Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Still Exist

hey hi halooo guysss. miss me?its been too long i didnt update just busy with my new life.totally busy.a lot of assignments and quizes have to be class always end up around 6pm.then rush here and there.buying foods laa.such a hectic life. i just love uia so much cause it can strengthen the bond with my forever and ever bestfriend,hanis.i love my roommates.there are awesomee.they are beyond awesome.and and my neighbour too. but i hate the rules.their rules are sucks.we can't wear bawal dua tone,selendang,printed tudung too.and my classmates,they are the bomb.yeahh.they are superb,great and friendly.I like being friend with sarah,umairah,syarafina and suha and dini too.they're crazy sometimes. being in university is quite hard.i mean,there's no honeymoon where you can play around,not studying a single things in one day that i used to do it during high school times.NO NO and NO.we have like to stay up every night just to revise couple of things.if we don't revise anything,then boom!we totally can't catch up with the new's true. i aim to get 4 flat's been my dream to get 4 flat every sem.even in tgb,i aim it too,but nahh,i never going to get 4 flat in tgb.i was too dumb and lazy during those time.haha.i hope one day,i will get 4 flat,insyaAllah.pray for me.and i hope i can further my degree in Aussie. my mid sem just finished couple of weeks be truth to you,i fail to succeed in my mid sem exam,i think.i put a high hope but nahh,everything doesn't goes according to my plan.but insyAllah,i will try my very hard to succeed in my final sem.wish me luck.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Aiman Hakim

Dear Aiman Hakim,
Me and you,
We've been through a lot,
But through it all,
Our love didn't stop,
Till the end.

Aiman Hakim,
You're my Prince Charming,
And I'm your Cinderella,
All I can say is,
I love you forever and always

Friday, 18 May 2012


heyhihello peeps,

result for PILN and PIDN mara has just out yesterday and today.and guess what,i didn't get any offer from mara.pfftt.I was crying the whole day long.I was being an emo girl last night.I got mad,I scold my sister,I used harsh words.I can't accept that I didn't get any offer from mara.Maybe mara didn't like me.haha.

since I didn't get any offer,I will pursue my study in UIA.yeahhh,uiaaa.haha.actually,I want to study at UM.It's my mum's dream.but,well,um didn't like me too perhaps.haha.erm,so UIA,im coming babeyhhh.well,at first,i didn't like uia at all.ya laahh,you have to wear like a long and loose shirt,tudung labuh,wearing socks.urghh,its so much like my previous school okayy.I'm not that kind of girl who always wear socks,loose t-shirt,loose pants and wearing inner's just not me.

Back then in tgb,I didn't wear socks to DS or to prep,my t-shirt was like short and not so loose enough.and well,I admit that I'm anti-badar before this.haha.It was before okay,don't misunderstood it.Now,I'm not anti-badar anymore.haha.

Well,I have to change this whole attitude.I want to be a good person in uia.I want to score 4 flat every sem.ohhh,and and i will be an ustazah nanti.hewhewhew.wish me luck in UIA guyss.hope i can change to be a better person where I could make my parents proud of me.

"Semua tempat itu sama sahaja.Ilmu itu di mana mana.Yang penting kita kena berusaha.Kalau tak berusaha,takkan berjaya"

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Beautiful love story


I never know that arrange marriage is still exist nowadays.Most of the Malays nowadays just like to choose their life partner by their own.But this young woman,let her parents to choose for her.At the age of 20,she already married to a guy that she never love him before.Dena Bahrin share her wonderful love story in her blog.It was amazing.Everybody loves her love story including me.I nearly cry when I read her blog.

Dena Bahrin and her wonderful husband

They look so cute together

Now,I already believe with love after marriage after reading her blog.

Someone who really loves you will show you they want you, will prove that they need you, will remind you they love you. Will put you in the list, " To be in heaven,together,forever."

Thursday, 26 April 2012

21st April 2012


 Last 21st April was Aiman's birthday and my very first year anniversary.We spent our day at mid valley.I made some plans to suprise him that day but nahh,the plan failed.haha.I bought a chocolate indulgence cake and we only managed to eat a quarter of the cake.haha.erm,so he gave me some presents on that day.thank you sayaangg.hehe.i really love it.
Happy 1st year anniversary.thank you so much for your love.and thank yu for everything.there are so many ups and downs in this one awesome year but yet,we're are still together until today.thank you for being the most wonderful boyfriend.thank you for always being there for me.thank you for being my superman,batman  and my spiderman.hehehe.thank you for everything.i hope our relationship are built to last.i really love you.

Forever is a long time but i wouldn't mind spending it by your side

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I'm in dilemma right now.I don't know what course to choose for mara.I just wanna to take engineering for my course but idk.getting advices from a lot of people and they all said that engineering is not a good job for a woman.urghhh,dilemma.i need mum asked me to take biotech but idk.

mara oh mara


i missed my school days a lot.yeah.i miss my superb friends,classmates and tgb,friends are like 24/7 with us but now sebulan or dua bulan baru dapat jumpa.guys,i miss youu.bila nak jumpa.bila nak gelak gelak kuat kuat sampai kena marah dengan cg wanie.bila lagi kita dapat buat mcm ni.bila lagi kita dapat makan nasi cafe ramai ramai dalam bilik.bila lagi kita dapat jerit jerit semua.bila lagi kita nak kumpul ramai ramai time mak aku bawak makanan tu.seriously aku rindu korang and aku rindu gila tahap gaban kat FB19.

erm okay,so back to the main point.actually i wanna write about mara.tawaran pinjaman mara to be exact.erm actually,i didn't pass the qualification but since my mother plus my cousin plus my mother's friends asked me to just apply it,so i apply mara.i applied biotechnology as my corse.i think i'm gonna to pursue my study oversea.insyAllah.i wanna to take intec cause i think i didn't qualified to go to kmb or kms.genius student only go there.right now,i'm still struggling myself completing the essay.urghh,i just hate doing essay but because of mara,i have to do it.