Sunday, 20 February 2011

are you ready?

i currently in the car in front of my parents came today.yeah.but i only can online for bout half an gonna write this post short and simple only cause i think i dont have enough time to writea long post.

last week was awsome.we had activity week and i really enjoy last week.i entered tarik tali and mini kawad kaki.and i think lots more activity that i entered but i cant remember.sorry.and and now i already had sunburn.oh no.

upss1 will start next week.i have to score in this test.i have to score at least 6a.wish me luck.then after upss 1,we have road run on saturday and 1 malaysia on sunday and and pesta type 3 on tuesday.oh,it is a busy week for me.

okay, already late.i have to take bath.bye.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just go on dancing with me like this forever, and I'll never tire. We'll scrape our shoes on the stars and hang upside down from the moon

okay,just a quick update.currently at psi right now.searching information about tour guide for pd.argh,help me.i have add math quiz tomorrow.i didnt revise anything yet.and now its already 9.30pm.oh oh,juniors already im officially become senior.

yesterday,i was really really exhausted.i carried bags for juniors like hundred times.and now,my hands are really really hurt.oh oh gtg,my friends already call me.later.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

When deeds speak, words are nothing.

im going back to my second home today.and and i wil be accepting juniors tomorrow.oh no,i dont want to have any juniors in my school.i want to be senior without any juniors this whole year.juniors,please be good tp the seniors starting tomorrow.dont be rude to us.

gtg,have to get ready already.see you guys next hols.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

so today i have to go back to hostel.4 days off are not enough.i need one year more,please.but nevermind.human always like this.they never and ever be grateful what they already i got one interesting topic that i would like to share to all of dad asked me to do this cause he want me to improve my english.i read an article from cleo magazine last last wednesday or tuesday during english period.the title is "do you treat your bestfriend as your boyfriend?".

the article is about most of the teenage girls in this world treat their bestfriends as their boyfriend.this particular thing usually happen when the girls broke up with their boyfriends and they need someone to share problems.they choose their bestfriends because it is more easier to share secrets and problems with them and and they can give us many useful advices too.and if we share with girls,it will be a lot lot more easier because we have same feelings and emotions.

in my opinion,i think you dont have to treat your bestfriend as your dont have to call them everyday,hangout with them every weekends and and get jealous with them if someone be friends with your bestfriends.dont dont and dont ever ever do that.before this,i quite jealous with my bestfriends because they got new friends and im afraid that she will not love and treat me like before.but after a few days,i talked to myself and i think that maybe they want to live their own lives and they want to be friends with everyone.

they also want to be free and not be conquered by have to understand that.they also want to spend their time with their loved ones why dont you guys just find new friends or share your probs with your sure your mom will understand mom also have been in your shoes before right.if we still treat our bestfriends like that,maybe someday our bestfriends will not be friends with us again.

so to overcome this,i find some new friends whether malay,chinese or indian friends.dont clique to one friend only,okay.then,make some fun activities with this awesome new friends.go for camping or shopping.this way can also help you to forget about your boyfriends too.

thats too lazy to write already.sorry.oh oh,mind my grammar mistakes.i still learn about it.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

fly to the sky

heyhihello everyone.

im back.hihi.and and sorry again for not keeping updating this blog.i've been busy with homeworks.oh yeah,i have tons and tons of homeworks that have to submit by next week.urgh,im too lazy to do that.i need robot.i just came home last wednesday and now i have to go back to melaka this,time flies too fast.

so this year is not a good year for me.i fought with the boys in my class.and and i really regret.i really sorry for what have i done to you guys and hope you guys can accept my apology.erm,human made misakes and nobody's perfect too right guys.sorry again guys.

i have a lot of fun this holidays.oh wait,i forgot to wish cny to the chinese.sorry.hihi.yesterday,went to my cousins house and celebrated fahmi's birthday.happy belated birthday,fahmi.met cousins and nangkung for the first time.i've been craving to watch this movie since blok f party.

since i've gained weight and in process of lose some weight,i went cycling with my brothers and mom.then,i met shaz.we cycle together and have a small chat about our life.then,i went to sunway with my dad to buy flats for school.oh oh,when i entered cotton on,i saw so many gorgeous flats.the flats are like bling bling and if i have a lot of money i would buy those freaking gorgeous flats.unfortunately,i only have small amount of money and i only bought two pairs of flats.but but,cotton on,save all the flats you have for me.i will buy all of them the next 5 years.haha.

then walked and walked and walked,i saw a domo.oh oh,so cute meh domo.i want one.i really need one.i wish i could have a domo for my birthday.someone,please buy for me.if i given a choice to pick whether a domo or a teddy bear,i absolutely pick domo.hihi.after that went to popular bookstore as usual.yeah,im a bookworm.i need book to live my life.then,went home.

so what i want to do tomorrow so i can enjoy my holidays before school starts.erm,maybe decorate my room.yeah,maybe.or maybe went to the curve and ikea to buy some stuffs to decorate room.thats a brilliant idea,wafa.go and tell your dad so he can cancel his plan and bring you tu ikea.yeah.haha.