Wednesday, 17 November 2010

believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

how was ur raya?mine was not good.its not like usual.maybe cause my parents not around.haha.i was wearing baju kurung all day eventhough i know nobody will come here or i will not be going anywhere.its tradition.i just miss my mum,my dad.when will they gonna come home.i need u guys.

okay,its boring tell bout raya cause every blog might post bout raya let me tell u bout last saturday.yeah,im hanging out with my buddies.the aim is to celebrate maria n fariz the plan went smooth.really smooth.we celebrated at nando's.we have cake n the restaurant blackout la.everything la.i was having fun.

then,jalan jalan around mid.i was alone.yeah.haha.hanis with fariz,eleena with maria,arina with haziq n how bout me?haha.hanis asked me to walk with some of fariz's friends but i dont quiet shy with new people.haha.sorry guys but thats me.

around 5 smthg went home.really tired n i have a high fever after that.thats why my hands were shivering cold.the conclusion is,i was having fun n i get a new friends too.nice to meet u guys.hope can hangout like this after this.

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