Friday, 19 November 2010

why my wish doesnt came true?

hey hi hello

okay,i've just got my results during noon.and my results was really bad.i dont want to tell you bout my results cause im afraid that you guys might be after this i have to manage my time well.i have to study all the playing or sleeping in the class.give full attention during teaching internet for this one whole week to settle up my texting boyfriend.erm,wait.acly,i need a boyfriend.haha.go for a tuition.find a home hangout with study and study all the time.

i already regret what i was doing last sem 2.yeah.really regret.but i still remember what my chemist teacher said.she said that "yg form 4 tu biarkan berlalu,dh lepas biarkan lepas.berusaha pulak untuk form 5.spm lagi after this no more 50s,no more 60s but must aim 70s n 80s".teacher,insyaallah.i will try my best to get 70s or 80s for my exam next year.pray for me,teacher.amin.

okay,bloggie.see you next week.i cant update like usual already.i have to start studying from now.bye.

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Acca Ca Chunk said...

go wafa, go wafa . yeah!

my result also bad. damn bad. lets start a new chapter !