Friday, 5 February 2010

you deserve to get a better girl

hey,peeps.tday was very tired day.yeah.thats true.i dont want to talk bout it since im too lazy to write.haha

oh,tday i slept for 3 1/2 like im really tired but it just only simple things i do tday.haha.

erm,nthg much tday n i dont have any idea to write n nobody texting me tday except hanis je.thats good since im too lazy texting with people n im too lazy melayan karenah lelaki2 yg ego ni n also i hate melayan lelaki yang nak text dengan prmpn when they are bored n cannot sleep la.urgh,baik x pyh text kan.

oh,tmrw i've a medical checkup.ooohhh,i dont want it but wht i can do.every boarding school need medical checkup.oh,n tmrw jugakla ada blood test.i really afraid with blood ni.if nak ambil darah pun bagila i tidur dulu ye.haha.duh,the nurse will never give people sleep n sambil tu boleh ambik darah.jangan harapla.

okay,thats all for now.idk what to kinda loss of idea.haha.

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