Saturday, 11 September 2010

the boringness of raya

wassup,boyfriends n not feeling sleepy yet although its already late.most of the people here still not sleep yet cause they made a barbeque just now.

erm,raya for this year quiet bored compared to last year.idk why.maybe cause each year we getting older n we have no feeling towards raya.they only want to get duit raya instead of enjoy the true for me,im also had no feeling for this raya at all.maybe cause this year we brought along our laptop n broadband.haha.maybe okay.

for the first day of raya,i've already got rm 550.yeah.rm400 were given by my father's i will keep my money in a safer place or i called it as a my mini bank.i will used my money to buy an iphone wait for me, coming to u.haha.

okay,thats all.its already late.oh,i miss my glamo or known as bantal peluk.haha.i cant sleep without it.nightnight guys.

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