Thursday, 18 November 2010

don't trust your boyfriend,they might leave you someday


okay,i dont felt sleepy yet eventhough i have a massive headache right i ate a lot today.i mean really lot.for breakfast i ate lemang,lontong n laksa n for lunch i ate nasi beriyani n laksa again but this time i tambah laksa.haha.n for night only ate 2 slice of bread with tuna.gosh,im gonna be fat.i already plan to exercise with hanis i need some interesting activities to do this hols since i will eat food when im boring.yeah,thats true.

hanis,wait for me ya.okay i need to loss my weight bout 10 kg more.i want to be skinny cause skinny is better.haha.okay,my eyes cant really open right now plus my bed is now calling me.haha.goodnight n have a sweet dream.

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natashagideon said...

i love the post title. i decided to follow :) thanks for following me too <3 lots of LOVE!