Sunday, 19 September 2010

life is like a wheel

hey, not feeling good right head keep on reminded me bout upss 2 tmrw.urgh,why we have to take exam?i hate exam.i think exam doesnt give us better result.okay,i just started studying.for 13 days i never touch any book except sej,wafa.u have done a great job.i dont think i will score in upss.but i will try my hard to score it.come on baby,wafa coming to roar u.haha.

okay,i will not update my blog till 14 october.maybe if we have means balik bermalam.okay,damn miss my darlings.i only spent a day with them.not enough okay.guys,i think this november we will hangout everyday but dont forget our study cause next year is the biggest exam ever.

okay let me tell u the schedule of my exam

monday-chemist n bi

tuesday-pai,add math n sej

wednesday-physics,bm n sk

thursday-biology n math

so how do you think?im so so stress okay.okay,this for my girls

hanis;tc of yourself okay.dont forget me,i still love u.u r my bff.dont forget ur study.dont fail in ur exam.good luck in ur exam.send my regards to zulaikha,arina,eleena n to all classmates.oh oh,send my regard to fariz.

atiqah;t,i miss of happy.go n find a bf.haha.goodluck in your exam.will hangout with you the last school holiday.

shazana;damn miss you.dah la lama x jumpa.jumpa pun skali skala.sorry,im tired writting in english.hehe.see u in november babe.kite blaja bwk kereta ye.haha

hazwani;wani,rindu ko jgk.blaja elk2 ye kat seseri.jgn homesick lg.

shazwani;rmh ko awesome.bilik ko superb awesome.nk sleepover rmh ko ye.nnt2 ajk sgt kenangan jumaat tu.goodluck in exam.

syafiq maula;syafiq,sorry x pg sunway.x de sape nk temankan aku.sorry.nnt2 jmpe la ye.ape2 text aku.goodluck.

bye.miss u guys badly.oh oh,darlings will gonna rock the world!

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