Sunday, 30 May 2010

a woman's heart is like a fragile

okay,i will going hostel fast,right?yeah,but what can i do.this is my new life.erm, what i said before,i will tell you guys about the teacher's day,right.okay,maybe my story will not gonna be 'gempak' sangat cause im bad telling story.

so d.ben was decorated like 'zaman kesultanan melayu melaka'cause it will be our teacher's day theme for this year.evrything was prepared by the students.not the teacher.n all of our performances are based with the theme.there's this one performance by orang timur that is dikir guys should see how they do it.oh,i also adore the drama.they act like a professional.too bad,i didnt brought any camera.

okay,lets each hroom must give their hroom teacher a present n a for my hroom we bought a pen for our 'papa'.n the potret,erm idk what to say cause it a bit funny.but ami lukis lawa.really really lawa.n siap colour lagi.

okay,thats all.gonna get ready cause i will be going back early tday.see you guys next school holiday.cant ya.

Friday, 28 May 2010

without any friends we can't find happiness

hello.okay,so now im gonna tell you guys bout my bffs at tgb.those people are my soul,my blood n everything.there always cheer me up when im sad,stress n feel fat.haha.they gave strength to continue my study at tgb.without them,so hard for me to feel happy like before.

nad the joyful ones.acha the chicky chicky ones,hanie the doraemon ones,ami the cheerful ones,faqi the talkative ones,aliah the badar ones,qila the bookworm ones,fiza the miss mimi ones,fadil the korean ones,razin the active ones n elia the dodowt property.

lets check em out.

when all you wanted was to be wanted

hey.okay.i try to type faster.its raining right now.actually i wanna post bout the teacher's day right now.but it seems i cant.nothing happen today and im not going anywhere too.still searching for shopping malls that have all stuff that i want to buy.erm,sunway i think.

oh,and i think im gonna cut my hair.erm,should i?i want to cut it bangs again n cut it short.but my friends saaid no cause they said my hair already okay n just nice with me.erm,let me think first.gonna tell u by tonight.maybe.

im gonna shut off.thunders everywhere.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

close your eyes and you will be new again

hey,hey, finally back home after being 4 weeks at at hostel sometimes great n sometimes like shit.a lot of hw must be done.but the best thing is,friends' spirit.okay,done bout that.

just finished mid year exam.wait,actually there's two n i think i already do the best that i can do for this mid exam.i hope i will get straight a's for this today is bio exam.erm,i studied bio yesterday till 4 am.n if i still cant get a for bio,i dont know what i can do more.i already try my best.paper 2 is quite harder than paper 1.n right now,im afraid if i get c for my bio.

erm,wanna buy new clothes la n new bag too.bored of old clothes.but,nah.i wanna keep my money so i can buy new phone.cant wait to see my darling.lepak2 like dulu.i miss the old days.argh,what am i merepek ni.talking like a shit.actually i dont have any idea what to write.does not have any mood right now since from morning i have a stomach ache n i cry while doing exam because of the pain.

oh,i love unintended song since there's a senior sang this song during enight.will update soon bout the teacher's day.maybe.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

happy birthday,zana!

to my darling zana,
may all ur wish come true.hope u can call me tday.
i really miss u.hope our friendship last long.cant wait to meet u again this upcoming holiday.
love forever n always,

Sunday, 2 May 2010

a person's smile can make my heart falling down going bact to hostel tday.waiting for my dad to fetch me up.he just arrived at airport from sabah n now has to sent me to hostel.sorry,,the time past too,we already stuck in the month of may.gosh,i wish it could be faster so i could hangout again with my darlings.

exam is just around the corner.i didnt study anything yet.too busy with hw n other schl stuff.really hate it.this upcoming holiday,i will be going off to johor for kenduri.balik from hostel n straight to johor for 4 days,i think.i hope my mum can bring along my camera.

my dad will be coming home soon i didnt take a bath hw still not finish.the journal,add math,sej n physics.erm,wanna do it during prep hours.okay,i better get ready.maybe i will update my blog at psi nnt.bye,guys.

never give up on smthg that you cant go a day without thinking about

hello guys.yeah,im back again.but this evening i will go back to hostel again.skjp kan.there's one more month to go bfr upcming holiday lg.okay,i want to tell u guys bout my experience went back home by bus.

friday,30th april 2010

bout 1.30pm went to dc n naik bus utk ke mc.first there were only few people naik cause the guys went to the friday prayer n x balik lg.then bout 2.15pm,guys pun naik bas n the bus really pack like a can of sardine.bout one hour later,arrived at mc.bought mcd cause i didnt eat anything for lunch.bought some mags to read in the bus.then,around 4.15pm,naik bas to kl.the driver was okay.he drove not so slow n not so fast.bout 6.30pm arrive bkt mum to pick.

then,took faris n his friends at sri petaling.he brought 6 friends along with,ramai kan.n terpaksa berhimpit-himpit.n i have to share my chair with faris plk.mmg mcm tin sardine kereta tu.haha.

saturday,1st may 2010

went to sunway tday.bought a lot at cotton dress,new jacket,new shoe.byk la.then round2 n window shpng at sunway.erm,met naza.n smthg just happen that make me really felt shit.

n right now,i really felt so stress cause this add math really hard.idk how to make it easy.i love add math but it kinda hard for me.n there's a lot of hw to be finish.see u guys later.bye.