Sunday, 28 November 2010

all life is an experiment


i had just scolded my sis just now.dont what to tell why i scolded now,my siblings hate me for being so mean to them.i get angry with them i will scold them if they touch my things,if they put their things on my table or even play with my cellphone.urgh,i just hate them cause they make noise every single time.

erm,i was wondering why people like this girl.the girl who treat me like trash.the girl who hypocrit.the girl who always told lies and pretend she is the girl from heaven.people seems like her because she intelligent.actually not so intelligent la but she's more intelligent than me.but,she have more negative sides than positive ones.i bet if you guys be her friends,you guys will be me.oh btw,this girl is not from tgb and not from s4.

okay,stop talking craps.erm,idk what to topics for today.erm,let me read newspaper.then,i can get new topics to write here so the stalkers will never ever boring when they stalk my blog.haha.see you guys later.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

i wish you could be beside me when i need you


i was bored.nothing much happen today.just like usual.woke up,eat,online,took a nap,eat and online again.what a day.i need to get out from this went shopping and all.urgh,mummy,please come home faster.i need to shop right now.

oh oh,i was battling with imsonia again.i really hate it,i wish it can stop before the school starts.i had imsonia years ago.i mean when i was in form 1 or form 2.cant remember.i slept around 3 and woke up around 6 am to go to school.then,when i had a balanced diet,my imsonia stop suddenly.and now its haunting me back.imsonia,please stop haunting me.i need some rest this hols okay.

i've just read dear john book after bought it couples of month ago.haha.i didnt have time to read the book.busy with hw and all of kind of things.but i still didnt manage to get good the book quiet interesting.i already read till chapter 5 right i need to finish reading it by tomorrow so i can know the ending faster.haha.i wish it was a happy ending.i hope guys might be say why i didnt read the last chapter first to know the ending right.erm,im sorry but i dont like it.i like to read from the first till last without lapping any chapters.

okay,i've been reading some of tumblrs these day.and i found it quiet fun when you do a tumblr.erm,but i hate it when i have to discover myself with the new things.i have to know how to post or how to put a song in make me stress somtimes.maybe some other days.i have to learn about it first.

oh,i miss 2009.i wish we could rewind back the time where i have good times with my friends.we were laughing all the everywhere.having a study group before pmr,went to giant.stayback at schl.oh,really miss the moment.the moment of victory and everything.the moment of first getting couple.and broke up a week later.haha.oh please,rewind back the time.haha.i dont want getting older and older.i will taking spm next year,getting to college the year later.then,work and then married then have a children.oh my,why time fly too fast.i still can remember when i was at the age of seven.

so i dreamt of someone during evening tadi.i dreamt he moving near shaz's house.and we went to sunway together.he teach me how to drive.we went for a bike every evening.aww,i wish this could be true.haha.i need someone in my heart right now.haha.opal,faster.i need his ph nmbr.haha.really need it.

erm, brother want to use this lappy to find cheat for his game in psp.urgh,kacau-ing my mood for blogging.later.

Friday, 26 November 2010

thats the way i loved you


erm,kinda finding some songs for my blog.quiet boring with this one.haha.i didnt do my hw yet.maybe i just text my mum and guess what,im going to bandung again this dont have to buy any clothes in malaysia my money.hehe.okay,i text again and i said that i need new schoolbag and pencil case for next year since next year will be my last year of they said that i have to find money by my self to get nw ones.aww,i really need it.haha.

fine then,i will earn some money by myself.haha.okay,i need new phone.whether iphone or blackberry.but,i want it by this year.not next year.i already have rm900++ so i need a little bit more.then,i will have new ph.haha.good ones.

oh,i miss westlife,backstreet boys and Nsync.oh god,can all of them come to malaysia and make a concert will be awesome.really awesome.oh,and i want taylor swift to come to malaysia too.haha.

erm,i think i need a lomo camera.this things is in my list-to-buy before i need to make chores and sell some clothes to have some money to buy lomo cam.i really need it.haha.okay,better tell my dad.mana tau,if he will buy to me for my birthday next year.haha.

if we could not laugh,we will go insane


based on the picture abv,thats totally true.really really true.if you dont believe me,just ask my darlings.for sure,they will said like that.haha
im bored plus hungry.i didnt know what to do right now.i keep on onnline-ing eventhough it keep me today is opal's birthday.happy birthday to him!may you enjoy your birthday,opal!

erm,can you suggest to me,what should i do right now?hw.yeah.a best suggestion.haha.okay,i will start doing my hw after quiet hungry right now.i didnt eat since morning.haha.okay,bye.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

dont be worry,he will come back to you again

hey hi hello people,

nothing much happen today.just have been scolded by my granny.urgh,i need her to shut her mouth sometimes so i can relax my mind and do my i dreamt of someone last night.woot woot.haha.i dreamt he was proposing me to be his gf and he brought me to see his parents.aww.haha.

okay,i studied physic today.chapter 3.the second hardest chapter.haha.actually,i hate chapter 3.i hate to calculate the pressure and all kind of things.yeah.thats why i hate physics sometimes.i think i should revise more and need to make a study group with friends.

so my mum just sent a text to me from mecca.she asked me to start tuition with my private tutor this 1st december.oh its a no no.i dont want to start any tuition before my mum get home.yeah,maybe another 2 weeks more, if i dont want any tuition thats mean,i have to start rrevise by my own first okay.lets start buh-bye fb and gonna start my own tuition.haha.

oh since i will not update,erm maybe not updating my blog tomorow,i would like to wish today.i would like to wish happy 16th birthday to naufal or known as opal.have a blast on your birthday and may you enjoy your birthday.haha

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

life comes with no guarantees

hey peeps.

hows ur day?mine was totally a lazy girl right now.i didnt even touch or do any of hw.yeah.thats good right.whats wrong with me these days.i keep on texting days and night,online everytime and everyday,watching marathon movies everyday.oh god,please help me.if i keep on doing like this,then my spm resukt will absolutely suprising a lot.

how could i change my attitude?not texting anyone?yeah,for sure i can.not watching movies?yeah,i can do that too.not online-ing everyday?nope,i cant do is the best absolutely the best way to release my stress these days.okay,i must have limits in online-ing.erm,maybe 2 hours per day.i have to make a timetable.make it like tgb ones.then,i can succeed next year and get 4 flat for next sem and get 9A+ for my spm.amin.insyaallah.

so,i have a massive headache since was really painful like you want to squeeze your brain.yeah,its true.okay,i wanna check with doctor if it get worst and afraid that i might get a migrain.erm,i think i know why i got this massive headache.i think its cause im too stress.yeah.i need some rest.i think i want to hangout and find some peaceful place to go.i need to relese my stress.

erm,im a bit worried of my was his first it easy or not?he can do the paper or not?haih,idk la.why im worried too much bout him.maybe too nerves to take spm next year.might be.spm is really tough.really tough than pmr.and i dont know how i can answer spm quests next afraid if i cant get good result that can make my parents proud of meerm,nevermind,wafa.dont think bout it will make you more stress then.

erm,i need a super so lonely right now.and when i have one,i can share secrets with him and sometime he might make me happy when im sad.oh,please i need one.haha.sounds desperate,isn it?but truely indeep my heart,i miss couple-ing.i miss my ex a lot.i wish i could rewind back time and treat him well.

well,long post today,right.haha.okay,better write more later.bye.

Monday, 22 November 2010

i feel the nerves

hey hi hello,
yeah,i feel the nerves eventhough i didnt take spm this year.oh god,time fly too fast,isnt it.i still remember when my brother,faris took pmr exam now,he will be taking spm.the biggest exam of his scared that time will fly too too fast n tup tup im sitting in the hall taking spm.aww,im not ready with the results that was like shit.

okay,i will be off now.before that i would like to wish smthg.

to spm candidates,goodluck in ur ur best.this wish is especially to my brother,cousin,zulhafidz,smk s4,mrsm tgb.goodluck.rock the spm,guys!

Friday, 19 November 2010

why my wish doesnt came true?

hey hi hello

okay,i've just got my results during noon.and my results was really bad.i dont want to tell you bout my results cause im afraid that you guys might be after this i have to manage my time well.i have to study all the playing or sleeping in the class.give full attention during teaching internet for this one whole week to settle up my texting boyfriend.erm,wait.acly,i need a boyfriend.haha.go for a tuition.find a home hangout with study and study all the time.

i already regret what i was doing last sem 2.yeah.really regret.but i still remember what my chemist teacher said.she said that "yg form 4 tu biarkan berlalu,dh lepas biarkan lepas.berusaha pulak untuk form 5.spm lagi after this no more 50s,no more 60s but must aim 70s n 80s".teacher,insyaallah.i will try my best to get 70s or 80s for my exam next year.pray for me,teacher.amin.

okay,bloggie.see you next week.i cant update like usual already.i have to start studying from now.bye.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

don't trust your boyfriend,they might leave you someday


okay,i dont felt sleepy yet eventhough i have a massive headache right i ate a lot today.i mean really lot.for breakfast i ate lemang,lontong n laksa n for lunch i ate nasi beriyani n laksa again but this time i tambah laksa.haha.n for night only ate 2 slice of bread with tuna.gosh,im gonna be fat.i already plan to exercise with hanis i need some interesting activities to do this hols since i will eat food when im boring.yeah,thats true.

hanis,wait for me ya.okay i need to loss my weight bout 10 kg more.i want to be skinny cause skinny is better.haha.okay,my eyes cant really open right now plus my bed is now calling me.haha.goodnight n have a sweet dream.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact

how was ur raya?mine was not good.its not like usual.maybe cause my parents not around.haha.i was wearing baju kurung all day eventhough i know nobody will come here or i will not be going anywhere.its tradition.i just miss my mum,my dad.when will they gonna come home.i need u guys.

okay,its boring tell bout raya cause every blog might post bout raya let me tell u bout last saturday.yeah,im hanging out with my buddies.the aim is to celebrate maria n fariz the plan went smooth.really smooth.we celebrated at nando's.we have cake n the restaurant blackout la.everything la.i was having fun.

then,jalan jalan around mid.i was alone.yeah.haha.hanis with fariz,eleena with maria,arina with haziq n how bout me?haha.hanis asked me to walk with some of fariz's friends but i dont quiet shy with new people.haha.sorry guys but thats me.

around 5 smthg went home.really tired n i have a high fever after that.thats why my hands were shivering cold.the conclusion is,i was having fun n i get a new friends too.nice to meet u guys.hope can hangout like this after this.

the tears start to fall down like rain


so its been ages i didnt update my blog.sorry.i didnt have times.erm,exam results.shh.not too shy to tell bout the results cause the results were damn damn damn bad.its my fault.i didnt study well.okay,i started to miss tgb already.yeah,its true.our last day was superb with ida's farewell party.okay,maybe the pics i will upload later.but if u want to see it,just see it at my fb.

last day of schl,we play a lot of things.we play police n thief.pepsi cola la n everything.main police n thief tu smpi penat gla nk last,fadilah's team won n our team lose.we took a lot of pictures.the one that i remembered the most was when we captured picture of ourself jumping.haha.thats so so funny.haha.with the style la,face la.macam tak boleh belah.haha

then malam tu ada inspection.we have to tidy up our room.keep our things in our bag.i was damn tired.and i ate my fried rice around 12.30 am.fuh,gemuk gila lepas tu punya.then,i continue make my course work that have to be sent to teacher by friday or i cant get a for my bm png maa..around 2.30am,i went to bed.

okay,enough here.i have two works to is texting with hfdz n nyet then make my hw.daa.

till then.

selamat hari raya aidiladha!

hey guys,
just wanna wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!enjoy ur raya guys.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

no mood at all

SORRY moFont sizeod for blogging.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


damn i have a high fever!
ps;i will update later.sorry