Friday, 17 December 2010

girls like when the boys chase them but boys like when girls chase them


oh,i have to sleep at the living hall again.i've been sleeping here since my mother went back home from mecca.erm,you guys might be guessing that why i didnt sleep at my room right.uh,i so hate my room.messy plus my sister put her things on my bed and my i decided to sleep at the living hall.

i've bee thinking that why some girls like to wear black nail it cool wearing black one.wearing black nail polish just mke you look like a rempit and like like an emo girl.are you one of them and thats why you wear black nail polish right.okay,enough.i just hate people wearing black nail polish je.

so today i have to sleep mum keep on babbling me.she said that anak dara tak boleh tidur lambat then bangun tengah hari.tak elok.oh,come on mum.i dont have enough sleep at tgb plus i cant sleep late at there please,let me sleep late and wake up late everyday.please.

i went to night market.and i thought the night market like a huge night market and a lot of food will be there.nah,there's nothing there.only a few foods that i can easily craving for nasi kerabu and i thought it will be at the night market but dont i just bought fried kuew tiew and keropok lekor and and apam balik an murtabak.haha.a lot right.

yeah,tomorrow i will be going to subang parade.i miss subang parade.i wanna buy something there.oh oh,i wanna go to mid valley tomorrow for the educational fair for for my eldest brother of course.he's not here.he's in bagkok for rugby tournament.i wanna help him.oh,what a good sister am i.isnt the picture above,i dunno whether i upload it before.erm,i need to camwhore sometimes.lack of pictures.

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