Saturday, 19 June 2010

a good picture is equivalent to a good deed

"the more i think it over,the more i feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people"

hey,hi,hello guys.

today was a blast.went out to sunway with hanis,aimi,t,eleena,arina n amalina.ate a lot a lot of hot guys.laught a lot today.especially at popular n chicken rice shop.

watch karate kid n the movie was superb.didnt get chance to watch toy story 3.kesian t.haha.met coco.didnt bought anything there cause only bring rm30 to sunway.yeah,sikit je.tgh pokai skrang ni.haha.met haziq n iffah.

went back home around 9pm.lmbt gile right.9 hours spent time at sunway,first time.n thank god my mum didnt get mad at me cause balik lewat.kakak eleena hntr.thx kak sabrina.

erm,thats all.sorry will write more bout it later n pics will be uploaded later.too busy now.try to finish up my hw.

p/s:thx hanis for the souvenir.thx a lot.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

let the beauty we love become the good we do

"nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise"


doing nothing today.still waiting for t to reply whether want to hangout today or not.erm,woke up late today.12.45pm.really late right cause i slept late last night.around 4 am.

school will start less than one week.hmm,i hate going back to hostel.the will be a lot of tasks to do when going back there.oh n my hw still not finish yet.

okay,now i currently in love with vintage bag.i already asked my dad to buy it for me n guess what.he gave green light.yeah yeah.erm,i think i wanna bought 2 bags since i only got a few bags.

erm,my mum asked me to cut my hair really short.urgh,no way.i only cut my hair a lil bit only not so short.i dont want it.looks really ugly.hmm,i still searching in the internet for the new you guys have any opinion bout what hairstyle should i cut?

my mum is calling me.better get going before she scold me.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

you can't shake hands with a clenched fist

"the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can go separately
without growing apart"


sorry for not updating guys.been busy.acly not so busy just tried to finish up my i've no idea what to write.okay yesterday n today quiet awesome.yeaterday went out with t n zana to mid valley.its been ages i didnt met them.went by lrt n arrived there around 10.window shopping the whole day but i managed to buy long sleeve shirt for asrama thingy n a novel.capture pic here n there using t's slr camera.yeah,welcome to the club.most of ex n student of s4 have their on slr camera like luqman hakim,zulaika,ayna,t,bahim,shaz,hanis n including me.(sorry for those who i didnt mention your name).

okay,back to the story,we captured a lot of pics.then there was toy story meeting with fans session at mid yesterday.we want to take pic with woody n buzz but we saw only children who took pics with them.erm,kan best if we become kids again,right t just took pic from far only.after bout 7 hours e round n round mid valley so we decided to went home.

today we went out again but only to pasar tani n padang.i bought a lot at pasar tani since im craving a lot of food there.otw to pasar tani,we walked beside a house n suddenly a dog bark at us.we were so shocked n as funny n happy moments.then went to padang talked n talked n talked.i brought along camera to capture pic but unfortunately i didnt managed to do that since busy chit chatting with the girls.

oh t.i think i will do my just help me how to use it.oh yeah,i didnt even know ho to use fb.n i didnt care bout it.i know its hillarious right cause even 5 years old girl or boy know how to use fb.what a shame.okay,gtg n gonna sign up fo fb.toddles.

p/s;pics will be uploaded later.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

joy is the best makeup

waa love u pipa


so dad just came back home bout 2pm.he bought a lot of chocalates for,its been so long i didnt eat chocalate.i ate only a little cause if i ate a lot my diet plan will be ruin,right.oh,i would like to share bout conversation between me n my lil sis

fifa;waa,ni conteng.
waa;sapa conteng adik?
fifa;mal.waa,mal conteng.pukul mal.pukul mal.
waa;ye,nnt waa pukul.haha

as you can see above,fifa is my lil sis n waa is me.okay,she called me waa not wafa.i was excited cause dia dah pandai cakap eventhough tak la betul sangat.aww,i love her.

move on,erm,im craving blueberry cheese mum asked me to do it by myself instead of buying at kak zah.but kak zah's cheese tart is si freakin delicious.erm,hope my mum can buy it for me.

Friday, 11 June 2010

life will be meaningless without love


ya,second post for so fuckin' bored right one text me or call me.i need someone to text me.oh,im so desperate right now.anybody?

okay,lets imagine if someday your friend switched on the tv n saw you sang with taylor swift or maybe justin bieber at mtv music awards.what will happen the next day.of course you will be popular right.i mean the whole world saw you sang.n i bet your friend must be screaming the whole day become a pop star,an international,i couldnt imagine that.erm,do you guys change your attitude after being a pop star or a rock star?do you guys want to buy your stuff at GIANT,TESCO or even CARREFOUR?if i asked this to 10 person,i bet 6 of them must say yes,they will change their attitude n no,they will not buy their stuff at such places because it low class n you only buy your things at other country only.

what a you guys even realise that we all are same.the different is our IMAN to ALLAH.thats all.if you guys change your attitude n might be someday your friend will leave you because of your bad attitude or even your parent not care at you anymore,what will happen to you guys realise that?if someday,nobody will not care at you,what will you do.think bout it.yeah at first you guys might say that "oh,nothing will happen to me in future or even the next ten years.everybody loves me like 'everybody loves raymond'," guys should istighfar.

maybe after one day you be popular,okay not logic one day.erm,maybe after a year you be popular n KABOOM!you slowly become hater among your fans.hah,now you have to realise bout it.after that,you dont have any money cause lack of popularities or shows n you broke.your car kene tarik n you house has been sold n even you guys terpaksa pinjam 'along'.

right now i bet you guys might be crying all day long n you regret it n want to returned back to the time before.but nah.keluar air mata darah sekalipun,u cant turn back the i would like to advise to all of you dont ever n ever change your good attitude to bad attitude.appreciate what you already have n appreciate your parents,friends n family.thats all.

okay,im talking crap.haha.sorry if there's any mistake cause im not so good in english.enjoy reading it.oh,if you guys want to comment bout it,just comment.

gosh,finally you told me the truth


tday zaf came to house.we're doing nothing cause i had tuition with cg ghani tday.then,around 5.30pm went jalan2 cuci mata tengok banglo2.met shaz,her mom,aimi n farihin at shaz's new house.actually,it still under renovation.but her house was so big n awesome.haha.

talk2 with them while my mum talking with shaz's mum.then,went home.then buka puasa.but i only ate a appetite to eat eventhough there's a lot of delicious dish.

i think i wanna make fb n tumblr.i already made a tumblr last year but im not so active in it.erm,wanna wait till my brother come home this sunday.cant he can teach me how to use it.sorry,i hate to explore anything.

erm,i didnt finish my hw yet.plan to finish it by today.i mean not all hw.just math n add math only so next week i can focused on study.i didnt want to get b for any subject.i want to get a+ so i must work harder this holiday.i hope next sem will be the best sem ever like get 4 flat,a+ every subject,get to lose weight,be in any bkp.hope so.

okay,gtg finish up my hw.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

the invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true


tday quite awesome.went to sacc mall just now.bought kain for this upcoming raya i have 1 baju kurung n 2 baju kebaya.yay me.haha.after long time i only have 1 pc of baju kurung for raya n now i got 3 pc.

bought ketupat just now.ya,im craving ketupat like almost half year.ate ketupat like so gelojoh.haha.kebuluran la katakan.haha.erm,only one thing that im not satisfied of.erm,cd for first season of still searching for it.when the cd keluar,im at hostel n i already asked my mum bought it but she said wait until i come back home.but now,i already searched it at all of video shop but couldnt find it.hmm,where can i find it?

hmm,i didnt do my hw yet.too lazy to do it.ya,i want to relax this holiday but this hw really disturb my relaxation.hmm,what can i do teacher said,"dah jadi pelajar mrsm tu kene la belajar cara mrsm,everyday ada hw,even cuti pun kene ada hw." bcome harder n harder.i like my life hw,everyday gossips,lot of friends.but,we must think bout our future.if i stay at s4,maybe i will not be studying like these n maybe its hard for me to get scholarship.erm,nvm.just one year n half more.

cant wait to be 18.i have my driving liscene,i can DRIVE anywhere i want,i can lepak everyday,watch movies with darling everyday,go to college,get new friends more,get a job n lots more.hmm,really cant wait.

oh,im so hungry right now.need something to eat.gtg.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

a life lived in love will never be dull

damn,i miss u guys badly


so tday im not going anywhere.wish i can go to singapore n go to universal studio.but,i father went to jakarta again.yeah,now i trap in home.home sweet home.

okay i felt so tired tday.idk why.i slept from 4.30pm till 6.30pm.hmm,dah lama x tido petang.haha.oh ya,my bff,hanis bt mohd sabli went to australia tday.hanis,take good care of yourself during your holiday.enjoy yourself.oh dont forget to find some hot guys for me.haha.

erm,i miss old times.where we all always lepak tepi koperasi time recess.lepak taman bukit petang2.lepak aladin,so many memories that hardly to forget.wish we can turn back the time.n some of the people that i used to hate before,i want to apologised what have i done to u guys.

okay,enough of this drama.i think i want to wear braces but my mum didnt let it.bcause i staying at hostel n it really hard for me to see doctor for checkup.hmm,maybe this december.

okay,thats all.i dont have anything to share more.daa.

you such a pervert


actually dh nak dekat afternoon dah.haha.woke up late tday.around 9.30 kot.supposed went to jog with haziq but terbangun sorry haziq.dah 3 times janji nak jog kan.

im not taking bath yet.too lazy to take a bath.busuk,kan.haha.but,nvm.sometimes je not slalu.erm,just now kemas wadrobe n finally i found out that i have so many clothes.n sometimes x tahu mana satu nak pakai.i think i want to sell some of it,but sayang la.idk whether want to sell it or keep it.i i sell it i get money n if i keep it,hmm.wht did i get if i keep it.must think it masak2 before sell the clothes or nnt menyesal pulak.

okay,gtg.adik buat hal.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

lick up your toes


okay,im having some fun time here.watching movie while online and doing watching papadom right now.yeah,i've been watching it couple of times before.

add math make me stress n fed up.idk how some of my friends manage to get a's for add math.maybe they good in calculating.

okay,nothing to write more.i want to continue watching papadom.


never talk about yourself on a first date


kinda bored right no.not going anywhere tday.supposed to go to sunay with mum but she said she's tired to go shopping.but not for me.i want to go for shopping right now.but,nah.maybe some other day.

tonight i have add math tuition with cg ghani.i admit that im not good in add math.till no,i didnt manage to get A or B+ for add math.wht a shame.haha.

actually,i must search bout sej folio but im too lazy to search for it.i hate just waste my time.erm,my head gonna blow up someday.a lot of hw must be done.

okay,thats all.just a quick update.haha

rock the world babeyh


okay,i dont want to make my blog dull n like fromal i add words that does not mean anything.fine,just move one.

i miss blogging n thats why i post 3 times today.not because of boring but i miss my blogy.haha.okay,im so tired searching for sem.when im searching for something then i found out that it already has been made i have to start again n search again.i hope my effort will make my team win any of the competition.

yeah,pasar tani tmrw.WOHOO.i miss pasar tani.usually before i went to tgb,i will buy nasi kerabu here.its really delicious and make my mouth say WOW.n cakoi,make me go WHOPEE.gosh,i will gain weight tomorrow.erm,skali skala x pa kan.haha.

oh,thanx mum giving the ideas for sem projects.but i still didnt know if the idea has been used or not.erm,nvm.we will search more tmrw.i really tired right now.i need some eyes gonna close in any minute.better turn off the laptop before my dad mad at me.


Monday, 7 June 2010

stupid is a word for those who give up in anything

haha.actually,its a word that i created for hello.right no im searching for sem project.i already search in the internet but still cant find suitable ones.actually for our team we dont have any topics yet like other teams.yeah,i know its too late for us.but i will try my best to find the topics.

i forgot to ask pn siti's ph really important bcause we want to ask bout this sem all my tgb friends,if u guys have cg siti's ph nmbr,please text me immediatly,thank you.

omg,im so stress right now.a lot of hw must be done.n opal just texted me said that hw for add math has been change.i already half way done for add mathhw.n now its already change.ohmy,wht am i supposed to do.erm,wish could have robots to make all those stuffs.

n yeah,i gain weight.i gain right now my weight is,idk how to have a balanced diet so my weight is maintain.some of u guys might said my weight is suitable with my body.but for not OKAY.make me look more fat n now my jeans so tight even my shirt.what the hell im going to do.i will try my best to lose my weight to 48kg before school starts.thats mean 6 kg going to burn.

okay,thats all for now.

zip your mouth and listen here


back again n this time 2 weeks at home.YAHOO.haha.i've just got back from johor n melaka for holliday.actually,its not a good holiday to spent time with family bcause its too short n plus my brother not join it.erm,nvm.maybe some other day.wait till faris finish his last spm paper,then we will spent our days going somewhere else.

okay,now after i gone from s4,there's a lot of people changed.idk why these kind of people become like this.n my crush also couple with someone i hate.yeah,i know.he's only my crush.but,but,erm,nvm.zaman dah berubah,right.move on.

this school holidays,i have a lot of thing must be done before school starts.hw,sem,nie n lots more.i dont have enough time actly.i have to manage my time to cmplt all of these things.maybe less online.haha.i think it will never happen.i miss my comp n laptop very everyday i must spent at least an hour online-ing.

ms kinda not addicted to ms right now.maybe some time i will sign up for facebook.i must wait for it till my brother went back home from his rugby match.sorr,i didnt know anything bout fb.if u guys want to tease on me about it,just go on.I DONT CARE.

okay,thats all.oh,i think its not late for me to wish to everybody HAPPY HOLIDAYS,GUYS.take care of yourself during this schl holidays.