Sunday, 17 October 2010

i cant stop thinking you

oh god,my life so miserable right now.i cant do my hw.i keep on thinking bout how my life will gonna be when my parents perform hajj.i keep on crying crying n crying.cant stop.i really hate phone calls everyday,no more asked my mum to come n visit me at more asking for help for karangan.

oh crap,i still cant stop crying.i bet you guys might say,'oh pg haji 2 bulan je.rilex la.bkn setahun.but for me 2 months like 2000 years.waiting for my mum to come back n to hug n kiss her.oh gonna miss them.after this i have to call home everyday to make sure everyone is worried bout my do they want to take care of themselves.i really worried.

leaving someone that you love really really much is hard.way to hard than spm,i think.but i have to be strong.really strong.i have friends around me.i bet they can make me smile everyday.oh Allah,take good care of my parents in mecca.i really love them.hope that they can get haji yg mabrur.

erm,miss my babes,bloodys n old friends from sbu.i finally uploaded pictures of me n my friends from sbu just check it out on my fb yaw.okay.gonna off.toots.

oh oh,happy birthday amalina bt sulaiman.finally u sweet 16.may God bless u.

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