Friday, 3 December 2010

its the last month of the year


sorry for lack updates.its because of the internet.internet sucks isnt hows ur day?awesome much? getting bored this few days.not going anywhere i mean outside of kl.i need some peaceful place that i can rest my mind there before new year begin cause i will be with a lot of tension next year.the biggest exam that i should take and being a senior in the 'so-cool' school.yeah.

so i went to sunway last wednesday.buying books for study group.haha.idk whether this study group will worked out since we were all busy.met fariz there and he tooks our pictures,shows his pictures with his friends at langkawi.erm,so i bought 2 eco-bags from f21,physic book (since i got low marks for physics),peribahasa book (a must buy cause i dont ever know any peribahasa except the simple ones) and biology book.thats all.oh god,i saw a dress at dorothy perkins and its damn gorgeous baby.i really need it.i just wait for my mum to come home and asked money from her.haha.ate at chicken rice shop at 11 am.ha,so early.i ate a lot and my tummy was really full till the next day.then,asked fariz bout shah alam.cause we plan to go to library but nah.not confirmed yet.then plan going to bukit cerakah for an adventure activity with fariz and his friends this wed.then went home.

thats all bout sunway thingy.oh cant wait for my parents to come back to malaysia after being in macca for 45 2 more days till my parents come home.really really cant wait.yeah,baby.haha.

erm,i think i dont want to fall in love with guy right now cause im tired of being dumped by guys.i know sometimes im feeling bored cause no guy would entertained me when im feeling sad or wtv.but my heart keep telling me to be single lady so my heart will not be easily broken by the bitches guy out there.i wanna be single till i found a suitable guy that will make my life completed.

okay okay,no more dramas, the clocks ticking to 12.30 am.i need some sleep right now.

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