Friday, 27 January 2012

bawal is bacckkk

heyhihello guys,

whatsapp?sorry again.kinda lazy nowadays.firstly,i would like to wish HAPPY CNY to all my chinese friends.gong xi fa cai.hehe.since today is a holiday,ohh wait,everyday is a holiday for me.okay,since its holiday,i plan to going out and have some fun with my darls but but the plan is canceled.they all are busy with their hols.erm, the date for 7th feb guys.we gonna rock sunway lagoon and sunway pyramid.

based on the title,its true.bawal scarf is baaacccckkk should be happy cause right now,i hate wearing selendang.haha.gonna buy two tons bawal and plain bawal soon at the curve gonna buy a lot and lots of bawal scarf.

tomorrow i 'll have a driving class with en.harif.uuuuuuuuuuu,kinda scary.he is the best driving teacher plus he is the owner of metro driving kinrara.but but but he like to scold people and sometime he uses harsh words.erm,i better prepare.i have to stay strong and not crying in front of him.haha.

okay,i love my new dp.yeah,go and check it.haha.i just edit it using photoscape just now.kinda like it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

tumblr :D


yeah,i finally have tumblr accnt guys,follow me on tumblr okay.
my tumblr

kenny rogers roaster :)

I miss this girl alot <3

heyhihello guys,

well sorry for not updating this blog.still finally quit my job.resigned as a server at kenny rogers restaurant last,gosh.i cant believe there's a lot of good memoriess instead of bad memories there.and and i learnt a lot there.learnt how to communicate well with other people.learnt how to promote a thing.learnt how a to say sorry to customer if you do something wrong.learnt how to give a bill.learnt how to be a chef in krr.haha.there's a lot lot.super duper lot of things i learnt although i only work there for only one week.

so yeah,im kinda miss the staff,miss suna,sir fit,miss sharifah,kak bed,kak sira,kak alia,kak zieya,aimi,azhan,fit,amal,miera,scha,megat,abg joe,dino,yee fon,dibah,yuza,ammar and and lot more.yes,seriously,i miss them so so much.they taught me to be a wonderful krr server.yeah.haha.

i had been going to kenny rogers for several times after quit.i just miss them and i would like to see their smile.the smile that always brighten up my day.for the last two days,i had chance to get to know azhan.he's kind and caring person.he always help me buzzing the table.he always there when i get scolded by customers.he give me the chance to relax and switch the position with him.i told him that i was damn damn tired so he let me to be the hostess for a while .being a hostess was an awesome thing since we didnt move too much.we just greet the customers.aww,thanks a lot azhan.i owe you.

and and fitri,he like to cheer me up when i feel bad or when im stress a lot.he will make me happy.try to make me laugh and smile back.aww.thanks fit.and and happy 16th birthday,fit.enjoy your birthday.and kakak will give your present later.

erm i had been thinking for a while to start working as a server back at krr but but atiqah didnt let me do it.she asked me to apply a job at jusco luqman hassan also work at jusco as a sales i should give a try.maybe work for a month only.

okay,so right now i would like to wish a wonderful superb birthday to azizi rafie,fitri nizam,iffah hosni and and nur syahirah nasaruddin.have a blast guys!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

i cant stand working at kenny rogers.i finally quit tomorrow.last day was tomorrow.yeah yeah yeah.i keep on cursing people there.the managers are like super shitty.keep on scolding.the workers,the servers are super duper foooshhh shitty.talking bad about do you want from me.if you dont like me please please please,tell me.if i do something wrong,please tell me.all of you are foosssshhhy.done.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Working Day

yeah,im working kenny rogers roaster ioi mall,im totally exhausted right now.i was busy serving the food,taking the menu.oh,i never thought that it will be face look really pale and tired.i think im gonna work for one month.

okay,gonna go to sleep.must wake up early tomorrow.

Driving class :D

i had just finish my driving class just,it was awesome.yeah.first time driving babe.first,i have to seat at the back while the instructor teach hanis.then it was too panic maybe so i cant control the car.the instructor keep on scolding too stress then i just relax down for a second.and bismillah and finally GO.haha.the instructor said that im not serious in driving and always i just to shut my mouth after it.okay,thats all.i have to get ready to go to work right now.tata

Monday, 2 January 2012

im back.i miss blogging.sorry for the past few just too lazy to write.there's a lot of think to write actually but i just saved it as a draft.pfft.this old woman too lazy  -_- .i was extremely exhausted today.totally exhausted.i woke up usual.i open up my eyes at 11 o'clock in the morning.i already heard my mum shouting calling my name for several time.quickly get up cause i know she will be mad at me if she see me still lying in the bed and hugging my bantal busuk.hehe.i quickly grab my towel to take a bath.but before that,i text him first saying that im already awake.

i was shocked to find out that i was period.urgh,darn you.then,i had to undergo this pms thingy.senggugut,headache,backache.urgh,really hate it.i went downstairs to grab something to mum cooked fried mee for breakfast.i just ate a little bit since im not in the mood that time.then my mum asked me whether i already got thyphoid injection or not.ohhmyyy,i forgot about that thing.gosh.okay,maybe some of you might be wondering,why i have to get that injection right?so lets me explain.i already started working at kenny rogers ioi mall,puchong.i have to get that injection before started working there.then i quickly told my brother,faris to sent me to the nearest clinic.we went from one clinic to one clinic until puncak jalil.but all of them were close.faris scolded me cause he said that during new year,the doctor will close their clinic.then my mum asked to go to giant.there's a clinic.might be open.quickly he drove his car to giant.i went to giant alone.went to the clinic and asked wheter it has thyphoid injection and they say they do.i registered and waited for the nurse to call my name.

"nurwafa,you may come in,"the nurse said.i already felt my knees shaking.i dont want to take any injection afraid of needles.hehe.i asked the doctor whether the injection will affect anything.and the doctor said,"are you pregnant?if not,you will not getting any affection.dont worry.dont be scared".haha.then,ouch.the doctor already inject.then,quickly paid it and went to giant for a while.searching for t-shirt for work.we must buy our own t-shirt.

around1.11 i finally arrived home.quickly went stomach make some feeling hungry.i asked my mum whether she cook or not.she said that she didnt cook i just grab a bread and toasted it.went upstairs and photostat the documents for work.iron my scarf and got ready to go to work.i asked faris to sent me to ioi.pick shazana and t and went to ioi.

after arriving ioi mall,we quickly went inside since there's no much time left.bought t-shirt there and quickly changed our clothes.then we went to kenny.i called my friend and asked her to call her manager.then the manager came and this manager gave some briefing.and gosh.i felt wanna kill the manager.seriously.she scolded us in front of the said we have a wrong socks,wearing jeans,white belt.then she asked us to come back again tomorrow.actually,this manager was not the same manager i met before.she was the manager of kenny rogers puchong but the manager i met before was manager of the kenny ioi mall.

then,we decided to wait for a while and wanna talk with my frined but she's kinda busy.then,we saw a lot with him.he said he was working at jusco and asked us to work there too since a lot more vacancy available.we said maybe we try tomorrow.if the manager still scold us,we will work at jusco.working at toys department.hehe.yeah,toys babeyh.make me feel like a children.

we went to seoul garden to met syafiq,yuzwan and shakir but unfortunately they already quit from their job there.we sat down for an hour.doing nothing.thinking to work where if we dont like that kenny.around 5 o'clock,we went home.went outside.waited for the bus nearly 45 minutes.urgh,hate public transport.then arrived at bdk kinrara and quickly went to my friend's house since im too tired already.around 6 smthg,mum picked me up and went home.finally.huh.

asked mum again whether she cook or not.she said that she didnt cook today.urgh,i felt damn hungry and i need smthg to eat.weighing myself and i gained weight.ohgosshhh.i was crying there cause i gained one kilo.yeah,that was me.i was in dilemma whether to eat or not.still crying.finally grab some fruits and eat it.then went upstairs trying to watch the tv but instead the tv was watching me.i felt asleep.quickly text my sayang and he asked me to sleep since i was damn tired.cant get to sleep till now.try to text my sayang back but haplessly he already fall asleep.guess i have stay up alone.nobody gonna accompany me tonight :( .

fuhh,thats all for today.pergh,so long meh.haha.will update more soon.i have to sleep now. i have driving class tomorrow.see you soon and happy new year!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year 2012 :)

heyhihello guys.happy new year!yeah.hope thie new year will be great to me.2011 had been the best and awesome year for me.2011 has teached me so many things.have an awesome new year guys.hehe