr.and i dont know how i can answer spm quests next afraid if i cant get good result that can make my parents proud of meerm,nevermind,wafa.dont think bout it will make you more stress then.

erm,i need a super so lonely right now.and when i have one,i can share secrets with him and sometime he might make me happy when im sad.oh,please i need one.haha.sounds desperate,isn it?but truely indeep my heart,i miss couple-ing.i miss my ex a lot.i wish i could rewind back time and treat him well.

well,long post today,right.haha.okay,better write more later.bye.

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