Wednesday, 8 September 2010

di hari raya...

hey,ho n hello guys.raya will be on this!can't wait.really cant just now i just clean up my room before going back to hometown.n it nearly took almost 2 so freackin tired.then,pack up my things into luggage cause i will be going to my hometown tmrw morning.i mean after sahur n blast off to again.haha.

as you guys can see the pic above,erm,i really really crave it.i wish my weight is below 45kg so i could eat it a lot.but nah,i have to diet even for raya.

so this evening me,mum,bibik made kerepek gunting n kuih siput.its our first try do it might be not so good as other people but at least it taste really yummy.haha.we made it nearly 1kg of it n my hand really hurt cause gentel2 doh.then around 6pm,asked my brother to send me to bazaar since im craving murtabak singapore.okay,he just know how to drive n he drove like playing a heart like falling down.haha.

okay, mum calling me to pack up my youngest brother's things.bye.

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