Tuesday, 29 December 2009

when everyone start to copying me,i will say bad words

hey,everyone.i've just finish watching gossip girl at 8tv.i thought this drama not so fun n suddenly i mcm ske tgk this drama.same goes to 90210.i also thought this drama like a lot of sex scene but im wrong.totally wrong.this such drama are very2 great.okay,tday im freakin' tired.this morning my mum got meeting till 12.30 so i terpaksa take care of my adik2 semua.n my elder brother pn pagi2 dh kluar main futsal.so,im alone with my siblings.taking care of them giving me stress but i still love them.who doesnt love their family,right.so right now im so happy.my ms dh ok.n i can chat with my friends lg.haha.so bout 8.30 pm,my lil sis macam x boleh nak nafas.my mum n i dah gelabah time tu.time tu jugak die merajuk cause my mum marah die n she cry very2 loud sampai x boleh nafas.then,terus bawa ke clinic.ondaway to clinic tu she want to sleep but im afraid she will gone.so i check nadi n jantung die.i started to cry cause i really2 love her more than i love myself.now pun im crying cause i really2 afraid if something happen to her.n after jumpa dc,n the dc said she's fine.like really fine.so alhamdulillah,she's fine now.my dad siap pesan lagi jangan buat die merajuk lagi or she will be like that.haha.erm,school will start next week n my bag pun blum beli lagi.shld i buy a new bag since i baru je gune my bag tu one year only.hmm,i think i shld.so daa everyone.my dad want to use this computer.

Monday, 28 December 2009

i wish we could have same feeling

so,hey hey guys.erm,im wondering,why im always sebut 'hey guys' at the intro.hmm.but,nvm.thats my trademark.haha.first thing i've something to say to my cousin,zafirah.zafirah,im not hazim's gf,okay.he's my friend n x lbh dri tu.ya.haha.oh,n how bout ur solihin?is he fine?i want to see his face,zaf.x prnh nmpk pn?haha.ok,move on.my ms like sucks.i cant reply cmmnt n cant approve friends also.so i terpaksa use my dad's ph.haha.secara senyap2 je ni.so x boleh nak online slalu since he bring his ph to the office.ya,definately he will bring it to his office since its his ph.haha.dumb,wafa.erm,i think i want to delete ms cause ms always bring a lot n lot of problem.but,a lot of my ms' friends are still using ms.i dont want to lose them since i dont have their ph number.gosh,i wish they give me their ph number,x kan la i nak mintak.buat malu jer.they already have gf.nanti ingat perasan pulak.haha.

okay,move on to another part.malas nak cerita pasal tu.okay,seventeen will held a makeover party n i think its been sponsor by clinique.so,yeah.i want to go n my parents already gave me green light n my friends also want to go.so,yeah.dapat jugak pergi makeover party.so i will be banked in the money by this week jugak.takut terlepas since first come first serve.so,zaf nak pergi x this makeover party.u can invite ur friends also.this party will be held on 23rd january 10 at rootz club,lot 10.the fee is only rm60 but u will get goodies bag worth rm400 for free.oh,i think thats all from now.my brother want to use computer.he is mad right now,haha.

oh,before that.my darling hanis will be schooling at smk s4 next year maybe for couple of weeks je cause she want to move to sbu.n to my darlings,i want to meet u guys,okay.i want to watch movie together,eat together n shopping together.i really really miss that.oh,to my darling shazana yang always read my blog,i really miss u n also darling hanis n lepak giant together,makan foodcourt,cuba makeup n masuk art shop.haha.lets,hangout guys.dah lama x hangout.haha.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

i believe that ur the one who will make me laugh

hey,everyone.i've just finish reading zafirah's n nurul 's blog.so yeah,their blog is interesting.they share their blog together.so yeah zafirah!now i know ur bf.haha.n hazim is so not my bf.he just one of my great friends.n i always smile when im receiving message cause my darling shazana buat lwk.haha.so thats why im always smile when im receiving message,zaf.okay,move on.im so lazy to put pictures about indonesia.there are a lot of pictures n i think maybe 200++.so,maybe some other time okay.so yeah,the johor thingy.lets me tell u bout the johor.

  • friday,25th dec 09

we went there on friday morning n arrive there at darker stage of twilight.went there with my cousin's family.i bet u guys must be wondering why its take so long to arrive at johor.haha.we always stop at RnR.someone going to pee la,hungry la n else.so after arrive at muar,we all so hungry and decided to eat mee bandung n ayam golek.so the food were nice n delicious but the service is bad.fyi,i didnt get my air sirap bandung after order it for almost an hour ago.so i terpaksa share with my brother.then,went to the hotel since all of us look so tired.after arrive at the hotel,we all cepat2 msk bilik.okay,lets skip that part.after that,makcik lela ajak us to go to wetex parade that located beside of the hotel.so,in the wetex parade me,zafirah n ainaa were like playing our boobs n butt.haha.its interesting!we were like budak2.kejar sana n kejar sini.haha.so fun.then,went back to hotel.

  • saturday,26th dec 09

so woke up late tday.everybody dah wake up but im still sleeping.so rushing all there n there,mandi cepat2.haha.so after that,we ate our breakfast.i ate lontong but i cant finished it cause i dont like the lontong.so terpaksa berlapar.then,went to kluang to find our relatives that so so long x jmpe.it takes nearly bout 2 hours n half.so before arrive at our relatives' house,we were all hungry and decided to eat.my dad suggest to eat nasi beryani to lengkap our makanan orang johor.haha.so,i ate 3/4 of the rice n thats really really a lot but zafirah can finish the nasi beryani by herself.wow,zaf.u ate a lot.haha.then,find ways to go to our relatives house.so skip that part.that part boring.okay,arrive at the house n salam2 semua n sat down.our relatives gave us some snack such as biscuits n keropok.so everybody berebut to eat eventhough dah makan nasi.even orang dewasa pun berebut.haha.almost 3 plates of keropok we have finish it.then,my dad ask us to pray.so my relative's son tunjuk the arah kiblat n his face look weird.he said,"tegak,senget sikit,jangan senget sangat,senget sikit jer."haha.get it?n me,zaf n ainaa started laughing out loud.nak solat pun susah.we like laugh n laugh n laugh till everybody marah cause we all asyik laughing n x solat2 lagi.haha.then,our relative gave us some food to eat before going back to kuala lumpur.they asked zaf,ainaa n me to eat first since orang lain nak solat dulu.so at first,we were like nantilah,kenyang lagi la.but after dipaksa berulang kali,we ate murtabak.i asked my cousin to take it for me since we want to share.at first,she put only a little but i suruh put lag,put lagi till tinggal separuh.haha.but we all managed to finish it okay.haha.

erm,i think thats all for now.if you guys want more story bout johor,u guys should read zaf's n nurul's blog.i've just cant remember bout balik to kl part.this is their blog:http://wearelikebombswhoticks.blogspot.com/.okay,till then guys.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

so why dont we run away

hey,hey,hey,everyone.i've just got back from johor.wlaupun pg for 2 days but it still fun.i've got to eat wht i want here like mee bandung,lontong,mee jawa n nasi beriyani.haha.now,im turning into a fatty girl.haha.ok,i guess no need to talk bout johor.let talk bout pmr.so i forgot to say congratz to my friends who get 8a's for their pmr.n to those yg x dpt 8a's,dont be sad.pmr bkn penetu masa depan.so try again for spm,dear.oh,n to all my myspace friends.if u read my blog u will know why i x reply ur cmmnt.ok,i cant approve my cmmnt.idk why n i dh sent report to myspace but still no changes till tday.so to all my myspace friends,im so sorry for not replying ur cmmnt,ok.so if somebody thu to repair this myspace thingy,please help me,ok since i x blh klau x reply cmmnt lmbt2.erm,ok i thinkmthats all for tnight.i will ask my dad if die thu repair this thing.so,daa.oh,to my cousin zafirah,i know u will read my blog n now u dh thu my secret.haha.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

bring my sunshine back to me

hey,guys.im so sorry for not updating my blog.im just too lazy.about the previous post that i promise to put pictures.im so sorry.i think maybe next week i will put it.right now,im so so nervous.tmrw is the pmr result.im still not ready bout it.i hope i can get straight a's.wish me luck guys.i just dont know whether i could get straight a's or not.but,just think positive,wafa.dont think negative.erm,tmrw i will be meeting my friends yg dh lama x jmpe.i really2 miss u guys especially hanis n shazana.tmrw hanis n shazwani will be not taking their result cause they were off for holiday.thats all for now.i will update my blog as soon as possible.wish me n my friends get staight a's.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

im home,baby

hello guys.im back.ya,it was so fun this holiday.the next post i will tell u bout the holiday.okay,guess wht.i jmpe ANUAR ZAIN.mmg btul giler2 jmpe ANUAR ZAIN tuh.smph!oh,he's same flight with me.haha.but die naik bussiness class la.mne main economy kan.syoknya dpt jmpe ANUAR ZAIN.but i dont have any photo with him cause mlu nk tegor die cause die dgn friends die.
erm,skang tgh gementar tggu result this 24th dec.hrp2 dpt 8a's.erm,insyaallah.tkt sgt2 skang nie.
erm,last one nk bg tau kat u guys yg i ni x kejar glamor ok.lain kli klau nk ckp pn tgk org dlu la.ni ckp jer org mcm2.but x tau ape2 pn.fuck la u!get lost from here.klau aku kejar glamor,aku x kn jdi org yg pendiam la.aku akn byk ckp n byk menyibuk hal org n byk friends.ok.aku pn bknnye byk friends.lain kli nk ckp biar gne otak dlu bru tulis.ni tidak.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Jakarta,im coming!

okay guys,i will not be in malaysia for a week.i will be off to jakarta tday.so thats mean i will not be blogging for this whole week.so,yeah baby.im going to jakarta again.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

just wait till u see this

hey,blogger.im so sorry for not updating my blog but now im just not in the mood for blogging and myspace-ing.i just want to hangout with my friends like window shopping,watching movies n others but they all did not want to hangout.urgh,maybe they hate me or else.or maybe they did not want to be my friends anymore.ya,lately all of my friends seem apart from me.idk why.maybe they have new friends and did not want to be my friends anymore.ya,ive been an emo girl right now.urgh,i want to change my school right now so i can meet new friends and find some happiness there.gosh,i hate my life right now.its really really sucks.i like diana's life.she such an amazing girl n she has amazing family,bf and friends.i wish i could just be like her.ok now change the topic pls.i want to stop being an emo girl.i want to tell u guys bout my experience having an exam for mrsm.this exam was held last monday at kpm,beranang.i thought only a few people will take this exam but im wrong.there were many people that will be taking this exam.arrive there at 1 pm.the exam start at 2 pm so my dad ask me to pray first.after praying,went to pendaftaran n im in lab c.then i must wait till 1.50pm in front of the lab c.when the time arrived,msk lab c and i sat down next to a girl.acctly,i want to introduce myself to the girl but im a bit shy.so exam had start n i thought math will be easy but im wrong.math is so freakin' hard.x ckp mse n not so much hentam soalan tu.then,rehat for 15 min.after rehat got science n keperibadian diri exam.science not so hard n the keperibadian diri was so easy.erm,i just not too berhrp msk mrsm since there are many people taking the exam.n i dont have any org dlm.erm,i think thats all for now.till then,muah.

i cant wait till this saturday.jakarta,im coming!

listening to:you belong with me(malay version)

oh,i have something for my friends

"a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out"

just think bout it.