Friday, 26 February 2010

i dreamed a thousand new paths.i woke and walked my old one

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afternoon,guys.hey,im back.haha.after being at hostel for almost 2 weeks,there's so many experience i've got.hmm,first week,i cry a lot.every minute n every homesick.i call my mum everyday using the public phones n i want to get out from the school.okay let me tell u guys bout the orientation week.

orientation week
erm,accly quiet boring cause there's no such interesting activities provided for us.most of the activities are ceramah.boring.slept at d.ben so many times.cant count it.first 3 days i cant find any friends yet then suddenly i found one.her name is shahirah,farah n ashiqeen.then,found a lot more friends but not so close with them since they already got there are some quiet fun activities that i really enjoy are explorace,malam seribu makna n homeroom activities.activities ni secara x langsung merapatkan lagi hubungan kekawanan kiteorg.haha.okay,im too lazy to write all bout the activities.sorry guys.if nak tahu lebih lanjut call aku or lepak mne2 ke.

quiet okay.not bad..i mean friends la.if the condition of the class tu teruk la.bapak teruk gile all of them very sporting including the boys.very sporting.n some of them call me blur.idk why.haha.blur ke?first time orang panggil macam tu.haha.there's only one thing that i hate being at that class.jauh teramat sngat dengan semua tempat.ds,d.ben,hostel.jauh sngt n memenatkan.haha.

okay,thats all.lazy to write long kinda sleepy accly.nak sambung tido.haha.bye.

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