Tuesday, 7 December 2010

keep your face to the sun


my parents just arrived home yesterday morning.around 5 am.yeah.im so happy cause finally they went home.i talk talk n talk with my mum everytime.i told her bout what happend at home and she told me her experience at macca.when i heard bout it,i feel like i really really want to go to macca next year.i hope my dream to go to macca next march come true.amin.

i cant wait for tomorrow.my friends and i will go to bukit cerakah for cycling or just jalan jalan only.actually,we were planning to go to library to study but when fariz said that bila pandang pintu je,terus x nak masuk.so we changed our plan instead going to library,we going to follow fariz and his gang to bukit cerakah.

okay,i have to log out.my brother want to use this lappy.next post maybe i will share some tips.wait for it guys.

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