Saturday, 18 September 2010

last raya with friends

hello.hows ur day,guys?having fun today?yeah, let me told you guys bout my awesome day yesterday.we went for raya to our friends house.actually,we start from atiqah house but im coming late due no transport.first,me,t,hanis,zana,hazwani,shaz n ihin went to arina's house.we called her so many times but she didnt answered.then,went to amalina's house.still the same,no answered.

a few mis later,arina sent a text that she just went downstairs but all of us already went to amalina's.then,went back to arina's house.after that went to shazana n watched mr.bean holiday for awhile.then,went to hazwani's house.ate some rendang n serunding.yummy.then,went to adila's house.i saw my brother's car at her house.he's at adila's house too.took some pics n met old friends,siti n raja.

after that,walked to sk agama cause hanis' brother will pick us up n bring us to my house.took some pics for kenangan.haha.then,when we arrived shazwani told us that she want to changed her clothes cause its too hot.ate rendang,puding roti,spaghetti n triffle.after a while,shazwani came n she drove by herself.then,went to shaz's house but hanis want to test her driving,hanis nearly hit a guy.hanis,be careful next time.haha.went to shaz's room.okay,shaz house really awesome n i really adore her room.make a raya video but shazana's didnt let us put the vid on fb.we webcaming till 7 pm.then,we went home.

erm,i thought shaz's house was the last but there's another.hanis called me around 8pm and asked me to get ready to go to zulaikha's house.she said that if we're not going to zulaikha's house,zulaikha will not be friend with us grab baju kurung n iron it.wait for hanis to arrived.then,pick up shaz n off we go to zulaikha's house.then,arrived n ate more.met old friends,ayna n lina.around 10.30pm,went home.

fuhh,we had such quiet fun yesterday.although we were so tired but it will be our last raya to spend with friends this year.

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