Sunday, 26 December 2010

you are the only person that i can trust

this morning,i check on my fb and found out that someone had commented bout my status.i know i shouldnt put the status cause you know its like erm idk how to describe it.yeah i know im wrong.that status are so so discusting."the best clothes for woman are the arms of the man she loves".this is the status that i put on my fb.actually,i took it from erm idk what the sources are,maybe from some quotes webs.

i wanna tell you guys that fb is the way to express our feelings,our thought or our ideas.i have ones and i wanna share it with my if you dont like my status so please dont comment it or say something bad to it.i just dont like it.then,you might be thinking that im a social person,i hugs all the males in the world or anything.but seriously,im not like not too social person and i know what the good things and the bad things.

people might be thinking that although i wear hijab but i do the wrong things that particularly against the law of syariah.that is totally not should asked my closest friends.bout the carut and carut,i always cursing all the time but i try to stop okay.just give me some times and maybe i can stop cursing and can change my bad attitude.

at least,i wear hijab not like the others.i saw some of my friends' fb,i mean my tgbian friends,some of them not wearing hijab but still you like them and doesnt ever care bout them,the seniors,almost 40% dont wear why cant you give them some advices to wear hijabs.why me?oh and there are so many tgbians that couple and never get caught or someone didint even bother to give advices to them but instead giving advices to me.its not fair,okay.if you guys keep on blaming me that i didnt even know what islam is or whatever is it,you guys are so dead.

oh,and i saw some of my friends' fb that good in agama that proud of her agama and keep giving advices to people to not talking bout love or a guy or wear long hijabs to cover your boobs or wear loose clothes so people cant see your curve or whatever but she didnt do that.she good in giving advices but she also wear hijab that people simply can see her boobs and she keep on talking bout love thingy.and none of the people complaint or talk bout her.okay,actually i dont want to tell you bout this but my friends and i think that there is one bdr that dont ever deserve to be bdr.yeah,thats true.if you dont want to believe me,just check it out yourself.

so after this,dont ever and ever comment something bad at me on my fb or even my blog cause you will get what you deserve.and and after this too i might be deactivated my accnt and i wont approve people anymore and i wont put any status that can make you guys hate me.and and i will delete you from my friends.yes,im a mean person.

you guys should be thanked me for not putting your name in this post and for not cursing you.forever and ever i will hate you.

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